Monday, June 3, 2013

Suckling Breasts and Soft Visits.

NB was here for 7 days that were glorious.  The funny thing is that for those 7 days we were very laid back and any kinky play I had had in mind went out the window when he arrived suffering from a cold. So between taking cold medicine, coughing and trying to help him sleep through the night, the strap-on was the last thing he wanted to deal with or anything of that nature.  LOL  Not that we didn't talk about our favorite fantasies and adventures as we played with each other...nothing will stop that...thank god!!! 

Another changed in our relationship is that in the past most of our time together was spent traveling and in hotel rooms as he would fly me to where ever he was on business.  Now with my travel wings cut temporarily and having to now come to me it was a different dynamic playing house for 7 days at my place. It was a good move for us.  Part of those 7 days had the holiday weekend and I actually had some time off from my work and he put his laptop away for 3 whole days!!! 

Because of his cold we watched lots of movies, laughed a lot, played a lot and he comforted himself sucking at my breasts a lot!  That immediately puts me into heaven and also turns me on which in turn leads to more play and orgasms. More heaven! Even though the underlying knowledge of me being his mistress and him my naughty cuckold boy still exists, we are also able to flow and be satisfied with the joy of each other's company which is the foundation of any relationship that has a hope of lasting.

We are in transition this year, as I mentioned before.  We know where we eventually want to be, together and living the life fully that we speak of often and must for now modify as we live miles apart.  I have learned in life to not get to set on how you think your life will flow, but to listen on a daily basis to your heart and to those that you care about.  Have faith that you deserve to be loved and to have good, honest people in your life and you'll find them.  And once you have them to not sabotage them being in your life.  How many times I have done that in my past. But wisdom is learning and then applying the knowledge you learned to not repeat those hurtful mistakes.

A good relationship with a strong foundation can even weather a small vanilla wave.  ;)

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