Sunday, December 28, 2014

Canadian Mist, Eggnog, Ginger Ale and You.

The smooth taste of his holiday concoction was still lingering on my tongue. Canadian Mist, Eggnog and Ginger Ale...surprisingly good and went down far to well. I could feel the warmth soothing me inside. It was cold and windy outside, but we had built a fire in the fireplace and mellow music played in the background. Low lights, candles, the evening was just right for seduction. I took another sip savoring the delicious taste as it past my lips. I held the glass with both hands, pressing it against my chest and closed my eyes.

"It's good. Really good."

I heard him get up from the couch and walk up behind me. I almost lost my balance as he pressed his thighs against mine. My knees buckled for a moment but he caught me with his hands over my hips and pulled me into him. He nuzzled his mouth into my neck then began kissing up to my ear and whispered, "How good?"

I started to answer when his left hand slipped down and covered my crotch. "Not as good as you." I whispered back.

My right hand slipped behind me and found the bulge of his cock through his pants. However strong he had poured that drink, my mind was drifting in slow motion. All I seemed to want to do was concentrate on his touch and what my hand was fondling. Both of our hands made their way to touch skin. He was hard and slick and I was on my way to soaking through my panties.

"Let's go to bed." He whispered again in my ear.

That brought me back from my haze. I was not about to go into the bedroom as of yet. The living-room was perfect for drawing out the build up between us. I wanted him hotter, lost in lust and forgetting his name.

"No." I turned around, his hand sliding out of my pants. "I want to play here first. Go to the couch."

He laid down on his back as I finished off my drink. I straddled his legs and could feel the warmth of the whiskey rise again. With the fire crackling in the background and soft sultry music filling the air, my nerve endings throughout my body were heighten and I wanted to take my time touching him, undressing him...getting him lost in me. Both my hands moved over the fabric of his pants along the outline of his hard cock. His eyes were steady on me and there was a rhythm between us in our movements. He was tracking right along with me. His eyes locked on mine and his body moved slowly under my touch. The world faded away as I sensed this union of body, soul and spirit between us. I wanted to swallow up every delicious moment.

"Fuck..." He sighed. His head falling back against the arm rest of the couch, eyes closing. I pushed his shirt up to reveal his stomach and that trail that led to my paradise. My fingers lightly traced the muscles outlined before me, my arms moved across his bulge not losing contact. His flesh was warm and welcoming. Bending forward my lips met his skin and kissed every line and curve. I could feel the pulsing of his buried cock beneath me.

The rhythm between us continued. I moved back down to retrace his imprisoned cock and proceeded to unzip to set him free. Slowly the zipper moved down, my left hand covered the shaft that was now appearing. I held my hand over it and paused. I watched his face tighten as he tried to will me to set him free. His shaft was warm and hard beneath the silky flesh. I licked my lips and moved my mouth up his cock until the head was free and pressing against my lips.

"Open your eyes."

He lifted his head and again locked his eyes on mine. The head of his cock was covered in pre-cum, glistening. My hands moved to his hips and instinctively he raised his body for me to easily lower his pants, removing them completely. I watched as his cock pulsed up and down. The beauty of his hunger always increasing my own. I removed my sweater over my head and moved again up his thighs, my skin brushing against his. His balls fit nicely in my one hand and I pull them down. His cock bounced up toward me with each tug. My fingers collected pre-cum from his shaft and smeared it along his awakening anus. I continued to work his balls in my one hand as the middle finger from my other worked easily inside him. He was so open, so surrendered, so giving to me. Moments passed as I watched sensual pleasure wash over him. I moved up his frame until he felt my breasts surround his shaft and his hips moved trying to burrow in deeper among them.

I lingered there. No words between us. Only the sound of the fire and music filling the room. I felt suspended as our eyes spoke what our bodies desire. My right hand reached and touched his left cheek. The scruff on his face creating an arousing friction against my palm. My fingers moved up and wrapped themselves in the midst of his tousled hair.  My mind trying not to plan ahead, but to be present in the moment. My stomach moved over the tip of his cock and his legs wrapped around me, pulling me closer. As I moved near his face with my breasts, his eyes closed and mouth opened. The corners turned up in sweet anticipation. I traced one nipple along his eager lips.

My I love tormenting that man!

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