Sunday, January 5, 2014

So You Want to Worship Me...Start Here.

You naked, after slowly shedding your clothes to fall at your feet all the while keeping your eyes upon me as instructed. Those eyes full of lust, revealing your hunger to taste what you have been dreaming about. I can feel your heart beating from where I'm standing. It sends heat waves into my soul meeting my own desire for you. Warmth generates from it's impact, washing down my skin, heightening every nerve ending.

I know you want to touch me as you stand as still as your body can before me. Your cock already twitching with a mind of its own trying to edge closer to it's own dream destination. Just watching your desire grow makes my nipples hard with excitement and the moistness that's increasing between my legs lets me know I can only hold out so long before I need your touch.

"What do you want?" The sound of my voice adds to your intoxication over my presence.

"I want to worship you Mistress. May I, please?"

I step closer and take a tuff of your hair from the top of your head in my fingers. "Then kneel pet."

Your head now facing the tops of my breasts that are spilling generously over my black lace bra. My hands surround your face and bury it between their mounds warming your cheeks with the heat you have caused to generate from them. The rhythm of my heart picks up it's pace and I press myself further into your body.

"So you want to worship me...Start here."


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