Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cuming Without You.

All day my body had been reaching out for you. Recognizing the lazy calm evening ahead, I played with it's hunger and fed it's appetite with erotic stories and images until I craved to feel your touch and imagine your warmth around me. My nipples were constantly erect as my hunger surged forward in need with every image and sensual sentence I read.

Full of arousal I walked into my room and collected what was needed to slip away into the fantasy of you being here with me.  Lube, dildo with accompanying bullet and a towel not wanting to soak my sheets with the release I needed to feel. Before lying down on my back my lubed fingers played with my erect nipples, circling, teasing and fondling my full breasts. With eyes closed I pictured the warm lube as the wetness from your mouth as you lovingly suckled them. I reveled in the images and feeling of your tongue dancing across them, taunting, nipping and alerting my clit to attention. I could feel my sex start to swell and moisture leak from its opening.

Now on my back I reached for the dildo and inserted the bullet, switching it on and feeling my pussy reacting already to its hum. I first touched her with my own lubed fingers, and basked in the memory of your touch. Your mouth wrapped around one nipple as your fingers gently explore and tease my clit and outer lips. I almost start to cum and slow myself down, knowing if I cum from my clit I'll be done. It's too intense. So I pull back and bring the dildo into play. With my clit on high alert I take the lubed up cock and slide the smoothness of its head up and down my slit. The dildo is the same size and thickness of your cock and although not the feel of your flesh, the vibrations humming over my lips, clit and opening make up the difference.

Slowly I become lost in the warmth and wetness that is building inside me as my own moisture coats my walls. My hips and pussy reach up to feel the fullness of the dildo as they have reached for you, time and time again. I taunt my opening with its smooth warm head and then finally penetrate and feel my pc muscles clamp around the cock. Reality melts into fantasy and you are now there with me. The memory of you inside me, moving, filling, teasing is alive and my mind races through scenes of our love making. Images of you standing naked before me come into view as I examined you for the every first time. The flex of your muscle, the curve of your ass, the smoothness of your skin and most of all how your cock hung, semi-erect between your legs as you tried to contain your desire.

I can feel my cunt opening up more to take the dildo deeper as I move it in and out and around inside, touching every spot and feeling the building of the first orgasm as the vibrations from the bullet hum through me. My juices start to run over the cock as I'm lost in the feel of your own and my hand finds it's quick rhythm as I hear my wetness increase and the first orgasm rolls through me.  My hunger is great and I continue to play building myself up again and again until I've soaked the towel with multiple orgasms.

My clit is still wanting and needy. I take the warm, smooth, wet head of the cock and slowly start to run it over my slit, lightly touching and teasing my clit. I flash upon your cock and how I love the feel of your smooth head slipping over me, teasing me. My juices start to flow once again and how I wished you were there to drink from me. I continued to tease my clit by slowly running the cock over my slit and letting the vibrations coax out my own. Flashing across my mind, I see you standing over me, loving how my body responds to your own. Images play of my hand reaching down and holding your cock as it slides in and out of me, moving easily through my fingers. Loving the feel of your wet, firm shaft slipping along the palm of my hand. Then the images all start to blur and run together as my arousal builds to a climax and the intensity from my clit explodes into a beautiful release.

My body drifts and my mind floods with endorphins as I lay the vibrating dildo across my slit and relish in the drifting. After many moments I turn off the vibrator but continue to be still. Satiated for the moment. Until my need for you arises once again.


  1. So horny ! Thank you. My hand on my cock. My mind with you, entwined with your exploration, wanting to be with you, wanting my tongue running over you as you cum and cum.

  2. Re-reading this tonight. I just want to grab you and fuck you, really wildly.

    1. Mmmmmmmmm I accept that desire. I adore you spilling your thoughts my way... ;)


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