Sunday, January 12, 2014

And When I Take You.....

You lying naked on your back upon the bed, eyes watching every move I make as I walk around its frame.  Looking, reaching out to lightly touch you; struggling against the urge to take you now instead of prolonging what we both need. I've instructed you not to speak, but to only follow my movements and respond, fully concentrating on the feel of my touch.

I climb onto the bed and kneel between your legs. With a bottle of lube in my right hand I pour a stream of its cool liquid along your shaft and balls, cupping my left hand beneath you to catch the slippery substance and rubbing it along your crack and anus. Your eyes widen and tell me you want to speak. 

"Shhhh." I remind you. "Just feel me."  

I want you lost in the sensations I'm building inside you. Lost, intoxicated, owned and ruined for any other. 

I reach for the dildo on the bed to my right and start to apply lube to its shaft and head. Your face flushes and your breath picks up as you follow my fingers gingerly preparing my instrument of ownership over you. I know your mind is flashing on previous encounters and remembering the sensation of that dildo sliding into your ass for the first time. How you at first bucked against me and your sphincter muscles resisted entrance. But then with tenderness and coaxing you finally received what you had been asking me for. Full penetration. Now you're addicted and your body already starts to prepare for intrusion as you watch me lube the cock I'll fuck you with.

"Take me. Do what you want with me. Make me yours."  Were your words and desire toward me when we first met and felt the amazing connection between us.  I wanted to take you fully then, but knew there was a process to make it worth while and leave you ruined as a result. Beautifully ruined with me forever imprinted on your body and soul. I knew then I needed you as mine alone.

With the dildo ready I run its head along your opening, teasing and coaxing it to open for me, while my left hand runs along your shaft.  My eyes are staring into yours. Watching the expression on your face as you give in to your hunger to feel it's fullness within you. You slowly relax and the head pops through your opening as you take a breath simultaneously.  

As you're getting close to the edge I pull out slowly, leaving you wanting. I wipe the dildo off, stand and slip it into the O ring in the harness firmly fastened around my hips. Your eyes still following my movements as I once again apply more lube to the fasten cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you pet? You may speak now." 

Your throat is dry, but you find the words to answer. "Yes please. Please fuck me Mistress." 

"Hard and fast or slow and tender?" I'm smiling as you know I'll do what I want.

"Whatever you want Mistress. Take me please. Fuck me please." Your voice pleading for me to return inside you.

I climb back onto the bed and position myself again between your legs. You instinctively hold your legs up to allow me easy access. With cock now attached to my harness I again take the wet head and play with your opening. This time it easily finds a welcome to the intrusion. As I slip in you moan and I press deeper until fully inside. I slowly move my hips to create the rhythm you need and your body gives itself to me. You close your eyes and I know your slipping away in pleasure. 

I lean over you while still moving inside you, my breasts pressed into your chest, I grab your throat and take your ear in my mouth. 

"Who do you belong to?" I whisper. My hand lifting away from your throat slightly for you to answer.

"I belong to you, always, forever." You whisper back, eyes still closed. 

Your body with each thrust moves in unison with mine, asking for more. We melt into each other blurring the definition between us. I continue to penetrate you feeling your cock pulsing beneath me.

"When I take you, it's forever." I whisper into your ear. 

You swim lost in your submission to me. Beautifully ruined forever.


  1. That was beautiful.


  2. OMG omg omg..... Take me. Do what you want with me.... Make me yours....
    Your cock buried deep in me, your breasts crushed against me, your hand clutching my throat firmly.... Taken, ruined for anyone else....

  3. Fantastic! When my Wife Mistress seduced and took me in this very manner, it created a memory in my life that will be vivid and cherished forever. Thank you for sharing.


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