Sunday, March 29, 2015

His Beauty Shatters Me

He's quiet now. Still shivering, not from being cold but from the adrenalin and sensations still rushing through his body. I have his head against my breast, his body across my lap curled around me. Pressed into me. A blanket covers him, my fingers run softly through his hair. There are no words now, only the sound of his breathing and sighing as he goes through the process of joining me consciously. I give him all the time he needs to come back to me. I want him to relish the journey. I want him to greet whatever feelings he encounters and let them speak to him. I want him to acknowledge whatever fears may have arisen and meet them face to face. I pull him closer. Pressing the side of his face into my breasts, feeling his lips moving along their softness. His eyes are closed...drifting in the safety of my comfort. His body periodically twitching as he unwinds.

My mind wanders over the scene that just finished. His body responsive to every touch, swat, lash and sting that came his way. I remember when we first started to play together how he was reserved and acted tough to show me he could take a lot. It took time to convince him I was more interested in breaking his shell not hardening it. I already knew he was a man, a good man and a strong man. When the cracks in his armor started to appear the intensity of our scenes increased. His body started to reach toward me for more. Every sigh, whimper, moan and yell became music to my soul and fuel to my swing. It was his invitation to dig deeper, to claw at the exterior of his shell until his soul was laid bare before us both. Finally the tears started to flow and I knew we hit hidden treasures. It was always his learn to cry again.

Now, months later he lays in my arms, armor voluntarily left at the door. His words are softer, richer and full of his humanity. He eyes look deeper into my soul and recognize who we are together in this journey. His flesh beaten, tired and abused. His face stained with dry tears. The strength in his surrender to lower his guard, to trust me with the unknown that lives within him; priceless. His soul and spirit revived. He's more beautiful to me now than when we first met.

He carries my marks.

His unfolding beauty shatters my soul.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site Sexual Destinies!


There is a hunger growing inside me. Not sure what the cause of it is. Could be that I've been without a steady submissive in my life for while now and the desire and need to own a delicious man that makes my heart swoon as he kneels before me is creating a hunger that I hope will soon be fed! There have been play partners but nothing compares to the beauty of a man you desire surrendered to your care. I want to mark him with the lashes of my whip, the palm of my hand, the tips of my nails and the bite of my teeth. I want every cell and nerve ending within him to know intimately who he belongs to. And I want to see that longing to belong in his eyes as well. I miss that.

To Love Him....

To Own Him....

To Mark Him....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Window

He was two floors up and one row of apartments over when he first recognized those long lean legs of hers dangling from the patio chair. It had been five years since he had seen her. That was the last time they said good bye. There had been many good-byes and he thought they would keep dangling like her legs were now over the chair. But he soon found after weeks had gone by she was serious that time and she was gone for good.

She had been his first long term dom. Three years he served her and thought it would never end. But her job changed locations and she needed to move away. Now standing at the window watching her in a routine he was familiar with he knew plans had changed and here she was back in her old building. Did she think he had moved away also? Had she even tried to look him up? She always loved that bottom floor apartment that over looked the courtyard. The exposure from the morning sun warming her bare legs.

He felt paralyzed at the window as he watched her set her laptop on the patio side table and pull it close to her chair. It's where she loved to sit and write on warm sunny mornings.

Images of being there with her, sitting at her feet reading as she spun her erotic tales started to flood his thoughts. Memories of her reaching down to him every now and then to run her fingers through his hair. Pulling his head closer to her legs and wrapping them around him. Him slowly moving up kissing her inner thighs as he traveled. Knowing between her writing and the sensations he was giving her she was lost in her story.

Standing there against the window his cock grew as he remembered her smell, her taste and her touch. How her voice sounded, her moans increased and her breath became staggered when he buried his head against her mound, his tongue lapping and teasing her folds. "Gently boy." She would whisper to  him. The tapping of her fingers on the keys would begin to slow until he felt her lean back in her chair, her hands now circling his head. "Fuckkkkk",  softly falling from her lips.

He realized he was leaning against his window, his left hand around his dripping cock. The thought of quickly getting dressed and going to her was stopped as he heard her laughter flow up from her patio. He saw a hand reaching towards her, handing her a cup. The frame of a young man appeared and knelt beside her at her feet.

He watched as she wrapped her legs around him and felt an explosive orgasm rush through him imagining it was him there once again.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site Sexual Destinies!

The Face! Eyes, mouth, expressions of an erotic man. 

Those lips! 


OK...hand on cock while sleeping... couldn't resist! 

Eyes, Mouth, Chin, Hands... Gawd! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

e[lust] edition #68 ~ Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Molly's Daily Kiss

Welcome to Elust #68 -

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Frame by Frame  

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Bad Men and Why Perfectly Intelligent, Independent, Sane Women Fantasize About Them 

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy!

Today's Eye Candy is coming from a source I've been trying to find for a very long time! He's a Rigger and I've run across his beautiful creative rope work on the internet many times with no idea who he was. Then today someone posted on my FetLife group, 'Men in Rope' this man's work and the heavens opened and I've talked with this fabulous young man!

So today is featuring Reraizure a Rigger from Hessen, Germany.

Please visit the links below. You'll enjoy the beauty!

His FetLife profile page can be found here:

His Website (The Art of Being Held) can be found here:

This photo was the first I ever saw of his work and has haunted me ever since!

Icarus (must not fly)
Photographer: Heiner Welchert
Model: ModeYo
Ropework: Reraizure

 Photographer: Michael (
Ropework: Reraizure

Photographer: Daniel Black
Model: Marco
Ropework: Reraizure

Friday, March 13, 2015

Answers and Comments on Fantasy and Addiction.

"Oh, rats. I am so sorry. Boys! (Throws hands up in air, shaking his head in futility)."  

This was the first line in the first comment I received. I knew from that point forward I was in for a lovely time of reading thoughts and explanations from my male followers. I will add tidbits from some of what they shared, because their words are real, enlightening and powerful. Just as they are. ;)

I will also add that I realize there are people that suffer from sexual addictions and I'm not here to shame or diminish their battle. Addictions are about compulsive behaviors that can take over your life affecting better judgement no matter what the cost to you or those around you. I understand that. The questions I put to my male followers were about finding and being reassured that there are men who are part of an online community who can walk the line between Kink and Vanilla and live a balanced life. Enjoying the rewards of both. There are many and with that knowledge I happily move forward.

And me? I'm good! Yes, I think about the boy but with very kind and loving thoughts hoping nothing but the very best for him and his life. And when that door abruptly closed another two days later opened up here locally and'll have to wait to see how that plays out. ::wink::

The Answers and Comments:

1. Am I only a fantasy to you? For many I know that's true. And I'm 'ok' with that. But if you had the chance for more would you take it?

** "You are not a fantasy, which would be something entirely of my own creation. You are a real live person. ...I recognize that it is a fantasy to imagine that you saw photographs of me and within a week I was re-creating those photographs for you in person.....You are a real person who realizes that not all that we want can join us in reality and needs must remain a fantasy..."

** "Long answer: no. But I do like to fantasize about being with you but I know the difference between fantasy and reality. I like my fantasies about you and I like my reality with you; both are cool."

** "Of course I read your writings because they touch on my fantasies and enter a very lonely place where they help me to come to terms with myself. Would I take a chance on more if it was possible? Why on earth not?"

2. Is sex an addiction for you? Or have you found a balance to enjoy what you desire and still live a responsible life?

** "No, I wouldn't say I was addicted to sex. It has a place, and that place is hot but it doesn't compel me to do anything I would regret."

** "No. But I know the feeling. There have been times when I was horny as hell that I would find myself really distracted by sexy thoughts and willing to take a lot of risks to get satisfaction. ...Balancing our public image with our wild sexual nature takes a lot of time. "

** "Sex is not an addiction to me in the sense that I'm a fully-rounded person with interests, beliefs, commitments, work, pastimes and rich memories and I amount to much more than my Eros. On the other hand, sex is an important part of my waking and dreaming life and once gone, I would feel enormously impoverished."

I'll close in saying I love my life and the choices I have made along with the people who inhabit my world. Some are for a short season and others continue to gently whisper in my ear along the path. Life is about learning, exploring, embracing and growing. But above all of that...loving; yourself and those who choose to walk with you.

Thank you to all my male and female friends who are walking with me in this exciting journey called life. May you continue to live it openly with those you love, lustfully and honestly!



Monday, March 9, 2015

And Then He Was Gone. Boy Update.

At 11:30 am his text came over my phone while I was at my desk working, (excerpt) "...I need to stop talking with you and I can't meet up with you....I have a debilitating addiction to sex and internet porn. And it is only getting exacerbated when I talk to you. It's tearing my life apart.....". He went on to say more, but it's not necessary to share here.

My first reaction was shock and then WTF! I kept shaking my head and wondering how he spun out so quickly. At lunch I kept reading over his text trying to understand this boy I had gotten to know recently. I wondered if we had gone through this process face to face I may have been able to see the signs that he was not able to walk out what he said he wanted. I also saw that he took down his Tumblr account...yes...he was serious about being in trouble and needing help.

Do I want to be the cause of someone's life being torn apart? Hell no. So I'm glad he knows himself well enough that he pulled back and has to reassess his life. Did I have my doubts that we would ever meet? Yes, but I was hoping to be wrong. Besides being gorgeous he is bright, articulate and sexy as hell! He would engage me in conversation and before I knew it 4 hours would be gone. To be able to do He surprised me and I liked being surprised. Do I wish I could talk to him and help him somehow sort his life out? Yes. But it won't happen. If what he shared is true he needs more than I can offer.

Which brings me to why I even shared the excerpt from his text above. I struggle with the term sexual addiction. My ex NB considered himself addicted and one of the reasons we aren't together is because he was afraid he would lose himself and his mind if he went all in. No matter how many times we talked about it, that I would never let that never stopped the grip fear had over his soul. Even to this day. We are still friends...but the nagging fear still wraps around him. Paralyzing him.

I struggle with the term not because I don't think it's valid but because I don't have an addictive personality. I'm not able to relate. I love sex, my lifestyle and long to share that with someone incredible again! Maybe it's because the Boy reminded me so much of NB that he drew me in quickly. Their need and hunger...raw and intense....fed me.

So.. I'm putting two questions out there to the men and boys that follow me. Especially those who have contacted me in the past. Some I've developed a sweet and endearing relationship with. And they know who they are. Please answer these questions for me. I'm really curious to hear from you. Either answer me here on the comments section or email me. But please...let's talk!

1. Am I only a fantasy to you? For many I know that's true. And I'm 'ok' with that. But if you had the chance for more would you take it?

2. Is sex an addiction for you? Or have you found a balance to enjoy what you desire and still live a responsible life?

I look forward to hearing from all of you.  ;)

And to the Boy in case he comes this way again and reads this....:  I truly hope you find strength, peace and balance to your life. You're a beautiful soul and I enjoyed our very brief time together. Your vulnerability and raw honesty was refreshing. Will I miss you? Yes... I already do.  ;)

~ Vista

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy Bonus! ~ The Boy!

The boy came home and saw today's post about him and as I suspected...he has no problem with me showing him to the world!  ;) Except his face of course. So Ferns you can stop tapping your fingers on the table. :)

I present The Boy:

Probably the most modest image I have of him. 

When he sent me this, I had a strong urge to tie his hands behind his back, hook him to a leash and pull him behind me all day at work. 

Just look at that perfect ass!

Hand on cock.  He knows me well. 

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site Sexual Destinies!

Recently I was contacted by a gorgeous sub boy who confessed to following my Tumblr and this blog for the last 8 months. (How many more lovely sub boys are out there doing the same? I always love hearing from those who follow me and learning how my writings have affected their lives.) He reached out to me after all this time because he is being relocated for work and is moving to my area. Hmmmmm We have been in contact everyday, emails, texts and in my quest to get to know him better he has flooded me with pictures that get this mistress's hands very itchy to explore all that has been revealed.

At first I felt at a disadvantage. He has had 8 months to journey through my most intimate thoughts and erotic musings. But it's also freeing that he knows my likes, dislikes etc and how they line up with his. This is not the first time I've been contacted. But it is the first time from someone who is moving to my location and as the days go by seems to have the potential to deliver what I've been looking for in a sensual submissive man. He's gorgeous, brilliant, articulate, romantic, sensual and devilishly slutty! Makes my pussy and heart swoon just thinking about what may lie ahead!

So in honor of the delicious boy coming into my life I'm posting images today that closely resembles those he has sent to me. They also closely resemble him! And who knows...maybe in the future if all works out you'll have the pleasure, as I have, of gazing upon his arousing frame. ;)

Wickedly handsome!

Beautiful offering!

Sensual and confident!

And yes.....tremendously slutty!  ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pussy Whispering


Pussies come in many shapes and sizes and are intricately woven through the equally complicated body of a woman. The nerve endings that lie within her extend farther than between our legs. That fact is well worth noting! Depending on the wiring, likes and dislikes of a woman the things that will grab her pussy's attention and welcome you into her warm world can vary. I can only speak to the particular appetite and insatiable needs of mine and how to engage her in such a way that greed and lust pull you happily into her lair.

Here is a basic seductive list of 5 'Pussy Whisperings' that are sure to pave the way into my world:

1. Words.
Yes...your words. Words are an aphrodisiac to my mind. You may have an amazing cock that I've drooled over countless times online and a body that makes my pussy shake with desire, but if you are unable to engage my mind, seduce those pesky neurotransmitters to spark with lust you have already lost your pass to heaven. My pussy may argue but believe me, my mind is more powerful and I've walked away many times because I knew in the long run even that hungry girl would eventually lose her appetite.

Intelligence, wisdom that comes with taking risks and living life, sharing your failures along with your successes will pull me into your soul. I want to touch your soul first. To have you be able to articulate your feelings, honestly without shame. To have the ability to look at me and suddenly see something you never saw before as I listen to you. To have you stare at me in wonder then tell me in your beautiful words what desires are filling your head. That even naughty, filthy, dirty words coming out of your mouth are wrapped in velvet. Each sentence touching every part of my body with passion. That you understand your words are more powerful and penetrating than the cock that hangs between your legs. Yes, I'm a dominant woman, but seduce me damn it!

2. Eyes.
Look at me when you talk with me. In a D/s dynamic this would be outside of any play. I'm not about 24/7. The dynamic between us will always lie underneath all we do ready to emerge when called upon.  But know what I look like. Tell me about the very small heart shaped mole on my left upper eye lid that you've studied while I slept. The scar on my right shin from climbing rocks as a little girl. The mole on the side of my right breast that you've traced countless times with your tongue. Know me because you've studied me with your eyes.

3. Mouth.
A good kiss can awaken any sleeping pussy from slumber! You must love to kiss, nibble, softly at first then increasing your passion as you sense the hunger building. Kiss my lips! Keep your tongue to yourself until that passion builds. My lips need to feel the moist, softness of yours. Love them. Explore their texture. Know that their sensitivity is communicating with my pussy's lips. Making her hunger grow and creating a jealousy and need to have you.

4. Touch.
Touch me...everywhere! Not just my breasts, (although for me my nipples are directly connected to my clit!) but running your hands down the strength of my arms, down my sides, up the inside of my thighs....explore me, touch me until I'm grabbing your hand and shoving your fingers inside her! Touch the length and breath of her. Not just her slit but all around. Over her mound, along the crease of the inner thighs. Talk to her. Let her feel the vibrations of your words and breathing upon her. She loves to be wet with her desire and yours. Learn that her nerve endings run deep and throughout that whole region. Feel her response to your touch.

5. Her memory.
Yes! Pussies have a memory. She remembers how you touch her and pay attention to her responses. How you kiss her. How you play with her and tease her with the tip of your cock. She also remembers when and if she's been violated or treated roughly without consent. She remembers the good and the bad. And if the bad emotions have not been healed she may tighten and not let you in. She remembers every sweet and harsh word. Many emotions are hidden away in her velvet walls. My mind may push things aside but she'll stand her ground. She is the gatekeeper to my soul. Make her believe your desire for her.

There you have it. My Five basics of Pussy Whispering. The list will vary according to the woman. Keep in mind we are all unique. And each woman's list is valid for her!

Pussy Whispering is about listening, being present, paying attention and watching. She's paying attention to you. Even to how you pay attention to others.  ;)