Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vanilla and Kink - Living as One

I happen to believe that combining your vanilla world and kink world in a relationship is not only possible but very exciting.  There are people who are more comfortable with putting their lives in neat little boxes. Everything labeled and in it's own compartment.  I do believe in things being done decently and in order. But I like the sexual part of my life passionate, unpredictable and messy! And I love blurring the lines between my kinky tendencies, quirks and passions and have them accidentally flow into my everyday vanilla life.  I also look for that ability and desire in a partner.

The man who has surrendered his passion, mind, soul and body to me in the bedroom needs to understand that my hunger for him will not stop once we walk into the grocery store. We may be standing in line waiting to pay, with him standing close behind me and he'd better just sigh and grin as I reach my hand back and run it over his crotch, resting my palm over his already growing bulge and just deal with it!  If my mind has wandered over to the lustful things we did just a few hours before and I need to 'cop' a feel of his beautiful cock...I will.  It does rightfully belong to me.  ;)

Another way I love to blend vanilla and kink in our lives is if we are standing and talking to a group of vanilla friends and my arm and hand are resting along my man's back.  As the conversation moves along, so does my hand move down along the cheeks of his ass.  I slowly start to outline them with the palm of my hand and discreetly start to run my fingers along the crack in his jeans, deep in between his legs as he clenches his thighs and ass cheeks together. I can feel the heat of his ass and crotch, moist, warm inviting me once again. These are only a few of the many, many ways I blend the passions of my life.

Passion, excitement and fulfillness comes from the communication of two people who have become opened to each other, transparent and have given each other access to the other no matter where they may be.  That is my way of vanilla and kink living as one.  That to me is an authentic life.

I adore this image below!  It speaks what I am saying here. "You're looking so damn hot right now! Fuck dinner!  Only you can satisfy this hunger! "  Yes!!!!

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