Thursday, April 19, 2012


He had smelled, tasted and touched every part of his Mistress’s body. Servicing her, pleasing her, yet she still had denied him entry. He had served her well over these past six weeks, but he had only felt the pleasure of masturbating before her. Releasing himself as she sat across from him, legs spread, displaying her pink pussy lips. He would watch as her fingers slid in and out of her wet opening, massaging her clit, matching the rhythm of his own hand on his cock. His eyes following every movement those fingers made as if her wetness was the last drink of a thirsty dying man.

But tonight as he followed her through the hallway to her prepared room his thoughts were consumed with the promise she had made him. Tonight he would have her fully. He stared at the sway of her bare ass in front of him as she led his naked body by the leash attached to the harness surrounding his balls and cock. His hands tied again behind his back. Her body adorned with lace topped black thigh highs, 6” black heels, and a black leather strapped harness that wrapped around her breasts and under her torso. Her dark wavy hair falling loosely down her back. Once again he was willingly helpless, vulnerable and at her mercy.

As they approach the room she prepared for their night she feels his eyes studying the movement of her muscles along her legs and ass. She slows her pace, coming to a full stop. Her slave is now standing a breath length behind her.  She can feel the hardness of his cock pressing against her bare ass. She hears the panting of his breathing already excited and aroused for the evening events.

She reaches back and gently strokes his shaft without turning around. Then slowly takes her index finger and runs it across the head of his cock and down his shaft now drenched with precum. She turns her head back to look into his eyes as she brings her finger to her mouth and licks up every drop. His breathing picks up momentum, his heart and stomach aching with anticipation. She turns and continues walking towards the room she has prepared.

He imagines in the room a comfortable bed for them. A room where he can show his pleasure for her fully, properly. She opens the door and what he finds is a high back stationary wooden chair, secured to the floor with rope lying beneath. Directly above it, rope hanging from a ring attached to an open beam in the ceiling. Nothing else. Even though bare in appearance, the room has a warm feel with rustic colored walls and accenting draperies.

His heart starts to sink, thinking she has made other plans for them. He becomes nervous, sweat forming now along his chest and forehead.

She has him sit in the chair and unhooks her leash from his harness. Her hands smooth over his thighs, moving down his legs and with the rope, secures his ankles to the legs of the chair before she rises. She takes a long moment to study him.  Assess his body language, his cock erect and already suffering. She walks around him and leans her warm body against his back. She starts to untie his hands, leans forward and whispers in his ear. 

“Don’t worry my pet. I have not forgotten.” Then she leans over to his other ear as she removes the rope that had him bound. “You’ll have your Mistress tonight.  As promised.”

Coming back around him, she stands before him. With rope still in her hand she moves forward and straddles him resting her wet ready pussy upon his cock and stomach. Her breasts gently pressing against his chest.  His anxious hands waiting by his side for direction.

She pulls herself up on the chair to reach for the rope hanging from the ring. Her body resting against his for balance. He can smell the wet scent of her pussy against his face and aches to reach out his tongue and taste her but remains still. He’s been trained well. A sheen of perspiration continues to build over his body. His mind begging for a taste. To just softly lick her juices that are covering her lips. His head swimming with emotions and desire.

“Bring your hands up to me pet.”

He surrenders his hands that want to touch her, hold her close to him, and she ties them with rope again and secures his hands above his head with the rope hanging from the ring.

Bound for her pleasure, she moves slowly back down his body, feeling the heat from his shoulders, chest, stomach and finally reaching his aching hungry cock.

He moans and squirms as she begins to fondle his cock and balls. Massaging them, stroking his hard shaft wet with precum. She moves her hands along his inner thighs and then along his perineum and circles his anus with her fingers.

She positions herself again straddled across his lap, settling on his wet harnessed cock. She reaches with two fingers into her pussy, drenched with her juices, and brings the soak fingers up and runs them over his lips. He trembles as he opens and receives her offering.  She loves his hunger for her and strokes his cock while he takes her fingers and greedily sucks and licks the juices off each one.

Then she leans in, removes her fingers and kisses his mouth deeply. His mouth melts into hers. A long, hungry, lingering kiss.  She takes her breasts and runs them gently across his face, his lips.  He reaches out with his tongue and licks her nipples as they slowly go across. Then opens his mouth and receives one breast, softly suckling at first, then more intensely, and driving erotic impulses down into her clit and G spot.

Her pussy gets more wet and drips along his hard throbbing cock. Now with each movement of her hips sliding across his cock he begs for the release of his hands. He longs to hold her and feel his cock inside her. Please her as he has dreamed of doing all these times they’ve been together.

She keeps him suckling at her breasts, driving herself and him into a hotter state of hunger. Then when she can no longer stand the wait she reaches up and releases his hands from the rope. Again he smells the intoxicating aroma of her sex as she releases his hands above his head. A few drops of her juices drip upon his chin and he licks it up with his tongue. He is lost in his passion and submission to her. Drunk off of her seduction.

As soon as his hands are released he grabs her ass with a hungry passion, pressing her cunt to his face and drives his tongue deep inside her. She allows the pleasure and pushes herself into him, then slowly moves her body down along his lips. He takes her hair in his hands and pulls her to him and kisses her savagely.

She responds, and then pulls away, caressing his body as she unstraddles her legs from him and moves between his knees. She slowly starts to lick her juices that have dripped along his inner thighs, his cock straining against the harness. He moans uncontrollably.

“Keep your hands behind your head, pet. Fingers laced.” She directs as she licks his trembling flesh.

She releases him from the harness holding his cock captive. Finally setting free what she is longing for. She has wanted him as much as he has desired her. With each movement she makes his cock drip even more precum.

“Oh please Mistress.” He pleads.  His eyes glazed, searching her face for a sign that soon he would feel her. “I’m so close.”

After removing the harness she starts to lick around his balls, on them, sucking them one by one, massaging them as they bulge with his seed. Her tongue moves up his shaft, licking up the essence of his precum.

She moves up his body and places her soaking pussy upon his cock.  She doesn’t move. Just sits there and stares at him intently. His lips are trembling as he fights the overwhelming urge to thrust his cock deep in her and finally take her. His body aching to be released. Her pussy becoming even more wet feeling the warmth of his cock beneath her. Her struggle as intense, only hidden from his eyes.

“You’re torturing me.” The sound of his voice pleading.

She lifts her hips and his eyes enlarge as he watches her go back down between his knees and places her mouth around his aching cock again. He fights the urge to explode. Clinching tighter his laced fingers above his head.

“Is this what you want my pet?” She taunts him.

“Mistress.” He has a hard time finding his voice. “I need all of you as you promised.”

She smiles, her heart racing, “Then free your hands and take me.”

He lowers his hands and wraps them through her hair and pulls her flesh across his. He almost cums feeling her breasts running across his stomach and chest. Her hands reach for his face as his hands grab her ass and moves her over his cock, sliding in with his direction.

He stops as he fully enters her. Moans at the feeling of her velvet ribbon walls surrounding the sensitivity of his shaft and head. Both bodies still; just letting the sensation of their unity take hold.
She then sits back upon his cock as he starts to move, moving with him. He reaches for her breasts, touching, massaging, and suckling them as the passion builds higher between them. The fullness of the feeling of him inside her sends her over the edge multiple times until he can no longer hold back and pleads for release.

“Please, please Mistress. Please let me cum.”  His voice hoarse, mouth dry.

She reaches for his nipples and rolls them between her fingers and thumbs. First slowly, then harder and when she knows the pain is at his threshold she looks into his eyes and commands, "Cum now for me pet! Now!"

A deep roar is released from his inner being. His body begins to buck, spasm as he thrusts deep within her and releases his overdue load. A long lingering deep roar continues from his soul with each wave of orgasm. She cums hard feeling his hot seed explode inside her. The throbbing, pulsating of his passion for her. His seed washing over her walls, filling her and marking her cervix with his DNA.

Although she owns him completely, for that one moment she is his.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exposed and Chained to My Desires

Oh!  Did I forget to mention, my lovely slave, that not only do I enjoy ropes and seeing them wrapped ever so snugly around your strong physique.... but I also have this overwhelming need to see that body that you have so innocently surrendered to me in...yes...chains.  Chains that will test your strength. Chains that will be a symbol that you belong to  How else are you to show me your inner strength as well as your devoted unquestioning trust. You do want to please me?

I love how you kneel so still before me. Smelling and hearing the clanking of the chains as I wrap them around you.  You take in my scent, longing to taste and touch but your movements are limited. You know this is only the beginning of a long night. I'll take my time. :)  I'll enjoy keeping your cock erect, strong and dripping for me. Smoothing my hands along your body as I stand you to your feet and take your limbs and shackle you to the wall.  Spread eagle for me to admire my prize.

Exposed.  Just as I know you want to be. Known...intimately...deeply you have longed for all your life.  To the world you are the Alpha Male.... to me... you are exposed through the softening of your eyes as they plead to be known and accepted. It is only when I take you and chain you that in your helpless state you are truly free.

Yes... It will be a long night.  We still have many barriers to bring down. But with each passing hour your bondage will release more sweet freedom.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vulnerable and Helpless in Ropes

You just have to agree with me that there is something so very erotic about a man confined in rope. So strong, virile and absolutely helpless! Vulnerable and willingly surrendered to whatever your heart's desire is for him and you. ;)

It's a wonderful power exchange where he waits for your move, your touch, even the command of your voice as his eyes follow you around the room.  You walk slowly, teasing, seducing, smiling as your mind fills with what awaits him.  You've been planning this night.  You've teased him with small details that 'accidentally' slipped in your conversation over the last few days and when he started to question you he received a blank stare.  "What?  I didn't say anything of that nature." Taunting him and he knowing better than to press you any more about it.

He gave himself to you long ago.  Over time you've pushed the envelope further than he ever thought you would, and yet he still surrenders.  Each time a little more addicted.  A little more revealed about himself and what he has wished for, desired for so long.   And now he has you.  The one woman strong enough to take him to those dark places in his soul, but nurturing enough to trust you with his journey.

How fortunate for you that he loves rope as much as you do. The methodical wrapping, tying as you move across and around his body and he feels the brushing of your smooth skin as his freedom slowly disappears.

Lovely, beautiful rope.  Yes....and now he'll know what you have that he is fully at your mercy.