Thursday, March 22, 2012

Behind the Whip: Book Review

Maria Coletsis from Vancouver, traveled around the world to create Behind the Whip: Dominatrix Portraits and Words.  Here you'll find a book full of photos and interviews with strong, adventurous women that are part of the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group. Behind the Whip reveals the human women behind the glamorous images who work with pain and pleasure.

Maria set out to document how the contemporary dominatrix is seen by her clients.  This blog, Sexual Destinies, is about finding how we are sexually wired and why.  This book, Behind the Whip, runs along the same train of thought in exploring how clients come to a dominatrix to really find themselves and release some of the burdens and stress of their lives.   They find a place where they can reveal their deepest desires without shame or ridicule. Clients find acceptance, a balance of power, therapy and role playing of some of their fondest fantasies.

The words of these women and their photographs will provide a fascinating background to the appeal of the domination and reinforce the idea that they are more than mere providers of glamorous erotic fantasy.

Inside each book is a hidden treasure - a DVD with a 28-minute documentary film about the making of the book. It's possible to buy the book on its own from stores, but order online and get the DVD as well!

Behind the Whip book and DVD costs $39.95.  You may view a video trailer and order the book at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Online Dating – Vanilla or Edge.

These days, people are busier than ever, and they find themselves, romantically, lonelier than ever. Technology has expanded our world not only in commerce but also socially.  And this is a good thing.  Online dating and social networking has connected long lost friends, shared job leads, kept families in touch and played Cupid in bringing together like minded people for dating relationships.
Searching for like minded people is the key point to keep in mind when entering the maze of different online dating sites that fill the Web. It will help you to narrow down your choices. One of the first choices that you need to make is remembering how you are sexually wired.  Even if you are looking initially for a very casual relationship, the end result of any great connection with someone (and isn’t that truly what you eventually want…a great connection) will always result in an intimate relationship.
Be honest with yourself and if you’re not sure how ‘Edgy’ you are sexually wired then choose both a ‘Vanilla’ dating site along with a more ‘Edgy’ one. Keep your options open.  You never know who you may find on that ‘Vanilla’ site!  I know that’s where I found my kinky love of my life!  LOL 
The world really is a candy store!  Just know what you are looking for, write your profile to truly reflect that, and you’ll draw the one you are searching for!  I know for me it was one sentence that my man wrote in his profile that grabbed my attention and was the clue to his deepest desires.  And I was the only one who picked that up!  That clue began our honest communication and built a true intimacy between us.
Be true to you!  Be real in what you are looking for in a relationship. Whether a causal one or long term. Whether a ‘Vanilla’ one or ‘Edge’. The person you are looking for is looking for the real you also!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kinky Weekend Fun!

The work week dragged and you are needing to blow off some steam and make some also! First before you do anything you should have been building up the ideas and steam through some sexy erotic reading.  I highly recommend 'Ellora's Cave Romantic Publishing'.  Use the below 'GO HERE' link for their web site! They have some great free short stories that I find very kinky and erotic to feed the imagination and soul! And their eBooks are rapidly filling my library!

Back to your Kinky Weekend Fun!  Take those ideas, make them your own and please...think out of the box! How about going out to dinner, dressed in your finest dress, heels, thigh highs, showing off the girls, looking elegant and alluring.  Snuggle up to your man on the soft leather booth back in the corner. Wine, kisses, lots of touching...and as the appetizers arrive you slip his hand along your thighs (don't worry the table cloth will hide the action...maybe ) ;) .....and his hand feels the warmth of your bare sex (no panties girls) making him want you right there!  Hmmm...He'll just have to wait and have dessert at home. If you make it that far.  ;)

Enjoy!  It's only the beginning of a great weekend.  You fill in the rest!  ;)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oral Sex. You Know You Want It!

Guys... I have to tell you, I've never understood why there is a problem getting your girlfriend or wife to go down on you.  Maybe it's your communication style?  Maybe you don't take well enough care of yourself?  Could taste be a factor?  These are all things that are so easy to solve! (Try eating works! And use a trimmer down there. )

If it's important to you, then you need to first look at the things I'm mentioning above and if cleanliness and taste are not the reason she is saying 'NO!" then you need to invest for the sake of your sexual health in getting the book below!  Oral Formula One!  Come on! Is your satisfaction worth the time and investment of $27.00?  Yes!  I thought so!  You are worth it!

And ladies...You know you love your man!  What if he is able to explain the importance and closeness he will feel toward this incredible attention from you? It's all about touch, sensuality, arousal and so enjoying the moment!  We get so busy in our lives and everything becomes a "hurry up, we don't have enough time" mentality. Let's all close our eyes and get in touch with the sensation of touch.  Mmmmm Get this book!

Oral Formula One: $27.00
An eBook that teaches men how to get their wives or girlfriends to perform oral sex on them if their wife or girlfriend has stopped performing it or never performed it in  the first place!

Discover The Secret Formula That So Many Men Have Used To Successfully Persuade Their Wives Or Girlfriends To Give Them Oral Sex At Least Twice A Week...Guaranteed!
Finally, the First Practical, Step-by-Step Blueprint That Gets Even The Most Reluctant Wife Or Girlfriend To Perform Oral Sex On You Regularly!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finding Your Sexual Way - Unzipped.

There is a very marvelous book out by Brian Alexander titled: America Unzipped.  I recommend you read it.  I have a link for you below.  In his book, published December 2008,  he even visited Seattle and our own little sex positive community center!  So proud!!! :)

But is why it is so important for you to read Brian's book and also a good lead off on this blog. It's time for America to learn and be honest about who we are sexually to be healthy!  Brian's book covers the America most people don't even know exists or refuses to discuss.  Could really that nice lady at the grocery store checking out your foods items be a Domme on weekends hosting BDSM parties for close friends at her house?  We hear of politicians being busted for kinky behavior, but what about your accountant or law clerk or CEO! Let's all take a BIG DEEP breath, exhale, sit back and accept that we are sexual beings and through openness and communication we can find our way in this sexually charged maze!

Sexual Destinies is here to keep you informed and allowing you a place for discussions and questions to bring freedom to your life.  We will be providing resources and research on anything to do with sexuality and how the markings of our childhood determine the Life Road Map we are drawn to follow.

America... get healthy!!! Get and read Brian's book: America Unzipped and bookmark this Blog!