Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'll Take Two Please!

It's still early afternoon for me, but in the middle of the night for him when his text comes across my phone. Twenty minutes of natural, easy texting going back and forth and the sexual connection building as it always does with him.  I know it's late and he needs to sleep.

Pet: "Yes, I'm pretty tired, but I'd like to fall asleep with one of our stories."

Me: "Yes. It's about you living through me, feeling what I'm feeling. Seeing another man want and hunger after me. Take me in front of you. You standing there off to the side, naked, hands down, unable to move...waiting for my instructions."

Pet: "OMG Mistress. Yes. So feeling what you are feeling, soaking in the passion, watching you kiss him deeply, rubbing his cock..."

Me: "We are standing in the middle of the room. I've instructed him to remove his pants after you watched me unbutton his shirt, run my hands over his chest and glide his shirt off his shoulders to the floor. I turn and look at you..."

Pet: "You stare at me with lust glazed eyes just before letting him unzip your dress and it falls to the floor, unveiling your sexy firm frame to your lover.  Oh Fuck, OMG...I can feel his hunger for you and your lust for him. My cock hardens every time you moan from his kiss or touch, sending hot sparks through me..."

Me: "You see him take one of my full breast in one hand as the other hand slides in between my legs and pushes two fingers inside my waiting hungry pussy."

Pet: "Yes, Yes Mistress. I flash on what it feels like to have my fingers explore and feel your hunger. My own fingers start to twitch as I watch your hips move with the rhythm of his hand. My craving for you is even deeper, more intense, knowing I have to wait..."

Me: "I motion for you to stand behind me so I can lean against you as he leans down and suckles one of my breasts, still moving his fingers in and out of my aching pussy. I push myself into him as I use you as leverage and can feel your cock pressing against me...your precum sliding along my back and ass..."

Pet: "OMG...Leaning against me...!  Mistress, having him touching, kissing, exploring you with me watching, craving and feeling everything through you...."

Me: "You move back into a chair, sitting in a position so I'm able to back up to you and lean back against you in the chair.  I still feel your hard, wet cock behind me. You start to kiss my neck and shoulders as he lifts my legs up along his chest and enters me.  I feel his hunger along with your passion and the crazed energy flooding through you."

Pet: "Oh fuck...God yes Mistress...Every time your lover pushes into you, I feel you press back into me. Your soaking pussy and moans inviting him in deeper."

Me: "Then he pulls me forward toward him so I'm leaning more on him. My ass lifting off of you and you can see him inside me. Then he moves us both to the floor, me straddling him. You move forward as I put one hand on one of my ass cheeks, a signal to you that I want you there."

Pet: "Oh fuck Mistress.  Shall I lick your ass while you fuck him? Please?"

Me: "You leave the chair and take the juice running from my pussy and start to rim my anus and slowly move one, then two fingers inside me..."

Pet: "Gently scooping more and more of your free flowing juice to lube your sexy asshole.  It's obvious you are fully into fucking your lover, and I so can feel that heat in me too..."

Me: "You bend forward and I can feel the familiar touch of your tongue..."

Pet: "I start out gentle, staying in rhythm with you fucking his cock..."

Me: "He moves stronger, thrusting harder and I call out your name to take me..."

Pet: "When I open my eyes for a moment I can see his shaft ram deep into you.  My tongue moves in and out of your ass now.  Up and down your seam, accidentally brushing his shaft with my tongue, then back to your delicious ass.."

Me: "You thrust your ready cock into my ass and can feel his cock along the membrane..."

Pet: "Mmmmm  Oh God, thank you for letting me fuck you Mistress, oh fuck..."

Me: "I'm so full with both of you.  Feeling your cocks move in and out of me.."

Pet: "Oh God your ass feels so good. And I feel each thrust of his cock in your pussy.  My hard cock filling your sexy ass, feeling you fuck us both deep."

Me: "Then with one last thrust we all come together. I feel the warmth of your seeds filling my linings and walls. I shiver and quake under the assault.  My nerve endings are ultra sensitive and my body floating away in some unknown universe."

Pet: "Mmmmm Yes! Feeling so full and cum splashing you everywhere...Oh God... "

Me: "He holds me one last time and then slides out of me. You pick me up and take me to the bed. My lover has pulled all the covers back and has crawled into bed first.  We both crawl into bed next to him.  Me in the middle, my back to him. His legs wrap around me. You in front of me.  You and I kissing, my legs wrapped around you."

Pet: "I so love that he is in bed with us. I really do. His legs wrapped around you. After we calm some, you kiss me deeply and whisper seductively in my ear, 'Could you go and clean me up pet?' Your hands are now on my shoulders gently guiding my face lower, leaving no doubt to what you mean."

Me: "So good to me pet.  I love the three of us in bed together also. When you are done, you fall asleep at my breasts."

Pet: "Oh God, Oh God..I'm gonna cum again! I already came once and am so close to cuming again for you! "

Me: "With your mouth still pressed against my breasts, you awaken as I start to stir as his cock probes the folds of my pussy."

Pet: "Yes! Oh God yes! You're going to let him fuck you again?!"

Me: "He moves me on top of you and balances me on all fours over you. Your legs spread just enough to let him slip in between to enter me from behind.  Your mouth kissing my breasts, your hands running along my sides. He starts slowly, then watching you touch and kiss me he explodes in erotic passion and you feel the strength of his legs move along yours as he pounds inside me. My eyes staring into yours.. ."

Pet: "Mmmm...Came with you staring into my eyes. Oh fuck!  Drifting off now Mistress.... Mmmmmm."

Me: "Sweet dreams pet. "


  1. It amazes me that more women don't participate in cuckold relationships. The power dynamic seems so natural.


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