Friday, June 21, 2013

When they say..."Yes Please....."

Crawling inside with desire......

We had walked outside of the restaurant, the parking lot was almost empty and my car was off by itself, hidden from the bright lights. I leaned my backside against the car and he stood before me, rugged, fit and his eyes filled with deep desire. The evening had gone well for a first meeting and I was curious what his kiss would taste like.  I reached up and brought his head down for his lips to meet mine. I had no idea what was waiting for me behind that kiss! His lips were warm, soft and melted into mine. His body seemed to lose it's own identity as it found its way into every one of my curves and seemed at home. I forgot where we were and was enjoying the connection that was building between us. I knew he was becoming lost in the moment himself. I wished we were at my place warmly nestled in my bed and had all night to explore what was happening so naturally and unexpectedly between us. I had not mentioned D/s or anything of that nature during our many conversations; so the thrill that ran down my body and landed so sweetly over my clit when I mentioned I 'needed to have him' and felt his body melt even more into mine as he whispered into my neck, "Yes please" made me weak! Very wet and weak! I know the sound of a natural submissive man in the throes of his passion and that was it.  Oh god I was hooked!

There are men in the world that 'play' at submission and as you grow you learn to spot them quickly. Then there are those that by looking at them one would never know the desire that is hidden deep inside them to feel safe in the arms of a woman who can unlock that craving to please. The need to be used, admired and even objectified.  A woman who can take them to places they have only seen in their fantasies as they masturbate in the shower or late at night upon their bed.

I know that sound well.  NB was the first truly submissive man that crossed my life when I met him.  It has nothing to do with a sissy attitude, or being weak and not knowing who you are. I've always been attracted to strong, capable men who were in control of their lives and knew who they were. But there was always something missing until I met NB. In him I found a man who had the courage to explore another side of him that society didn't know how to explain or find a place for in their labeling. He knew there was a softer, more sensitive side that he didn't know how to tap into but longed to release to a woman who could hold that emotional side of him safe. The side he so often had to keep under lock and key. The side that didn't want to have all the answers to life and wanted to feel the nurturing of being cared for and loved unconditionally. If even for just moments hidden away in a trusted place. The tone of voice that bathes "Yes please", comes from a place of knowing who you are and recognizing someone that may have the key to that locked room.

It can't be faked. It's genuine, from the depths of his soul. Pain and desperate need mixed with hope fills every syllable. It's the core of an honest, vulnerable man. It makes me weak......

Sometimes it's our arms that protect......

The need to worship......


  1. You have a profound insight into the soul of the submissive

    1. Thank you Dave. Because of NB's openness and vulnerability I've seen into that soul. ;) Thank you for following this blog. I hope it brings you insight and courage to continue on your own journey.

      ~ Vista


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