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This page is for the Cuckold Appetite.  Erotic stories to entertain, arouse and enjoy.  Not hard core cuckold material. You'll not find humilation, (too much) or abuse but will find a little more on the romantic side which suits this blogger.  Can't help it!  I'm a romantic!   Enjoy!


Brett had met Ron during one of his business trips to Chicago.  It was during a trade show and the friendship developed over a 10 million dollar deal that served them both well. Ron had that keen sense of who was unsettled about their life, bored and wanting more but not knowing what question to even ask to start the conversation.  Brett had flown out to LA to celebrate the close of the deal at Ron’s suggestion and it was there during dinner that Tara was brought into the friendship.

Ron had Tara meet them at the restaurant. Brett had heard Ron talk about her multiple times over the working of the deal and Brett had even talked to her briefly on the phone when he had called the house looking for Ron. He remembered the sound of her voice and how it made him feel alive even at her first hello. Her voice, the stories Ron would tell of how they met and the way she made him feel became a bright light in the dull mundane life Brett had been walking through over the last 15 years of marriage to Marge. Oh, he still loved her, but their life had become too predictable and their two children seemed to be Marge’s only focus.  He had been left to tend to himself and his own needs. The need to feel like a man again... to know once again the desire of a woman who would cast all inhibitions aside and drive into him with such lust and desire that was now missing from his soul. To feel young and alive.  God, he was only 39, but the approaching 40th birthday seemed like a death sentence if he didn’t do something. 

Their table was facing the entrance of the restaurant and Brett’s eyes were fixed on that entrance with curiosity as Ron talked about their victory and their plans for the night. Then Brett saw a woman standing in the entrance way, the afternoon sun acting as a bright outline as Tara paused to adjust her eyes and find where Ron was sitting. She was just as Ron had described her.  Her height, 5’4”, and an hour glass figure that was highlighted in the summer dress that caressed her form.  Her dark hair was falling softly over her shoulders, her posture easy, yet confident.  His heart took a deep breath and he heard Ron say, “That’s her.” Ron stood and walk toward Tara. She smiled, walked toward him and reached up planting a delicate kiss on his check.  With his arm around her, Ron led her back to their table.  Lucky bastard, Brett mumbled under his breath.

Tara’s eyes adjusted quickly as Ron led her to the table and she was able to see for herself the man that Ron had been mentoring during the deal. Ron and she had cuddled in bed many nights talking about Brett and the possibilities that may be lying dormant within him, just waiting to see what gifts life still had to offer. She had had the opportunity to talk with Brett over the phone to begin some form of familiarity with him so that when they would finally meet it would be a relaxed and easy time. Ron knew what she was drawn to and Brett was everything Ron had described.  Easily 6’2” as he had told her, dark brown hair with some streaks of grey woven along the temples and a smile that made his face seem younger than the 39 yrs she knew he was. A handsome, strong face, not pretty, but manly the way she liked it, with character and lines that proved he had some wisdom and knowledge behind those grey eyes of his. Tara squeezed Ron’s hand sending him instant approval of the time he had dedicated to this prospect and slid in between both men on the round leather booth.

She leaned toward Brett and put her right hand on his left arm, gently, “It’s so nice to finally put a face to the stories Ron has been sharing.”

Tara offered as an opening to conversation. Brett put his right hand over her hand on his arm, “I feel the same. So glad to finally meet you.” He smiled and squeezed her hand. Tara then turned to Ron and put her arms around him drawing him close and kissing him passionately.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Dear One!  Everything here is so beautiful!”  Ron smiled through the kiss, knowing what she was referring to.  He felt the warmth between his legs start to build and the familiar wind gently blow past his cock as he felt Tara’s approval and excitement and could see Brett’s heighten interest as Tara’s  passion spilled into the room.

That was the beginning of a friendship and admiration between the three of them that naturally flowed and satisfied the desires of all parties involved. Ron knew it would take a special kind of man, a man sure of himself and his own identity and life that would understand the deep love that he and Tara shared and yet would understand Ron’s need  to share her with another. But it went beyond even more than that.  It was more than just knowing that she had a lover, or to watch them but to be intimately involved as he shared in all that she experienced.  It was her way of loving Ron and giving him an intimacy that no one had ever been able to open the door to let alone understand and grant him that gift. But the bond between them was deep and they had long ago surrendered their lives to each other.

A year had gone by and they had had many adventures as Tara would fly in to meet them on certain business trips or get-a-way mini vacations that became Brett’s life blood and made the rest of his life manageable. Ron would always be the one making the arrangements to never cast any suspension for Brett at home.

This night they had all decided to meet in Las Vegas to celebrate that first meeting a year ago. Ron and Tara had been there for 2 days enjoying each other and Brett was flying in for the 3rd day. It had been a night of fine dining and dancing and now they had all retired back to the suite they shared.

Tara walked into the bedroom as Ron and Brett headed to the bar for Ron to pour them all a final night cap. Tara changed into a purple silk slip that was slit up the sides of her thighs. It fell beautifully along her bare skin underneath. She positioned the high back chair that was in the bedroom along the wall facing the bed and laid out four ¼” purple ropes on the chair. She also slid another fabric that was long and thick under the seat cushion to be used later.

She then walked over to the night stand and took out a bottle of lubricant and her new toy that she had purchased just for this night. She discreetly placed the items where they would be out of Ron’s sight. She pulled the heavy bedspread off of the bed, plumped up the many pillows and then preceded into where Ron & Brett were waiting. She had special plans for them both tonight. And she knew they would follow and do all that she would direct them to do.

Brett was the first to approach her as she walked to the bar. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply as his right hand ran up her left thigh ending with his fingers sliding into her already wet and waiting cunt. Ron always admired the strength in which Brett would approach her and yet it was Tara who had the control of everything. He wondered if Brett had figured that out yet. He smiled and took another sip of his drink feeling not only the alcohol but the heat of the scene unfolding before him as Brett continued to move his fingers slowly in and out of Tara’s cunt and Ron could see her juices already flowing down her inner thighs. He licked his own lips knowing intimately her taste.

Brett picked up Tara and as he carried her to the bedroom Tara reached out her hand to Ron for him to follow. Brett was carrying her toward the bed, as Tara watched Ron enter the bedroom and stand waiting at the door.

“Brett, put me down here.” Tara instructed him. “I need to tend to Ron first. Remove all of your clothes, sit on the edge of the bed and wait for me.” Brett obeyed and gently placed her standing before him.

Ron stood waiting, smiling with the nervous smile that was always filled with anticipation as he wondered what she was up to but dared not ask. Tara walked over to the man she loved so deeply and started to unbutton his shirt.

Ron placed his hands over hers, “Mistress, I should be doing that, not you.”

“Dear One…” Tara looked up and placed two fingers over his lips. He instantly took them into his mouth and lovingly sucked on them as if they released life to him.  And in a way they did.  It was her way of bringing him into total submission without saying another word. He removed his hand from hers and willing surrendered as she removed her fingers from his mouth and then every article of clothing from him.

Brett watched from the side of the bed, naked and with his right hand already slowly running up and down his shaft as he watched Tara lead Ron to the chair with the four ¼” purple ropes. Ron took his position seated on the chair and with gentle methodical movements Tara tied each wrist to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the legs, making sure his legs were sufficiently spread, exposing all that he was to her and to Brett. Ron could feel a slight bulge of fabric under the seat cushion. He knew he would find out later what it was and why.

When she was done securing Ron to the chair she crawled up onto his lap, lifting her silk slip and placing her wet pussy upon his already growing cock.  She then pressed her breasts against his chest, and with both hands cupped his handsome, gorgeous face that she had grown to love so much over the years and kissed him passionately. She looked deep into his silver blue eyes with a love that made her heart almost come to a stop.

“You and you alone own my soul and heart and I yours.” She kissed him again. She could feel his cock responding beneath her as she slowly moved from him and the chair.

Ron loved her deeply. It was true, she owned him completely and she was the reason for his living. She consumed his thoughts.  Even at work he would find himself touching his shaft and slowly stroking it without even realizing at just the thought of her. Her smile, her eyes, how she touched him, loved him, understood him and gave to him everything. Yes, he whispered, yes she was his life.

He watched as Tara knelt before Brett and took his thick growing ready cock into her mouth. Brett’s hands were running through her hair with each stroke down his shaft. Tara stopped right before he was to come and Brett slipped the straps of the slip off of her shoulders and it gracefully fell to the ground as she stood. Brett cupped her breasts in his hands and moved his mouth and lips from one to another, licking and sucking until she grabbed his head and buried him into her chest unable to handle it anymore. Wet and aching to feel him inside her. He then reached his arms around her and drew her onto him on the bed.

Tara loved the rawness of Brett and how he touched and took her. He was so desperate to be inside her, taste her, take her and she knew that kind of passion drove Ron to the edge of his addiction. She also knew how Ron would be reacting to not being there in the bed with them, helping to guide Brett into her and experiencing close up the exchange between them.  It had taken Brett a while to understand how Tara needed Ron to be there interacting with them, that it was part of Tara giving back to Ron and filling a need only they understood.

For Brett it was everything that he had dared to hope for in his life. He had Marge and the children and the normal life he had been raised to want, but it had left him empty. Being with Tara and Ron gave him the release to live out a dream and still keep the reality of his home life. Even his passion toward Marge increased as his demands on her attention lessened.

Brett could feel Ron’s eyes following his every move as his hands, fingers and mouth explored every inch of the woman they shared. He loved touching and feeling the inside of her pussy and the clinching of her walls around him as she responded to his thrust and need.

Ron continued to watch, helpless, not able to touch himself, as Brett rolled Tara over onto her stomach and pulled her ass up to him, she willingly offering it to him, as he knelt on the bed behind her and slowly entered her glistening pussy one inch at a time. Tara leaned into the pillows under her head, bunching them in the grasps of her fingers. Ron’s cock was standing erect and his heart beating out of his chest as he watched Brett’s hips move faster as he plunged his cock into the pussy Ron knew so well. Ron held back the overwhelming compulsion to release knowing that Tara had not said when he could come. He closed his eyes as he heard them both climax, trying to calm his erection as he felt his seed start to rise up his shaft.

Ron opened his eyes as he heard movement and whispers coming from the bed and saw both Brett and Tara leaving the bed and Tara walking toward him. She turned back to Brett and whispered something in his ear.  He looked toward the night stand and reached for the items Tara had placed there earlier. Ron couldn’t see what they were. Brett was holding them behind his back. As Tara approached Ron his cock started to rise in anticipation of what she wanted next.  He hoped that eventually he’d be able to come.

“I see you haven’t come for me yet Baby. I’m so proud of you and your obedience to me.” Tara cooed as she straddled him and could feel the juices from her and Brett run down Ron’s balls.

She leaned forward and touched his face with her left hand cradling it and kissing his mouth tenderly and deeply, while her right hand was reaching under the cushion for the fabric she had placed there for this moment. Brett was now standing to Tara’s left as she handed him the fabric and he began to fold it making a blindfold for Ron’s eyes. She could feel Ron’s heart beat increase as Brett came close to him and began to place the blindfold around his head. “Not too tight Brett, his hands are tied and he won’t fight it anyway.” Ron could hear the smile in Tara’s voice as she gave Brett the instruction.

Tara reached down between her legs swirling two fingers inside her pussy and soaking them with the juices of her and Brett. She then reached up to Ron who was now blindfolded, and began running those fingers along his lips until he opened them and took them in hungrily sucking them clean of their prize.

“Who do you belong to Baby?” Tara cooed to Ron again as she traced her fingers over his heaving chest. 

Ron cleared his throat and whispered back his answer. “Please Mistress, I belong to you.” 

“For how long Baby?” Tara pressed the point, her hands continuing to move lower, still tracing the outline of his muscles along his stomach. The head of Ron’s cock now brushing against the palm of her hands.

“Forever Mistress, you own me forever.” He whispered back again, his stomach muscles reacting to every move of her body and fingers not knowing what was coming next.

“That’s right Baby, forever and ever.” Tara slid her legs off him and gestured for Brett to move the small ottoman behind her. Keeping her hands still on Ron she sat on the ottoman, leaned forward with his cock now in her left hand and proceeded to lick and stroke it with delight. It was wet and slick from the juices that had been coated from her pussy and she moved the fingers of her right hand smearing the juices all over his scrotum, along his inner thighs and finally up along his buttocks.

Tara lifted her right hand up from Ron’s buttocks and looked at Brett.  He immediately poured a sufficient amount of lubricant from the bottle he had picked up a few moments before. Tara took the ointment and brought it under Ron’s testicles cupping his sack. Her left hand still gently stroking his cock. He groaned as her fingers worked the ointment in, moving along his cheeks and around the opening of his anus.

“Do you like that Baby?” Tara asked as she eased her fingers into him, slowly, making her way deeper, the lubricant making it easier.

Ron continued to groan and whisper, “Yes, Mistress, yes...”

She reached up to Brett with her left hand and he placed the crystal jellied anal plug in her palm. Brett watched as she slowly removed her fingers from Ron’s canal and slid the plug where her fingers had prepared the way. She slowly began moving it into Ron’s canal until she knew it was securely in place to bring him the greatest pleasure.

“Please Mistress, oh God, I’m going to come.”  Ron moaned. 

She reached her hand over the head of his cock and squeezed. “Not yet Baby, not yet. I’ll lead you.” Her voice was calming, and she knew it would calm him down enough to stop his urgent need.

Tara then moved back up to Ron’s cock and started to lick and run her tongue along his shaft, building up the tension as the muscles in his ass clenched and pushed against the plug. Brett was stroking his own cock as he watched the sweat start to bead along Ron’s brows and forehead and make pools in the crevices in his chest. Tara stood and again straddle Ron, placing his cock now deeply inside her. His chest and hips bucked with the little movement he was allowed from the restraints. Tara kissed his lips passionately and moved down his face, neck and chest and then slid her fingers from her left hand into his mouth as she continued to ride him in a rhythm they knew well. Brett was stroking his cock harder and faster then moved forward to Tara grabbing her head and slid the throbbing tool into her mouth.

Tara could tell by the heated and thrusting movements that Ron was close to climax and she had one more surprise for him before she would let him come. She quickly removed her fingers from Ron’s mouth and swiftly moved Brett’s cock from her mouth to Ron’s before either one could protest. Both were on the verge of climax and she knew they were beyond the point of turning back. Ron started to thrust even harder as Brett grabbed his head and fucked his mouth harder than she had ever seen or known him to thrust before. It was anger, rage but also the overwhelming feeling of crossing a line and not being able to go back but ride it through. Tara rode Ron enjoying the intensity of his cock getting stronger and harder as it responded to the pushing and clenching of his muscles responding to the plug.

“Now Baby. Come for me now.”, Tara said and Ron immediately climaxed, shooting hot cum deep into her, His moans deep as Brett began to come inside his mouth and he was forced to swallow his seed, most of it seeping over Ron’s lips. Tara climaxed with the scene unfolding before her and feeling Ron’s release powerfully in her, collapsed upon Ron’s chest as Brett withdrew and knelt along side them both. His head leaning against the chair.

“Brett, untie him.” Tara weakly order Brett after a few moments had passed. He hesitated, then started to move from one limb to another setting Ron free.

Tara reached up and untied the blindfold. Ron’s eyes studied her face….waiting to see what she would say or do next. She ran her fingers across his swollen and wet mouth. Then gently pressed her lips over his, opened his mouth with her tongue and kissed him deeply with assurance and love.

“You are my heart and soul, forever.” She said with the deepest feelings she could pull from the depths of her being. With his hands and legs now free, Ron wrapped them all around her, drawing her into him…both Forever Surrendered.



Ron was excited as Tara opened the envelope revealing the gift certificate he had given her for her birthday. It was for 3 months personal training at her gym, 3 times a week.  The name of the trainer on the gift card was ‘Peter’.  Peter, the 24 year old trainer who she had been telling Ron about for months. Peter, who had been training for months for an upcoming competition and she knew was not taking on any new clients.  Peter, who had filled many of her fantasy stories for Ron as they curled up on their couch with the fire going, low candle lights and glasses of red wine.  Tara smiled as she stared at the name on the card. How well she knew the persuasive ways of Ron when he was on a mission. Whatever he had offered and said to Peter to take her on as a client she was sure was worth what he hoped to get back in return, this she knew as a fact.  Tara was very aware of the return Ron would be looking for from this delightful present.

During the next two and a half months after each training session Tara would come home from the gym, and Ron would join her in the shower and wash the sweat off her aching body as she would give him details of her training with Peter.  Slowly describing each body part he worked and how he would move around her and position her for different exercises and hold her as she would need his balance while she would learn a new drill. Ron’s excitement and passion would grow as she described each detail and what she wanted to do with Peter and what Ron wanted to see. Then Ron would take her to their bedroom and they would make love for hours.


Tara could tell that Peter was becoming more relaxed around her and enjoying the familiarity that was forming between them. His hands would easily brush against her breasts, thighs and ass and he would hold her waist with tenderness yet strength when needed. Tara was pacing herself with Peter knowing that he would never agree to what Ron had in mind and that it would take her creative thinking and seduction to bring Peter to a place where he would unknowingly fulfill both hers and Ron’s desire.

Then the morning came…very unexpectedly.  Tara had been working independently on the Stairmaster.  It was not her normal training day with Peter. In fact she had not yet spotted him at the gym. She had been working out for 45 minutes and was just finishing on the Stairmaster and getting ready to step off of it when she heard someone call her name. She turned to see one of her friends from another class and missed the step that was descending and fell from the machine twisting her left ankle.

Immediately a group of people circled her and asked if she was ok.  Tara sat up and rubbed her left ankle that was already starting to swell and throb with pain. The gym manager came by and so did other trainers, moving the other people back to give them room to assess her condition.

 “I’ll be fine.” Tara said as she continued to rub her ankle, “I just need help gathering up my things and try to get home.”

She pondered whether to call Ron to come get her.  Then she heard the voice that had become so familiar to her over the last two and half months, “I’ll see that she gets home.” 

It was Peter. He was now standing in front of her and slowly bent down to check the condition of her ankle.  “It’s not broken; you just sprained it pretty good.  You shouldn’t walk on it.”

Then he scooped her up and took her to his desk. Peter had another girl go into the locker room and gather Tara’s things as he cleared his appointments for the next few hours. Tara took her phone and texted Ron.  “Today is the day you’ll see the fulfillment of your gift. Wait for me in our master bathroom.  I’ll need a shower.”

Peter carried Tara’s things to her car and then carried her to the driver’s seat, helping to position her behind the wheel. She was thankful it was her left ankle and not her right one that was hurt.  Peter leaned close to her left ear and whispered, “I’ll follow you and tend to your ankle at your house. Is Ron home?”  

Tara smiled, “He is working at his office.”  Little did Peter know that Ron was working at his home office right next to their master bedroom upstairs. It wasn’t a lie; she just didn’t say which one.


Ron looked around their lavished home and made sure everything was in order.  They had spoken many times about this moment and how they wanted it to play out. Tara hadn’t said she was bringing Peter home, but what else could she have meant?  He wasn’t sure what had made this day finally happen but now the day was here, and his mind raced at the thought of what was about to transpire. How he loved her for doing this for him, for them! He climbed the stairs to their master bedroom and on the way down the hall stopped at their “Play Room”. He glanced in, and then remembered that they had discussed that with Peter things would transpire in the living room.  He closed the door behind him to the ”Play Room”, sighed, then walked toward the master bath adjacent to their bedroom. He stripped off his clothes and waited for her there. The stack of papers and contracts that he had been working on in his office started to fade from his thoughts as he meditated on Tara walking in to join him and washing her and readying her for Peter.

Another 10 minutes passed and Ron heard the front door open and voices, Tara’s and what he determined must be Peter’s.

Tara attempted to climb the stairs, but Peter stopped her and picking her up once more carried her up to the top of the stairs. He started down the hall and Tara saw that Ron had closed the door to the Play Room.  She smiled at him remembering that it would not be used today. “He is so thorough.” She thought to herself.  Peter started toward that door but she told him the master bedroom was the next one down.  Tara thanked him at the entrance to her and Ron’s room and said she would call him when she was ready to come back down.  She’d only be a few minutes. She knew by not letting him into the master bedroom would send conflicted messages to him and help to keep him off balance. But Ron and her had decided at the very beginning of their relationship and journey that their bedroom was only for memories that they would make together.  Hence… the “Play Room” was created for their adventures.  Tara always wanted to be able to come back to a place that was all their own.  She had told Ron it was for their safety and sanity and would help them with boundaries.

Tara waited to hear Peter descend the stairs and then opened the door to the master bath. Ron was waiting patiently on his stool next to the shower with her towels ready and upon her entering stood to turn on the water in the shower.  He then turned to her and helped her off with her workout clothes and gently led her to the stool to get her off her ankle. He could see it already starting to discolor.

“Tara, what happened?” 

“Help me into the shower Babe, and I’ll tell you all about it. By the way, Peter is downstairs and has no idea you are here. So you’ll have to remain at your station upstairs just as we’ve discussed.”

Ron’s heart dropped just a little, she knew how he like to be close and if possible involved, but he also knew what she had told him about Peter and that he would never go through with anything knowing Ron was watching or involved at all. Then the thought of this young man thinking he was getting away with fucking his wife and that he would be uninhibited by any thoughts of Ron being around started to blow against his cock that was already arising with anticipation. Ron helped Tara into the shower and started the ritual cleansing of her body and temple for this young visitor.


Peter was beginning to second guess his boldness to follow Tara home and to be waiting for her.  He was starting to contemplate that he should make an excuse of why he had to leave, when her voice broke through his thoughts,

“Peter?” He heard her ask in that voice that melted deep into his ears. “Peter, I’m ready. Can you help me down?” 

He looked up toward the top of the stairs and there Tara stood in a ¾ length silk powder blue robe, her hair still wet from her shower and piled loosely on top of her head. Peter then remembered why he couldn’t say no to her, and walked up the stairs with hopes that his fantasy of the past few months would become a reality this day.

“You said you’d make my ankle better. The hot shower has helped, but what can you do for me to take my mind off the pain?”  Tara asked him as they descended the stairs and he carried her over to the couch where he had been sitting.

“You’ll see.  I have a plan.” He answered and drew her closer to him.

Peter gently placed her on the couch facing him and pulled up the large ottoman that had been next to the large chair to his left. He sat down on the ottoman and reached for the massage oil that he had placed in his jacket pocket as he left the gym. Peter carefully lifted her right leg and placed it to his left and then gently lifted her left leg and placed it to his right. Then starting with her right foot he massaged the oil into her skin, gently but with enough strength to send deep sensation all through Tara’s nerve endings.

“I thought you were going to make my left ankle better…”, Tara teased him. 

“The point,” Peter replied, “is to get your whole body to relax and to send the healing power to your weakest area.”

Tara cooed, “You have no idea about my weakest area.” Peter smiled and was intrigued by her reply.  As his hand made its way up her leg, her robe started to fall away and he could see that she had nothing on underneath. He also could now see her freshly shaved bare inviting pussy. 


By this time Ron had emerged from the master bedroom and was now standing on the top of the stairs looking down at Tara fully exposed to Peter and to him.  Ron held the towel that was wrapped around him tight with one hand and could feel his cock already growing as he took in the scene below him. His free hand slipped under his towel and he began to gently stroke his shaft. Ron was glad that the railing of their massive staircase was strong.  He knew that soon he would be bracing himself against it as his legs would become weak as the pressure within him would increase. He could feel the emotions start to build as he watched this young man’s hands move along Tara’s legs and so close to her temple, his temple. The one he worshiped and knew so well. Pangs of jealousy started to fill his heart but his right hand could feel the power building in his cock. He looked at Tara’s face, so angelic and peaceful. He knew that look and that she was enjoying the slow build up of sensations beginning to rush through her body. He wished he was there next to her, kissing her gently closed eye lids, stroking her hair, kissing her lips. He was getting lost in those thoughts when he heard her moan.


Peter could feel Tara relaxing and slowly responding to his touch and could feel his own throbbing member getting uncomfortable as it grew in his pants. When she became fully exposed to him and didn’t even open her eyes, he became mesmerized at her peace and ease in allowing him to move along her legs and so close to what was inviting him even closer. While her eyes were still closed he took one hand and started to remove his sweats. He was thankful they came off so easily. Then he moved his right hand along her left leg.  Her clit and labia were slick with excitement.  She gasped when he slipped two fingers gently inside her pussy and he slid his tongue along her. She felt a slow unfurling as his tongue push past the labia, sample the moist heat within, while the broader part of his tongue pushed up and rolled against her clit. His cock swelling as he heard her moan. He was now at a point of no return with her.

Tara’s moaning deepen as she opened her eyes and looked up to where she knew Ron would be fully engaged in watching the fullness of his gift to her unfold. Tara waited until she was about to release then grabbed Peter’s hair, lifted his head and told him to take off his shirt.  She wanted to feel his bare skin upon her and his young strong cock inside her.


By now Ron was fully enthralled with the scene below. He had dropped his towel and was leaning against the railing, his right hand still on his shaft and his left hand firmly cupping his balls and the base of his cock. He knew he couldn’t say anything, but was to remain stealth, as if he wasn’t there. He tried to concentrate on his breathing, to take shallow breaths, as the momentum of his movement increased.  Then he saw Peter lift Tara off the couch as he sat back on the ottoman and then lifted her onto his waiting swollen cock, carefully making sure her left ankle was not in harms way.  Peter’s arms were around her and he was kissing her passionately, but Ron could only see his back and he began to get frustrated.  At that moment Tara pushed Peter gently back and Ron could now see her riding him as her face looked up to the top of the stairs.

“Baby…” she mouthed as she stared in his direction.  Ron’s heart warmed. “She has not forgotten me.” He thought to himself.  Then he came, long and hard, as he steadied himself on the railing.


Tara could feel Peter build and then exploded his hot seed inside her; the sensation of his explosion brought her to her own release.  She collapsed upon his chest and closed her eyes once more. Peter draped his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “How’s your ankle now?”


Ron picked up his towel, now drenched with his cum and walked carefully back to their bedroom. He turned and looked once more at Tara wrapped in Peter’s arms and thought, “Hurry up Baby, I need you now.”


Ron was laying face down on the bed, his arms wrapped around Tara’s pillow when he heard her call to him.  He quickly got up and rushed to the railing of the staircase and looked down into their living room. Tara was on the couch, her robe across her shoulders and she was alone. Ron looked around and saw that Peter was gone.

Tara looked up at him, “Come get me Baby. I need to feel you, love you, hold you… Come take me to our room.”

As Ron carried her to their bed his strength started to return as she held on to him so tightly. She was his once again.


  1. You have some very lovely stories on your blog. I enjoy reading them here and there. :)

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Coming from you that carries a lot of weight. I have read some of your books also...very informative. ;) Thank you for stopping by.

      ~ Vista

  2. Very nice! Love the emotions you capture... in addition to the HOTNESS!

  3. Congratulations, you've been awarded the "Sensual Blogging Award" and the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"!

  4. This hasn't been an area of interest for me but your stories are so sensual and compelling and filled with mutual devotion that they definitely could whet a man's appetite! :) The control is sophisticated, subtle, and loving. It is beautiful to imagine intimacy and caring so deep that anything becomes possible. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Warms my heart! ;)

      ~ Vista


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