Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Surrender You Must Talk to Me!

Communication is important for the success of any relationship. Whether it's a business partnership, casual friends, boss and employee or lovers. The ability to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns help clear away assumptions and bring clarity to whatever subject is between you.

We have all been in relationships where a word is spoken or a look given and based on past history with that person or not we immediately find a reaction rising up. Now we may not act on that feeling, and hopefully if it causes us conflict we'll bring that up so there can be a discussion.  I have found that many times what I thought was meant, actually was not to be taken that way and what could have turned into an offense or hurt was now dissolved through clarification.

I find this to be especially critical in a D/s relationship. What attracts me and keeps me in the D/s world is the honesty and vulnerability that can be expressed without judgement.  A place to embrace who you are and find those who will compliment you along your journey.

As a dominant female there is nothing more beautiful to me than the submission of a strong, virile man not afraid to open up his soul and bring you along on a journey of discovery.  To know that he feels safe with you and trusts you with his deepest secrets that even family and close friends don't know about.  To be that safe place where he can be free to be the fullness of who he is without judgement or criticism.

But in order to achieve that place there must be communication.  I'm not a mind reader and if I was, I still would have to make my way through the maze of your thoughts to get to what you are trying to say to me.  I don't know how you feel, what motivated you to search for me and find me or what you want from our partnering unless we talk! 

To surrender you must talk to me. Take that step, even if it is a baby step, and start to share what is on your mind. Show me that you are serious about your surrender and not just looking to fulfill a fantasy. I'm not expecting novels or even chapters of a book. But an honest quest to embrace the fullness of you and be celebrated in that fullness.  Even if it takes years to unfold...let our time together be productive...even if it is only the beginning of your journey and I am only your first guide.

Talk to me.

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