Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chasing Orgasms

Morning light filters through the blinds across the bed. It's hours before daily obligations will beckon me to their locale. I'm sprawled across the clean crisp sheets with a cup of coconut oil by my side. I dip my fingers into the cool white thick substance and at contact with my skin the oil immediately warms and liquefies. The action of my fingers gently touching the hood of my clit acts like a primer and my own juices start to flow mixing with the delicious slick oil.

With my eyes closed and a soft breeze floating across my bare sultry flesh a parade of past lovers come to view. My fingers dance around the outline of my wanting puss, slipping and sliding easily between the curve where my inner thighs meet her fleshy lips. Teasing and brushing lightly at her opening, desire builds. The chase has begun.

The memory of a passionate lover with wandering fingers and a ravenous mouth makes my fingers flicker as I remember his touch and attention. I can almost smell him and my fingers seem to hold the memory of his movements. Or is it the memory of my delighted pussy that is guiding the way? At that moment I don't care who is in control. I only want to savor the journey of the chase. I can feel the pulsing of the first orgasm building. My clit stands erect and I swear sometimes she acts as if she's a cock wanting to penetrate a warm soft place. The fullness builds inside me, pushing toward that delicious peak...the top of that mountain that holds her release. My fingers are a blur as I climb higher and she pushes against my hand harder, fingers probing and sliding everywhere. Electricity shoots through my clit as a gush of my juices flows over my now slow moving fingers. Softly they stroke along the sides of my inner lips as waves of warmth and endorphins wash over my frame. I take my time coming back down from the top of the mountain. Indulging in the satisfaction of the first climax. As my mind begins to clear, my fingers continue to gently explore. I can feel there are at least two more orgasms to be drawn out.

Another lover comes to view and my fingers find their rhythm again. A bit softer this time as the need and hunger slowly builds. I can feel the tingling and excitement as the next orgasm makes it way from its hidden place. They call out to me to discover where in my vagina they lurk. It's a beautiful and exciting chase as I entice them one by one from their dwelling place.


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