Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.....

He flew in late the night before and was due at my door the next morning at 10 am.  He had emailed earlier in the week about his schedule and how he needed to see me as soon as possible. I smiled at his hunger. Hungry, sexy, handsome men always trigger my own needs. He eyes were excited and his smile bright with anticipation when I opened the door. He had arrived 15 minutes early. I had been ready by 9:30 just in case. I smiled back and welcomed him inside.  "Hi" was all that was exchanged between us when he bent down, pulled my body next to his and kissed me over and over again. Nothing more was said. Our actions told of the chemistry that has pulled at us since we met. His hands and then mouth traveled quickly to my breast and my hands soon found his lovely cock that was growing beneath his jeans. Springing to life even more at my touch. He unzipped his zipper dropping his jeans to the floor setting his cock free as it fell into my hand. Off came his shirt and once again Mr Snow was standing naked before me. Tall and dark from his trip overseas.

I have a mirror that hangs in my hallway. He loves to turn us both towards it and watch himself as he runs his hands over my body and undresses me. This time I had on a tight fitting silk shirt that just covered my ass. His hands ran along inside the garment and slowly lifted it over my head, dropping it on the floor to join his own pile of clothes lying there.

"Did you miss me?" He whispered in my ear with his naked body pressed against mine. Kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. I could feel his cock leaning up against the crack along my ass as he asked me again... "Did you miss me?"  I reached back grabbing at his cock..."Of course." I responded back.

"I missed you." He said as he bent me toward the mirror and I position my legs for balance as he reached down and felt the wetness between my legs,  "Yeah, you missed me."  With that he slowly eased his cock inside my waiting sex.

We both looked into the mirror to watch the expression on our faces as he moved inside me. His hands still running along my body. Mine pressed against the wall for balance. Then after a few moments he slowly pulled out and turned me around towards him.  "He just couldn't wait to say 'Hello'."  I smiled, we kissed more then walked down the hallway to my bedroom, his slick cock firmly in my hand as he followed behind me.

The thoughts in my mind as we approached the bed was how to get more mirrors in my place and how someday I hope NB can see the passion this man has for me.  So hot, raw, intense and genuine.

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