Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Going Down. Honey, Coconut Oil and Cum.

It had been two glorious hours of foreplay and lustful fornication in the early hours of the morning before I needed to leave for work. There is much to be relished in a long time lover and the familiarity that comes with that union. You know every moan, sigh, movement and longing that emits from the other. That is if you are paying attention. And we always paid attention to each other. That was the beauty. And that was the beauty of him and why he was neatly tucked in the back pocket of my heart knowing he'd come at my beckon call. He was never my boyfriend. I didn't want that. I wasn't ready for that. He was my lover. It was a clean relationship. Honest. No pretense that it may turn into something else. We lived separate lives, walked separate paths. He, adventurous but still vanilla, me...well you know me. ;) But the chemistry and sexual attraction was heaven and we both chose to let it live between us for as long as it served our needs.

His thick, lovely cock always hard the moment he walked through my door. I could feel it bulging, hanging down one thigh through his jeans as he pressed against my body and began to devour me with his mouth. We stood on equal ground. Neither dom or sub. Raw, primal hunger was in control. Whatever sexy garment I wore was stripped from me in moments as all clothes were peeled away and scattered.

The passion and dance between us always memorable. The foreplay and lovemaking electric but there were times when after it was calm and restful that the best was yet to come.

I loved watching his cock lay flaccid, resting against his groin. Without thinking my hand would naturally find its way to his softness and fondle his warm balls and smooth soft cock. As it would start to find life again my mouth would water and need to feel him pass through my lips once again. The taste of our mixed juices dried on his cock made my head swim with thoughts of him inside me only moments before. My diet of honey yogurt and the use of coconut oil as a lube, mixed with his cum made the taste the nectar of gods.

Then he would turn me to my back and bury his face in between my legs like a ravenous man. I always loved when he went down on me, but these times when he did, after we had made love and my pussy was full and wet with his cum...Fuck!  It would flip a switch in me and my lust for him would ignite to a higher primal level. With each lap of his tongue, tracing along my lips, thrusting inside me and sucking every drop from within me made my hunger and need for him grow ever stronger. The intimacy, acceptance and celebration of the unity of our bodies was more evident by his action that his words could ever convey. Every time I came harder because I felt adored and worshiped. He'd come back to me with his face glistening with our juices and his lips tasted like warm honey.

Some turn away from such pleasures.

To be my lover there must be no barriers. I'm a greedy little bitch and I expect my lover to be lecherous.


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