Monday, March 4, 2013

The Passion of First Encounters.

It had been weeks since they had seen each other. Weeks that seemed to go by slowly but also served a purpose of building the desires that were ignited when they first met.  Weeks that had their words already touching each other's sexual zones making him hard and her wet with need. His mind had already entered her and her body was already surrendering to the thoughts and desires he was expressing in glorious details. Now it was only moments away before he walked through the door and they would be face to face again. But this time it would involve more than a kiss.

She hears his car pull up and stands next to the door, freshly showered and wearing a soft sheer blue robe that falls just beneath her round cheeks. Before he can knock, she opens the door and ushers him quickly inside. He pulls her close to him and at first she is chilled by the coolness of his jacket.  He removes the jacket and pulls her close to him once more.  She can now feel the warmth of his skin radiating through his shirt. His kiss is what she remembers, but this time even softer and full of more want. She nuzzles her body even closer to his as she holds his head and neck pressing her breasts into his chest.  His right hand moves from her back, down her ass, gripping her bare cheeks and she feels his fingers searching and finding the wetness soaking her pussy. She moans and kisses him harder as his hand moves to her front and he slips two fingers into her hunger. 

She is now pulling at his clothes that have become intrusive.  His shirt flies off and she dives for her first glimpse of his cock as he unzips and drops his slacks and boxers to the floor. Her hand is immediately around his shaft as she lowers herself to her knees and takes him swiftly into her mouth. She moans as she feels his growing flesh pass her wet lips and her hands fondle his shaft and balls. He braces himself against the entryway wall taking in the warmth of her pleasure. His fingers digging into her long dark wavy hair. His mind, absorbed by the movement of her tongue over his sensitive head and shaft.  Her lips soft, yet firm as they surround and move along his length.

"Fuck!" Slips out of his mouth as he pulls her further down on his shaft. "Fuck!"  Then pulls her head off of him in a quick move.  "You need to stop! I almost came."  He raises her to her feet, her lips wet with saliva  Her eyes telling him she is lost in her lust for him.  

He picks her up and carries her to the waiting bed she has prepared for them. He lays her gently on her back toward the edge of the bed and gets on his knees this time. He gently touches the heat generating from between her legs and runs one hand smoothly over her pussy. She moans again, reaching for him.  

"No."  He says. "Lie still.  I want to know you...all of you."  She lays her head back on the bed and spreads her legs wider for him as his hands run up and down her sex and his fingers start to explore every fold and the depths of her opening. Her heat builds, she moans and longs to feel the strength of his cock inside her. Her minds starts to flood with images of him sliding and filling her as she feels the texture of his tongue dancing over her clit. Teasing, arousing and exploring, then diving inside her deeply. 

Her hands run across her breasts and pinch at her nipples, her mind further traveling along familiar fantasies that tend to occupy her thoughts, until she feels his fingers plunging deep inside her and his body moving up her own. She opens her eyes and sees his mouth coming to devour her right nipple, taking it eagerly in his mouth and sucking and flicking it with his tongue.  She reaches down and grabs her breast to thrust even more into his mouth, "Harder!  Suck harder." Her voice almost desperate from the building of pressure inside her cunt and clit.  He obeys, his fingers working in rhythm with his sucking until she explodes in orgasm and releases her juices all over his hand and wrist.

"Oh fuck, baby!" He groans as he moves his cock into position and his mouth over hers, entering her with a long, slow plunge that almost takes her breath away.

"Damn! Oh god...damn you feel so good."  She whispers, floating on the wave of her own orgasm and taking in the sensation of his cock inside her warm walls.

"It's a good start." He whispers back into her ear as he build his own momentum, her meeting him with every thrust.  "Yes," she says, taking another long breath, "A good start."


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