Sunday, March 31, 2013

His Eyes Hungry. His Body Pleads: Use Me!

Recently I had a conversation with NB about submissive men and men in general.  We discussed how most of society sees, trains and portrays women as sexual objects and men as the dominant conquers.  We both agree that is a wide sweeping generalization of mankind and we are seeing that change at a slow pace in the people that cross our paths.  One of the main reasons I enjoy an alternative lifestyle is the freedom of people to be and/or discover who they are aside from the labels and definitions of culture and society.  What I have found over time is the exciting discovery of traditionally alpha men needing to fulfill a deep seated desire to be sexually objectified.  A desire I find thrilling and am willing to satisfy.

When a man finds himself in a sexual relationship/encounter with a woman who knows what she wants and has a need to use him to her satisfaction where she is doing the majority of the work, he finds it new territory and eventually freeing. This becomes very enlightening for him once he ventures into anal play.  For a man to surrender his strength and allow you to penetrate him, putting him in the receiving end while he lies there and feels you working the plug, fingers or dildo into his dark region is a turn of events and exchange of power. It also gives him a better idea and frame of reference of what it is like for you when it is his cock, fingers or toy penetrating your pussy or ass.  I think this is a great example of "Turn-about-is-fair-play."

One of the great things about anal play and pegging is that it teaches the man how important 'warm up' is!  ;)  He will put up a fight if you try to go balls deep into his ass and he's not ready!  It teaches a man the art of warm up, emotionally getting him ready if it's a new experience for him and how important his 'mood' plays into the event happening in a pleasing, erotic manner.  For women we find how much 'work' fucking someone can be.  But what a great workout of the hips, ass and thighs!  No wonder most men have great shaped asses!  It's all that thrusting they've been doing!

I personally love watching the different phrases a man goes through when it comes to introducing pegging and anal play.  First reaction is normally negative, but depending on the man, you can sense as you get to know him if this wall of resistance can come down brick by brick.  And if so, the journey of bringing him to this new discovery is absolutely delicious!  Watching him go from fearful and an ass as tight as a vice grip to one that opens and welcomes you willingly at your first touch is intoxicating!  Now I understand why NB gets so excited as my pussy slowly opens for him and welcomes him warmly.  To know you are bringing pleasure and are the cause of that rush of chemicals and euphoria washing over their body is powerful.  Women who only know the receiving end of this are missing the joy that comes from having that reversed.   

Eventually your man's thoughts are filled with you 'taking' him and using him as his hunger grows, his eyes express it and his body pleads to be used!  Objectified!  I love it!  This isn't for everyone, but does fit well with a dominant woman and sexually submissive man.  There are dominant men that have found this fitting for them and I know others who would never entertain the idea.  No problem. Throw out the labels and just enjoy who you are and what your body desires to explore with a partner that fits your needs.

I love this image below from my Tumblr.  He'll mount a counter-top, lift and spread his ass to the world.  He doesn't care what anyone thinks, his ass needs to be fucked and he's letting her know it!  ;)  I love it when a man has the freedom in himself to be down right Slutty!

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