Sunday, February 23, 2014

You'll Do.... Now Step Closer.....

After many phone calls, texts, emails and a final coffee date, the time had come for the ultimate test. The inspection. He was to arrive at 7:00 pm. The rest of my staff had left for the day and I was putting finishing touches on a recent article.

I moved from my desk to the couch when I heard his knock on my office door. After his second knock I told him to come in. (He had been instructed that the door would be unlocked but he was to wait after knocking for the invitation to enter. )

Once inside and having closed the door behind him, he stood facing me.

"You know what to do." I reminded him.

He took a breath and started to remove his jacket and then his shirt. I watched as his body moved and muscles flexed as the fabric left his upper body. His hands reached for his belt buckle and he lifted his head and looked at me for a moment of reassurance. I nodded to keep going.

He slipped off his shoes and socks as his pants were lowered to the floor. No need to remove underwear, he had gone commando as instructed. Standing now in his naked glory before me I had him slowly turning a quarter of a turn to the right until all sides had been revealed.

"You'll do.  Now step closer."

I rose from the couch and met him half way.  He stopped after a few feet and waited for me to close the gap between us. He looked straight ahead, his eyes steady on the ceiling above me. Silence filled the room as I stared at the 6 ft muscle toned man before me. I reached my right hand towards him and touched his left shoulder, then proceeded to run my hand down his arm, feeling the flesh and muscle respond to my touch.

My hands took their time roaming through his frame, examining every curve, tattoo, the roundness of his ass, the strength of his legs until I finally rested them between his thighs. He took another deep breath as I slowly ran my right hand along the underside of his ball sack, rolling his treasures in the palm of my hand. I gently brushed along his hardening, thick, 7 inch shaft; my fingers then grazed across the tender underside of the head. Pre-cum started to accumulate at his slit to my delight.

"Yes, You'll do."

"Mistress, may I speak?"

My mind was filled with memories of our past conversations and struggling with where to start with this man who willingly had come into my life.

"Yes." I answered as I continued to stroke his erect cock and run my other hand along the outer side of his right thigh.

"May I touch you?" He asked politely, respectfully and with desperation in his tone.

"I plan on it." I said confidently as I led him to the couch with my hand firmly around his cock.


  1. I am breathless and ex'cited. Of course I am putting myself in the guys position and you in the woman's position. I would eagerly do this for you; I would be nervous as hell but your sexual electricity would propel me forward. Love your writing. Love your erotic mind.

    1. Mike....Love your comment and offer. :) Your nervousness is what would make it so thrilling for me.

      ~ Vista


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