Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Strength and Feel of His Cock

Sometimes all I really need is to feel the strength of his body pressed against me; our sweat mixed gloriously together into a natural lube as our flesh slides back and forth; his arms firmly around me in the very vanilla missionary position; his face nestled in the curve of my neck; his breathing hot and welcoming.

It had been weeks. Six and a half to be exact. Too long to only hang on memories as my body craved his touch. His lips warmed against mine at the first kiss and embrace. No thoughts of anything but the feel of his body pressing against my own as my hand found the growing cock tucked away in his pants, dripping and aching to be free.

In my room he stood naked before me, my eyes enjoying him again, finally. His cock pointing in my direction. Firm, veins bulging, dripping ... always dripping with anticipation.

More kissing, tasting, sucking, licking but finally cock and cunt needing to be joined once more. Hunger overtaking the desire to prolong the entry.

Feeling his slippery head tease against my silt, my cunt, dripping with her own juices, opens to welcome him home. We slowly move; our bodies are one. Muscles and flesh remembering the rhythm we have grown accustomed to.

We take our time, drinking in the pleasure of the other. Our bodies tightly pressed. My arms, legs wrapped firmly around him. I feel the strength of his cock slowly move against my walls, finding the sensitive spots with familiar knowledge. My muscles contract around his shaft to increase the friction. His cock pulses inside me and I pull him deeper.  He continues to hold me close, both melting into the other. The rhythm between us varies as we build each others arousal. I don't want it to end. I want this feeling....always.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

I'm not sure what it is about men in showers that triggers me intensely!  I believe it's thinking he is so distracted that I can come upon him, taking him by surprise.  A lovely thought.

Obviously I'm not the only person who finds these types of images wonderful.  For all my 'Men in Shower' friends... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take off Your Insecurities

Your beauty comes more from your soul than the body you train for my viewing. As much as I love to gaze at the results of your efforts, it's the tearing down of your walls that draw me closer to you. I desire to see the questions that form in your eyes as you watch me study every crease and fondle those beautiful balls that hang between your legs. Will they be pulled, teased, tortured tonight? What will I ask of you? What will I require? Will you have a voice or be instructed to silence. Only allowed to have your body speak for you. 

Does it matter? You're here, where you want to be. In a trusted place with one whose only desire is to open you up and make you whole. You want me to reach into your soul and pull out every fear that has kept you from tasting life in a deeper more satisfying way. Facing them one at a time to fully gain the authority that has been yours from birth. Embracing every beautiful quirk and unorthodox wiring according to society's definition. 

Your desire for freedom has brought you to me. Not your savior, but your lamp-holder, shining the light to guide you back to your own path. I love your frame, it's well tended and maintained to bring me pleasure. You easily offer it to me, but I know you hide behind it's beauty thinking it's enough.  

Before you open your body to me, open up your soul. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Your Tears Make Me Wet.

I hear it.  That crackling sound mixed in with your staggered breathing. It's the sound of the porcelain around your heart weakening ... hairline cracks growing, then giving way to the pressure building inside your emotions. In the depth of your soul pain starts to pierce through the tenderness of your heart; the heart you've protected behind that adorned casing. Fear of what is coming to the surface makes your temperature rise, heat starts flooding over your skin. Sweat now beading down the crevice of your chest, around the back of your neck, along your hairline; your tongue feeling thick, mouth dry. Your nipples tender from the pulling of the clamps. Your ass red with small welts rising from the dance of my switch upon it. Nerve endings heighten, your mind waiting, lost, surroundings faded... your ears straining to hear my breathing.

How beautiful you look to me at this moment. Undone, poured out, unraveled. I move in front of you. Your head hanging down.  I undo the blindfold and find it wet with sweat and your tears. I bend down to you and whisper in your ear, "You wanted this. You begged me for this. Don't waste it. Let go and give me everything."

The porcelain gives way and hidden, unexplained pain breaks free and rides waves of tears and broken breaths. I pull you close; your head pressed against my breasts and keep whispering in your ear, "You wanted this...."

You nod your head in agreement and the tears continue to flow. You feel my touch and hear my slowly centers you once again.

Through your pain and full surrender my desire has grown. The rawness of your soul heats my own flesh. Your tears make me wet.

Monday, August 18, 2014

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

Today's choices are all about submission, hunger and desperate, raw need! Some say that dominance is about control. I say it's about the ability to recognize a need in the other and breaking that open so they can experience the depth of who they are.  There must first be a surrender of trust and then a release of their own control over managing the fear of what lies beneath them. Can they trust you with the revelation of something they may not even understand themselves?  Something they have not had the courage to look in the eye and confront. With your strength and guidance they walk into that darkness holding on to your voice every step of the way.

This is the craving that drives me into his space. His hunger, need and rawness of surrender poured out into my arms.  It's a journey.  There's a purpose and the desperate look in his eyes tell me to keep going. That look says, "Lead me, guide I am ... yours".

You will do as I say.....

Let's go over things one more time.....

Yes, that's it. Lean into me and breathe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Palm of my Hand itches for You.

After some time has passed since we last played I find a hunger rising inside me that eventually reaches the palm of my hand and my flesh starts to crave the touch of your flesh. Memories flash along my mind of your naked, beautiful body bent over in front of me.  Cock and balls harnessed tightly, hanging.  Legs spread wide to give me full view as you stretch your frame along the table beneath you. You wait for my touch wondering if it will be the softness of my hand, a hard stinging slap or the feel of my crop or flogger.  

I stand there behind you, taking your submission in as I slowly breathe to reduce my own excitement. You're still, knowing better than to move without being told.  I let your anticipation build then reach out my right hand and quickly slap your right ass cheek. You jump and then immediately steady yourself again. 

I can still feel your flesh moving beneath my hand.  Watching the redness grow over your skin. Gently touching you, smoothing your skin, tenderly kissing, then you feeling the switch of my flogger against the inside of your thighs. Lightly moving over your balls that hang so vulnerable before me.  Over and over again I repeat the process.

Then when I finally have you stand and face me, you're trembling and your legs are weak. You start to fall towards me and I balance you against my strength.  Your head is bowed down. Your mind is groggy. Your eyes hazy.  

I love having you poured out before me. 

I love my flogger!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

I found this week a lovely Tumblr blog filled with entertaining and lustful 'selfies'.  Male Light ][ An Exploration  This young man is artful, funny, creative and erotic.  You'll have a great time exploring with him.  Below are some of his pics I've posted on my own tumblr. Enjoy! ~ Vista

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thoughts of a Submissive Man

KP sent this to me earlier this week. I love the insight into his thoughts. This is a good follow up to my 'Submissive Men 101' post.  Thank you lovely KP for giving me your permission to share.  xxoo  
~ Vista

Drop your clothes on the floor. Or fold them and place them on the chair. What did she say? Do that. She wants to see you naked. Does she want to see your body? It's not important. It is a power thing. Follow orders. Take off your clothes and stand before her because that is what she told you to do. Do it because she said so. 

Your cock isn't hard. Should it be? Does she know that you feel more naked, more vulnerable this way? Yes, she knows that. She knows everything. She knows that you will be hard when she wants you to be. Is your cock big enough? No, it's not. You, and your physical body, will never be enough. Better be good with your tongue. Better try harder, longer, faster, and slower. She will watch you fail, and she will be satisfied if she sees you try. So try harder.

She wants you on your knees. So kneel. But first, be present. Think about what she wants. She wants to see you acknowledge her, show respect, and submit. Kneel in submission, and realize that you are offering yourself to her. Understand that this is a privilege afforded to the few men she chooses to serve her. Don't be jealous. Of course she has other men satisfy her, you should hope that they do. Show gratitude that she allows you to do the same. Know your place. Which is on your knees.

Show her. She wants to see the expression on your face. She wants to see the pleasure, and the pain. Everything that she does to you is an attempt to take you to a place where you are unguarded, and she wants to see what you do there. Nothing will feel as good as the stroke of the whip that you didn't expect, or the stroke of her hand that you couldn't have anticipated. The point where she pushes you to a new understanding of what she can and will do to you. Show her that you are grateful for it.

She is not your fantasy, she is real. Your fantasies always fail to surprise you, whereas she never will. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Submissive Men 101 Facts

The following is only according to this dominant. What I seek, desire, find attractive and keeps my interest. Above all...Keeps my interest.  I do tend to get bored easily. As dominants we come in different genders, personalities and opinions.  It's a question of finding what mixes well with you. As I've mentioned before, will your demons play well with mine?  Or will I find you irritating?

I'm not that complicated.  At least I don't think so, but others have said I am.  What draws me first to a submissive man is the spirit within him. Am I familiar with it? Do we speak the same language as far as expression and what triggers our deepest needs?  Do we have a path between us that we either find fascinating to journey along and/or is it comfortable and one we would enjoy traveling on to our next destination? Does he inspire a need for me to communicate with him?  To share secrets and hear his own? If not, my own communication will grow cold and my spirit will already be turning away from him.  My interest in him gone...rarely to ever return.

So here is a list that will open your eyes to this dominant and may help you with others if they share the same opinions:

1.  Know your yourself.  You know what lies beneath your skin and desire to find someone compatible to explore those desires with. You have pushed paralyzing fear aside and have come to terms that life is to be lived fully.

2.  Newbies.  Personally I don't have a lot of patience for newbies. I realize they have to start somewhere. And there are exceptions. But overall I have found newbies filled with fantasies and, depending on the porn they have watched, bad ideas on what a female dom is and what to expect. There is a lot of time invested in tearing down old ideas mixed with their old vanilla nature and I don't enjoy the process.  So mostly, no to newbies.

3.  Men/little boys.  This has some fine lines involved.  Yes, this one can be complicated.  For the right submissive it has to come naturally and he must possess that magical mixture of testosterone laced masculinity, and when alone with me display a vulnerability and surrender that radiates an acknowledgement that in my presence he forgets all that makes him man.  He forgets his name, his age, his profession and becomes again a deviant little boy longing to please the woman who holds the key to his desires.

4. Begging vs Whining. To me there is a difference!  To beg is to know your need is vital and it comes from a deep place within your soul.  It's part of your makeup and something that has become a part of our lives together.  It can be playful when we are reading each other's mood correctly.  Most importantly an unselfish submissive will know when 'no' is 'no' and stop his request immediately.  Whereas whining is seen by me as a feeble attempt to push ones own selfish agenda.  When this submissive receives a 'no', he proceeds to ask again as if an answer has not been given or chooses to murmur and complain.  If I see even a sliver of this behavior, the submissive will be ejected immediately from my life. It's a red flag. And my interest has already died.

5. Greedy vs Bratty.  NB was and still is a very greedy sub. But his greed comes from a deep hunger that tends to get deeper with each morsel of deviant behavior thrown his way. It's a 'wide eyed' wonder of discovery and creates a desire to go even further. I love seeing that hunger rise in a sub. It's filled with appreciation and expectation. Bratty behavior exposes a sub's own agenda and wanting his own way without any thought or appreciation of others. It's not about the person bringing forth the desire, but the action and thrill he is seeking no matter what vessel it flows from. It's self gratification.  This is easy to spot.

6. Listen. This is the most important fact that will help no matter who you are as a sub or what dominant you are seeking.  Listen. Pay attention to what is being said and follow accordingly. Don't pretend to listen, when really all you're doing is preparing your own answer and/or reason for your request. Your words will betray you.  I do listen to what you say and how you respond. Listening shows you really care about building something and working the bugs out along the way.

Just a few facts that hopefully will open the door to some relationships and maybe fine tune your method of building a connection with a dominant such as myself.

Show me. Tell me. Expose yourself to me intimately, honestly.  It's a good start.  ;)

~ Vista

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

Lately I have had a craving to see men in panties.  Lovely, sheer, lacy panties. I'm imagining it has become an acquired taste since some of my subs have a yearning to wear them.  It does something to me thinking of their cock and balls all bound up in that flimsy material, straining to get free.  Feeling it brush against their sensitive spots and knowing I know what lies beneath those trousers or jeans.  Mmmmmmm ... Delicious.

Celebrating Men...Bound in Beauty.