Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Naughty Nurse Setup!

He is a very lovely, sexy sub who has a fetish about nurses.  Naughty nurses that take advantage of his vulnerability while in their care.  He had spent much of his childhood in the hospital during his sexually awakening years. Being bathed, examined and eventually loosing his virginity to one over zealous young nurse who took the sponge bath she was administering to an exciting new level as she washed his young hardening cock and found she couldn't resist mounting it!  The sexual wiring was laid in his young mind.

He waited for me naked on the bed as I dwelt on his lifelong fetish and finished dressing in my new vinyl, black, red trimmed, low cut nurse uniform that barely covered my ass.  My long dark hair was pulled up in a pony tail and a nurse's cap was attached in front of it. I looked one more time in the mirror and knew his reaction would be well worth the trouble.  Naughty Nurse role play was about to commence.

"Mr Miller.  I have been given strict orders by your mistress to massage and oil you down.  Also to exam and inspect your anus to make sure it is ready for the plans she has for you later.  She has no desire to harm you and wants you to be open and available for her pleasure."  I stood, back straight, chest out and sternly delivered to him my orders.

My pet's cock immediately sprang to attention seeing his mistress standing before him, transformed and delivering one of his fantasies. His mouth formed a wide grin as he responded, "Yes nurse."

I walked to the bed, exam gloves, lube and lavender oil in hand, "Oh!  And Mr Miller.  I have also been instructed by your mistress that you are to keep your roaming hands and fingers to yourself. She has warned me of how naughty and disobedient you can be." I smirked.

"Yes nurse." He answered followed by his own smirk.

I went about my duty as nurse, having him first turn onto his stomach, massaging the lavender oil into his neck, shoulders, and back...making my way to his round cheeks. To get better leverage I positioned myself one at a time straddled across each thigh, moving from ass cheek, down the thigh, calf, ankle and foot.  My pet could feel the slick wetness of my bare shaved pussy preparing the way as I moved down his leg with more oil. His muscles tensing as he tried to remain still. By the time I finished his second leg he was moaning and moving his hips ever so slightly.

Then I moved to his arms. First the left then the right. This time I straddled his hands, my pussy just inches away from his fingers. His arm tensed and his fingers moved trying to get just a slight touch of the warmth he was feeling generating from my excited sex.

Slap! My hand finally went upon his arm. "You must behave Mr Miller or you'll get us both in trouble.  Now turn over!"

His body was warm with desire as he moved onto his back and I started along his neck again. This time straddling his hips.  Able now to look into his eyes and capture his exciting torment. It made my juices run all the more as he felt my pussy lubricate his cock with each of my movements. I made my way down his torso and repeated the drill over each thigh, once again straddling each leg. By now his hands were twitching, his fingers hungry to touch and reach inside me.

He finally lost it while I was straddling his right arm, his fingers only inches away from what he longed to touch and feel. I felt two of his fingers slide easily inside, my body grabbed his hold.

I allowed it for a moment of my pleasure then yelled out, "Mr Miller!" He kept his fingers where they were, reluctant to move. I lifted off his hand and moved quickly between his legs.

I slapped his balls and cock a few times.  "Mr Miller.  You do know I'll have to report your actions to your mistress.  I'll claim no responsibility and will blame you fully."

"But nurse!"  He began to protest. Perspiration already beading and pooling along his chest. His 6 ft toned frame full of hunger.

"Shh!  Mr Miller.  I need to finish one last task before your mistress arrives."

I slid on one exam glove on my right hand and reached for the bottle of lube. "This won't take long Mr Miller." I instructed as I began to stroke his still very hard cock.

I poured the lube along his cock and balls and began to cover all surrounding areas, including his anus.  "Knees bent, ass up Mr Miller!" I directed with pleasure.

My gloved fingers found their way along his crack as one finger easily slipped in and I prepared him for what was ahead as my left hand continued to stroke his cock.  I started to notice pre-cum dripping from his slit and knew it was time to change directions.

I pulled my hand back, removed the glove and instructed him to lower his legs. "You look very warm Mr Miller.  Let me check your forehead before I leave."

I straddled again his hips and slid my body along his frame until my breasts were resting against his mouth.  The zipper had come down a little on the uniform allowing one breasts to pop out. I felt his tongue lick the exposed nipple and quickly suck it into his mouth. I pressed my longing breast into his mouth and then jumped back.

"Mr Miller! One more violation!"

He smiled with a hungry, lustful look in his eyes as he watched me leave the room and enter the bathroom once again.

He waited, not moving from his position until I re-emerged wearing a black leather strapped bra, black lace thigh highs, heels and my strap-on. My dark hair now down and flowing over my shoulders. I walked within inches of the bed and stopped.  Stroking the cock jetting from my harness.

"Hello pet.  Have you been prepared for me?"  Already, of course knowing the answer.

"Yes Mistress."  He eagerly replied.

"And pet, did you follow all of my instructions?"  Still staring at him and stroking.

"Of course Mistress."  He answered after a brief pause.

I walked closer to him and knelt on the bed.  My right hand reached toward his cock that was starting to soften and gave it a stroke. "I'm going to ask you again pet.  Did you follow all of my instructions?" My hand now surrounding his cock at the base and tightening my grip.

"I was obedient Mistress...really."

"That's not what I was told by the nurse, pet."

"But I was!"

I slapped his cock back and forth three times and grabbed his balls hard. "Do you see the mirror hanging on the wall to your left?" He nodded with a confused look on his face. "It's a two-way mirror and I saw and heard everything.  Everything pet."

"Mistress, it was that naughty nurse you sent to me. She was rubbing herself all over me! " He exclaimed.

I reached up to his chest and started to pull on his nipples, which he hated. "No!" He yelled out.

"Are you going to tell me the truth?" Tugging on them more.

"Yes! God yes!"

"Alright. Roll over."  I applied more lube to his hole and some to my cock. "I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to tell me the truth."

"Yes Mistress."  I heard him mumble through his arms where his head rested.

I started to insert a finger into his hole.  He resisted, then loosen, giving me entry. "Tell me what she did."

"She rubbed her bare pussy all over me!  My chest, legs, arms and my cock, mistress."

"Did you like it, pet?"

"Oh, no mistress.  I belong to you."

My hand came down on his ass cheeks and balls.  "The truth pet!"

Softly he answered, "Yes, I did mistress."

"I saw you touch her, pet.  Tell me why you did.  Why you couldn't resist."

He was quiet for a moment then answered, "Because she smelled like you and I'm addicted to your smell, feel and taste Mistress."

Damn! I thought. He knew what that answer would do to me. "Turn over. I want to see your face."

He turned onto to his back and I scooted him close to the edge of the bed. "Legs up, knees bent and hold still."

I took the tip of my lubed cock and teased his hole until he relaxed and gave way.  Slowly I entered him until all of it was in. I stood still for a moment. Massaging his balls and slowly stroking his cock.

"Tell me again what I smell, taste and feel like." My own juice now running down my inner thighs as I start my own rhythm of penetration into his most sacred place.

"Mine."  I thought as I listen to his words, gasps and breathing.  "Mine."  As I took what belonged to me.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that some Saturdays I have way too much time on my hands, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

Yes, I'm in Chicago devouring my own erotic sub/cuck, but I wouldn't let you starve by not giving you your weekly Eye Candy!   Addictions must be managed.  :)   So here are four delicious morsels for you to indulge yourselves on.

For all my dominate female yummy is he!

Because I am addicted to men's asses and their cock/balls...I could not pass these pics up!  Sigh!

Just look at him!  Relaxed, open, waiting to be devoured!  OMG!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hot Teaser and Review of 'Guy New York'.

Below is a quick little gem of a story clip from the blog of "Guy New York".  His new novel, The Island on The Edge of Normal, is wonderful and I highly recommend it. It is a 'poly' based story. And there is some 'man on man' action which I find very hot in his storyline.  But then I do adore MFM!  You can find his book on my Amazon "I Recommend" book list!  Please visit his site.

~ Vista


She was looking out the window when I woke up. She had my bathrobe on and coffee in hand.

“The bed is warmer,” I said, pulling the comforter up to my chin.

“Why did you let me stay here?”

I rolled onto my back, still beneath the blanket. Because I wanted to see if we could fall asleep without giving in? Because I still want to fuck you even though we shouldn't?  Because I love you and miss you, and I thought I could manage them both?

“You had nowhere else to go,” I mumbled.

“You got hard six times in your sleep,” she said.

“You counted?”

“It was hard to ignore. You had your arms around me and your cock was pressing against my back.”

“I’d apologize, but I had no control over anything. Besides, I get hard when you walk into the room. Sleeping next to you was impossible.”

She put her mug down on the window sill and opened the robe. The clothes she had slept in were gone, and I could see goose bumps covering her naked skin. I lifted the blanket without a word and she crawled in next to me.

“What are we doing?” she whispered as I pulled her to me.

“I was planning on fucking you.”

“We did so well last night.”

“We were sleeping,” I said before kissing her for the first time. She collapsed next to me, her mouth open and her hands searching. Within seconds I was inside her, she was beneath me, and all those years of wanting vanished in an instant.

“I didn’t sleep at all,” she said as she lifted her hips up to meet me. I brushed her hair from her face and kissed her again. I kissed her lips and her chin. I kissed her cheek and her neck. I kissed her shoulders, her wrists, and the palms of her hands all because I could.

“Neither did I.”

—Guy New York

(If you enjoy my writing, you might like my new novel, The Island on The Edge of Normal, now available on Kindle and in Print.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicago, NB and My Strap-On!

This year has started out very promising. If you have been following this blog then you'll remember that NB had a very trying and emotional year last year and has been recovering emotionally from it's toll. The holidays were a struggle for him but he seems to be making great progress as this new year unfolds and I'm seeing more and more of the man I met and fell in love with a year and a half ago.  Without any hints from me, he planned a wonderful weekend for us in Chicago, (I leave Friday!) and he has been more and more his lovely, submissive, erotic, kinky, needy self!  See for me, the more his kinky and cuckold needs arise, the more excited I get.  It becomes a dance where we feed off of each other.  I can hear it in his voice when he calls. The way he answers me, addressing me as 'Mistress' and this craving of me in his voice that immediately gets me hot and wet!

Which brings up my Strap-On!  I've mentioned I'm not crazy about the idea of flying with my harness...but I'm chancing it this trip.  I'm so in need of pegging that lovely ass of his!  It's all about owning him completely which does something for both of us.  For him, it's about being owned and totally surrendering to me and giving me his most vulnerable area.  A way of proving his commitment and trust of who I am in his life.  For me, it's about owning him...every part and parcel of him.  Marking him as my own.  I love his vulnerability and growing dependency on me to meet and determine when those needs are met.  These are the things I take away from our relationship, among many other lovely benefits.  It's more proving ground, just as when we experienced our first cuckold encounter.  It's a cementing of who we are as a couple and what we are building together.

So as cold as Chicago will be (Brrrrr)....things will be lovely and hot for us.  We have no plans but to spend time together and NB showing me the town.  It's been 3 weeks.....Yep... I need that man!  ;)

There will be some of this...  NB has very sensitive nipples!

And some of this!  Yes!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yummy cock pic! Thank you!

Here is a lovely submission from HH & Lo, a cuckold couple with a lovely erotic blog called "My Sex Life With Lola". ( I mentioned them below in yesterday's post. ) 

To see more pics, please visit their blog for pics of Lo and some wonderful stories of their adventures.  They have an interesting dynamic seeing that HH is a Dom/Daddy yet Lo's cuck!  Not something I've run across a lot.  I adore them both. HH did send me a pic of Lo but since I'm more of a big fan of the male frame and all your wonderful attributes, he did me a favor and sent me this great pic of Lo getting ready to indulge herself on his very yummy cock.  Thanks HH!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cuckolding Does Not Equal a Pre-arranged Marriage!

This post is for those men who are single and identify themselves as a cuckold man and single women who identify as a cuckoldress who are looking for each other.  I have a friend who I will call "L" who has been in a cuckold marriage before and longs for that again. It's been very interesting following his journey to find another partner.  Notice I said 'partner' not cuckoldress.  He recently sent me an email of yet another woman saying she wanted a cuckold relationship and listing her wants and needs.  I suppose for some this may be just find and dandy...but for anything to truly last there must be a relationship first.  A reason why you want to be together beside cuckolding!  I see this not just coming from women but also from men who seem consumed with what they see as the hottest trend and they desire to stick their toes in the water for a trial run!  Cuckolding does not equal a pre-arranged marriage!  Unless that's all you are after!

A good relationship is built first on the connection, chemistry and desire to be together as a couple.  As ANY other relationship would be.  Once that is established, if cuckolding is a natural fit and agreeable then you move on to that step...the timeline is based on the two of you.

This is not a road that is emotionally easy to travel upon! There must be a strong foundation and great communication between the two partners for this to reap any true benefits. And it's not a lifestyle to just dabble in!  It comes out of what you already have and have found it as a needed and desired part of how the two of you are wired.  It's an exciting and thrilling roller-coaster for those strong enough to maneuver it.

There are some great examples of cuckold couples on the web.  Here are a few:

Scott and Em at Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse 
Vanessa Chaland at Cuckold Letters
H.H. and Lo at My Sex Life with Lola

All of their links can be found on My Blog List.  :)

As you will see, even with these three, there is great variety in how they live their lives.  But they have one thing in common, their relationships were established first.  As was NB's and mine. We fell in love and the cuckolding came along as a natural dynamic as we evolved as a couple.

I know this is only my humble opinion and you may think I'm completely off base.  And that's your right.  Doesn't bother me a bit.  There are always as many exceptions as there are differences in tastes and styles.  But I'm a realist / romantic and believe in love.  I know what works for me.  I have seen the importance of the connection between two people that is needed before you add anything else 'outside the box' to the mix.  I'm all for building long term!

So for those of you who are single and out there looking...keep this in mind.  Look for a connection first!  Chemistry first!  Unless you love pre-arranged marriages!  :)

Mmmmmm...Connection, Chemistry...Passion.

Friday, January 11, 2013

No: Licking, Sucking, Kissing or Touching!

Zander waits in the room for me as instructed. Kneeling, back straight, head down, hands by his side...naked.  He's a tortured man.  Not one I would agree to spend time with.  But he's so beautiful and the torment that lies in his soul beckons to my own.  I try not to, but find myself answering every time his need calls out for me. We have a rule, his rule really because he belongs to another who refuses to meet his hunger. The rule is he is my object to use as I wish, to touch and tease and play as I wish, but he is not to lick, suck, kiss or touch me in anyway.  In his mind it somehow justifies him spending time with me to meet his driving hunger and in return his body belongs to me for that suspension of time to exercise and meet what ever hunger is lingering in my soul at the moment.

Tonight as I gaze at him through the two way mirror that separates my office and the play room I unconsciously run my hands over the sheer knit top that clings and runs the length of my torso, gently grazing across my nipples. The texture makes them stand erect as I feel the electricity run down my frame straight into the core of my clit.  I can feel the wetness start to pool in the slender crotch of my g-string and I reach down to calm my heat. 

I step away from the mirror and walked toward the door.  I can see a shiver run down his spine as I open the door and walk toward him.  His body reacts to each sound of my heels clicking across the hardwood floor.  I stand behind him and run a finger down his spine following the shiver and then lean my body against him and whisper in his ear, "Hello pet."

"Good evening Mistress." He softly replies, head still bowed down, body remaining in form. 

I run my hands between his legs and feel his balls start to respond to my warm touch. I move around him, standing very close to him where he can smell my excitement as it rises to meet his nostrils.  I love to press my body against him, press his face against my breasts and feel his body twitch as he fights the natural urge to reach out for me, touch me, slide his fingers into me where it is warm and inviting.  I love to see him fight against his own soul and need. 

I bind his balls, cock and frame in rope. I twist and pull and attach clamps to his sensitive nipples, and run my gloved fingers around his hole and invade his most intimate region.  His body shakes from the struggle to remain as still as possible and with the tiniest of his movement I strike his hands and remind him of his own rule. My excitement builds but I know that my hunger will be satisfied for my partner is watching from behind the two way mirror, building his own excitement that he will share with me once Zander has had his fill. This motivates me to take Zander to his limit.  Over and over I bring him to the edge, his beautiful cock dripping with pre-cum. 

With the rope that is attached to his cock I lead him to stand to his feet and walk him over to the bed and lie him on his back.  I tie his calves and thighs together and have him spread his legs wide for me as I slip one finger into his hole and grab his cock with my other hand.  

"Be a good boy and cum for me now, pet." I command softly.

"Yes Mistress." He moans and it only takes a few strokes and pressing against his prostate for him to explode all over his stomach and chest.  Nice thick streams of warm cum. 

I untie his legs and torso as my partner then enters the room with a warm wash cloth and towel and hands it to Zander.  My partner then reaches around my body and slips two of his fingers inside me drawing out my own moaning while devouring me with a deep and passionate kiss.  I reach for his cock and full balls and silently thank Zander for his torment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boys that Become Bridges

I adore this little boy!!!!!  The pic came across my Tumbr dashboard yesterday and I knew I had to post it here.  Just look at him!  The little girl does make the effort to try and get across in her pretty little white coat. He reaches out his arms to her to help her and sees the uncertainty in her eyes. He quickly assess the situation and his immediate response is to lay his body down and create a bridge over what is causing her fear.  I love it!  Whether this young man grows up to be submissive or dominate is not the issue.  Whether the young lady grows to be either is not the issue.  It's the two of them following their basic, instinctive nature and that precious little man wanting to make her way safer.  I'm a dominate woman, but I still look for this kind of strength and instinctive, protective nature in my man.

When little boys grow to this age.....

And eventually this age.....

May that instinctive, protective nature always be there.  ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that some Saturdays I have way too much time on my hands, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

The Artful Beauty of the Male Form.  Makes each Saturday for me very enjoyable to locate these erotic examples to share with you.  ;)  And 'they' say only men are visual!  Who spread that awful lie!   :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Words and Actions that Show Worth.

I always like to take the first week in January to look back over the last year, see mistakes made and where I can do better. Then get a fresh vision for the new year...goals made, but not set in stone.  I have learned over the many years that life has it's own plan and sometimes one runs against the other.  Life seems to win every time. :)  

Something I learned a long time ago and have not been very diligent about is the art of Living in the Present. It really does take a conscious effort. We may find ourselves at times either pulled back to the past or living so far in the future that we lose sight of what is in front of us today.  Especially the people that are in our This is especially true if we are going through a struggle, emotional turmoil or have suffered a loss.  Learning from the past is necessary, as long as we understand we can't change anything about it, but let it help us in walking now-today.

So with that in mind, my resolution for the year is to be more mindful of the people that are in my life on a daily basis as they cross my path.  Especially family, friends and loved ones.  To not forget that none of us is promised tomorrow and to show each one in some way their incredible worth. 

And for that special man in my find new ways to say "You are incredible, appreciated and loved."   Whether in words or actions. To not leave it to the chance that he just 'knows' that already.  

Don't say, 'you'll do tomorrow' what may need to be done or said today. :)

Tell Him....

Show Him.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013