Sunday, August 24, 2014

Your Tears Make Me Wet.

I hear it.  That crackling sound mixed in with your staggered breathing. It's the sound of the porcelain around your heart weakening ... hairline cracks growing, then giving way to the pressure building inside your emotions. In the depth of your soul pain starts to pierce through the tenderness of your heart; the heart you've protected behind that adorned casing. Fear of what is coming to the surface makes your temperature rise, heat starts flooding over your skin. Sweat now beading down the crevice of your chest, around the back of your neck, along your hairline; your tongue feeling thick, mouth dry. Your nipples tender from the pulling of the clamps. Your ass red with small welts rising from the dance of my switch upon it. Nerve endings heighten, your mind waiting, lost, surroundings faded... your ears straining to hear my breathing.

How beautiful you look to me at this moment. Undone, poured out, unraveled. I move in front of you. Your head hanging down.  I undo the blindfold and find it wet with sweat and your tears. I bend down to you and whisper in your ear, "You wanted this. You begged me for this. Don't waste it. Let go and give me everything."

The porcelain gives way and hidden, unexplained pain breaks free and rides waves of tears and broken breaths. I pull you close; your head pressed against my breasts and keep whispering in your ear, "You wanted this...."

You nod your head in agreement and the tears continue to flow. You feel my touch and hear my slowly centers you once again.

Through your pain and full surrender my desire has grown. The rawness of your soul heats my own flesh. Your tears make me wet.


  1. Your words send me on a roller coaster of emotions. Well done Vista :)

    1. Mmmmmmm My young beautiful boy. It was my pleasure to take you there.

      ~ Vista


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