Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pets, Training and Lustful Ways

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One of the 'Perks' I have come across in my journey as a Mistress is the wonderful discovery of 'Pets'.  Now, this is my own definition and one that many may not agree with.  But as a strong-willed woman, My definition works for me. ;)

A 'Pet' in my world is a submissive man of a younger age that I'm not looking at as a LTR. Not to say that if in a LTR my submissive man would not be referred to in that way at times.  Confused yet? ;)  Hopefully not!  But when approached by a younger man ( thank you cougar era! ) who has fallen victim to my lustful, passionate ways and desires to surrender his innocence and learn of his own passionate, lustful and deviant ways, who am I to turn this delicious offering away!

Training: Some people are not comfortable with that word.  For me it works.  I don't see it as corporal or having to do with harsh punishment. It's only the following through of mutually discussed activities that bring growth and great pleasure to both parties involved.

As his Mistress I am given his deepest secrets and desires. He may reveal some dark places in his soul that no one but him knows lurks there.  These images that sometimes keep him awake at night with lust and yearning but fear and the thought of rejection keep him from seeking out the avenue for release and exploration.  I see my responsibility in giving him that safe place to explore and in return I enjoy the beauty of his surrender, growth and trust.

I am but a journey for him.  Not a destination.  I am his teacher and mentor.  He is my joy and current passion.  We mark each other's soul. 

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