Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Remember the 'Little' Side of Him.

These images came across my Tumblr page yesterday from Submissive Guy Comics. (Use link below pic to access his site.) 

I immediately thought of NB and his 'little' side. It was magical and beautiful for us both. NB is 6' 3" and I'm 5' 4" !  A big difference when we stood next to each other, but I loved the feeling of being physically overpowered by him knowing who had the dominant power in the relationship.  He would often hold me and comment on how small I was in his arms. I believe he loved the paradox himself.

The 'little' side of him had nothing to do with being child like. But everything to do with feeling absolutely safe in my presence, releasing whatever burdens he was carrying and finding strength in my embrace. It had to do with opening up the most vulnerable places in his soul, exposing his weaknesses and failures and in return receiving my unconditional acceptance and love.  

My heart toward him during those special intimate times was protective, nurturing and I could feel the love pour out of my spirit and soul washing over any insecurities he was battling.  Ultimately, when his strength had return, his hands would start to roam, along with mine, and we would end up with me reminding him who he belong to. ;)  All of that beautiful strength and surrender owned by me. 

These are memories and reflections I take with me into the new year.

~ Vista


  1. Thank you for posting such a lovely description of nurture.


    1. You are so very much welcome! Thank you for following my blog and letting me know it touched your life and heart in some way.

      ~ Vista


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