Thursday, July 25, 2013

Triggers, Asses and Subby Places.

"Just lie there on your back. Don't move unless I say so." I stared at him as he closed his eyes and a smile started to spread across his face.

"And no fantasizing!" I slapped his cock and his eyes sprung open.

"You are to only concentrate on my touch, what I am doing to your body and how it's reacting. You are not to drift off into your normal, nasty little perverted thoughts!"  I had to hold back my own smile knowing how I love those nasty, little perverted thoughts of his and even encouraged them.

"Yes, Mistress." He answered in his breathy submissive tone. He closed his eyes again as I started to run my fingers lightly over his bare chest. I was straddling his hips and could feel his cock pulsing under me. My juices flowing over him creating a delicious warm lube of pleasure. My hands explored the landscape of his body that I know so well.  Every muscle, crease, wrinkle and mole. Hands slipping around his inner thighs, teasing his balls lightly, pussy still enjoying his strength beneath me.

Time became a slow hush as I deliberately and slowly brought his nerve endings to attention. Whispering, "Follow my touch.", as I moved over him. He was becoming hypnotize as I reached for his tender nipples and lightly ran the tip of my fingers over them, making them stand at attention. Then I slowly started to pinch. Softly at first, then harder as his tolerance began to build between pleasure and pain. I moved off his cock and to the side, still playing and pinching one nipple as my other hand ran along his inner thigh and grabbed at his tender balls.

"Keep those eyes closed and follow my touch. Only think about what I'm touching and respond to that."  I already had the lube close by and lubed up my free hand. Then I went for my main target. Fingers gently working down his balls, along his perineum until I found his sweet spot and started to massage his opening. One, then two fingers easily slipped in as he gave way to my intrusion. I watched the expressions of pleasure start to sweep over his face as he continued to slip deeper under my touch.

My other hand moved from his nipple to his shaft, gently touching in a rhythmic flow up and down and under his balls. "Just breathe baby. And feel."

Then he felt the first dildo slip along his opening teasing it to surrender. He took it well, as I had been training him to do. But tonight I was going to graduate him to a bigger size. This was only the beginning. After a few minutes he felt it leave his warmed up and eager hole and his eyes opened in disappointment.

"Close those eyes. I'm not done yet! " I commanded. Quickly he obeyed and I reached for the next size beside me.

"Trust me." I whispered as I readied it along his opening. He clenched instinctively at first. I touched his ass cheeks and rubbed them.

"It's me." I kissed his round globes and tried again. This time he gave way and welcomed the new toy. Thighs up, spread wide and pulled to his chest. I loved having him on his back so I could see the expressions of pleasure, concern and sometimes anticipation of pain as I worked the dildo gently, further along his canal.

I took my time. Watching his reactions, facial expressions, breathing and body responses.  "Feel me."  I kept saying.  Keeping his attention on me and my touch and not on his thoughts that I knew had a tendency to wander off to his favorite perverted fantasies. He stayed with me. Followed my commands until, when I thought he had enough, I finally moved the dildo out of him. He winced and sighed as he felt it finally leave. I moved things off to the side and curled my body up next to his. His eyes still closed.

"You did really well, my love. That was the biggest yet! But your ass needs to rest."  I started to kiss his face, lips and closed eyes lids.

"Mistress..." Eyes still closed, he started to speak.

I ran my fingers through his hair and leaned my ear close to his mouth. "What is it?"

"Can we go bigger next time?"

Damn!  He's so greedy!!!! ;)


  1. Well written, and yes, what one takes from this is that really, it's all in the mind and it's all about trust.

    1. Absolutely! There are times when going slow can be so intoxicating. ;)

      ~ Vista

  2. I keep running the visual through my mind, over and over...and it gets better every time:-)

    1. Oooooo! That makes me very happy! Thank you for your comment!

      ~ Vista

  3. Congratulations on making it into the top picks on this months e[lust]. If you have a twitter account can you please tweet at me and let me know. My Twitter is @mollysdailykiss I tweet all the top picks out to people but I couldn't find you so was not able to do so


    1. Hi Molly!!! I don't have a Twitter account. I was so surprised and happy about being picked! Thank you!!!

      ~ Vista


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