Thursday, June 4, 2015

In Person I Found You Very Innocent.....

"In person I found you very innocent.....different from the unspeakable things you write about." Hearing these words I immediately thought of the internet porn images of dominant females and how men, especially young men have been indoctrinated in the mind set that dominant females walk around with thigh high net stockings, corsets under their clothes and a cane and whip in each hip pocket. That we bark out commands and humiliate men in a disrespectful and degrading manner as the worms they are. My perception of the men I allow into my life is far from the image of a worm.

I'm a multifaceted woman with a full life. I work a Monday-Friday job during the day, write at night and April thru September I have a seasonal job on the weekends. My treat is connecting with my friends on Fet, perving their pics and loving their writings. I occasionally get out for some impact play with friends, networking with other doms and there's the continuous vetting of curious subs. (I have yet to find a match.)

Yes I have the corsets, thigh highs, canes etc... I love it all. What I write is inspired from my life if not taken straight from a moment in time. I have said many times, "Don't let my kindness be taken as weakness." I've been told, "You're very caring, kind hearted and gentle with a sweet voice. Respectful, innocent and passionate." My response is; Thank you. But I do question the 'innocent' description.  ::Smile::  Maybe what they see is the wonder that is still in my eyes and the hope that people are honest and truthful. Does that somehow translate into me not being dominant?

A man's surrender to me must be a compelling willingness and urge on his part to trust me with his inner being. I'm a treasure hunter for the gold within. The beauty that lies underneath the male swagger. Cruelty, brutality and ruthlessness is not in my nature. And I choose to be very picky with the men I allow into my life. My dominance over them must be inspired by who they are and naturally draw out of me the desire to own, control and rule over them with a firm but gentle hand. Which is why I find casual play boring and uninspiring. It's just not for me.

So..... If you ever make it to the place where we meet in person, keep in mind you're going to meet the woman first. And this woman is looking to see if the man within you can draw out the desire in me to dominate the man who longs to surrender.

And don't let my 'innocence' fool you. ::Wink::



  1. A paradox of sexbloggers who meet people who only know their on-line persona

    1. Exactly. Guess it comes with the territory. Always amazed. ;)


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