Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my Tumblr site Sexual Destinies!

First time in over 3 years I missed posting Saturday Eye Candy! It's been a crazy week and I had unexpected company over last night.  ;)

New blog site:  We are still working out the bugs on the new site. I have just a touch of OCD so it may be a while until I have it the way I desire! WordPress is a challenge for me. I was very spoiled by Blogger. But it will be fantastic once it's done and new things will be added along the way. I'm excited! So please continue to follow here. I will be posting as always and when I'm'll know!

The Beauty found in Backs!  Mmmmmmmm

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