Sunday, June 9, 2013

Passion, Lust and Beautiful Boys!

A Tattooed Cock! Damn!

This is a yummy 23 yr old local model with a tattooed cock!  I know the photographer that shot with him very well and when she sent me his pics this morning asking my thoughts, I told her I must be at his next shoot!  I have to see for myself that cock.  I mean...did they do the ink work when he was soft, hard?  That had to hurt! I will find out first hand.  ;)   

Seeing these pics also made me think of my own young cub that I haven't spent time with since January. I do generally like my lovers older, but every once in a while I need to be with that young sweet thing and his hunger.  He's so lovely.  Dark brown curly hair, long lean muscular body and a cock that seems to harden at the very sound of my voice.  He loves older women ( he's 28 ) and I think I have spoiled him for women his age since he tells me they bore him very quickly now. Awwww.... the talents of maturity leaving it's lovely mark on youth.  ;)  Testosterone just drips from his skin and his desire for me can be intoxicating.  Alas, I can only handle him every once in a while because we have very little in common ...but when I'm in the mood for him...he fills the bill.

Why am I in the mood for him you may be asking.  Here is the update.  Remember me mentioning RT back in March? I know I've said very little, if anything, about him since but we did eventually have some lovely times together. It started out about once a week, then his schedule got crazy and went to once every two weeks, and lately even less. So I decided this wasn't working for me or what I wanted in a regular lover so we agreed to call it off.  I started to look for another.  There are plenty out there that have been waiting in the wings and I'm now going through that process and finding that right combination.  So of course my mind and other places start to think about those ones in my life that I have tucked away for special occasions and cub comes to mind.  I shot him a quick text and immediately the sweet thing answers back eager to fulfill my wishes.  Now it's just a matter of getting our schedules together...which sometimes can take weeks. He's a busy young man. So these pics this morning made me even more anxious to see that young hungry cub.

Then I received an emailed from RT asking to find some middle ground where we can still see each other when we can even if I have found a more steady lover.  You can just imagine the smile that came over my face and how warm and tingling my body became at the thought of spending more time with him. Of course I said yes!  I'm not willing to pass up any time with him.  As long as he knows there will eventually be another and he's fine with that, I'm happy!  Damn, but life can be good at times.

Believe it or not, it can be hard to find the right lover that you are not only attracted to and the chemistry is right, but that they are 'ok' with knowing that your partner is aware of you being with them.  (I have found that freaks some men out.) And also that you are happy with your partner and are not looking for them to 'wine and dine' you or have a romance with them.  But that doesn't mean that there is not to be any passion or emotions at all involved!  I have feelings for cub and he has a special place in my heart and so does RT.  You get to know them and bond with them or else it becomes very cold. And even though they have a special place in my heart (or else I wouldn't be spending any time with them) it doesn't even come close to the love and bond that I have with NB.  That is on a totally different plain and no one will ever come close to that nor will I let them.  So finding that right man who you want to be hungry for you and even dream of being with you and masturbates in the shower thinking of the last time you were together, yet is fine knowing he'll never be number one can be difficult but worth the wait.

So I'll satisfy myself with a visit from cub while I'm looking to fill the void left by RT and smile inside that when his schedule allows I'll have time with him also.  Yes, life can be good at times.  ;)

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Enjoy the extra Eye Candy!!!

My god he is beautiful!

And a nice ass!


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    1. Awwwww!!! I meant to add your blog link!!! I'll do that now! You are a rare and beautiful talent!!!

      ~ Vista


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