Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sensual and Inspiring Awards!

A big Thank You and lots of Sexy Happiness to my dear, sexy friends Lo and H.H. over at 'My Sex Life With Lola' for their “Sensual Blogging” award and for their “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.  I am a very big fan of their blog and how H.H. shares his inner most thoughts with all who will pull up a chair and listen.  If NB and I weren't in a D/s, cuckold relationship with me as the dom, we would fit very nicely in what these two lovelies have together.  It gives me a glimpse into the other side.  ;)

Now for the homework involved in receiving these awards:

Directions for Sensual Blogging Award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated AWARDED you with a link back to their blog.
2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog.
3. Answer 7 “sensual” questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award.
4. Create or borrow 7 “sensual” questions for the bloggers you award this fine award to to answer.
5. Select 7 “sensual” bloggers to award this fine award to.

The Questions:

1.   Origin story – why did or what was the trigger that encouraged you to start your blog? 
Answer:  When NB and I started to explore the cuckold lifestyle I went online and read any article and book I could find to help me further understand what we were walking into. I also needed to understand more about where he was coming from.  80% of what I came across and read didn't fit our life or desires, yet we knew who we were and what we wanted.  I started writing short stories for us that gave us something to relate to and eventually started the blog out of the lack of understanding and clarity people had around cuckold couples.  We both hope to bring realism and the understanding of the inner workings in both partners around this way of life.  PLUS...I love seeing sexy men on the blog!!!  Hence my Saturday Eye Candy!

2.  What’s one of your favorite things you’ve done with your partner(s)?  
Answer: I enjoy everything we do whether sexual or not.  But must say MMF is a favorite!  We still have many more of those ahead in our future, I hope!  I do love having NB around and involved.  So hot!

3. How would someone seduce you?      
 Answer:  Feeling smooth warm hands brushing up against my breasts and being a great kisser.  And then telling me how much they love the feel of natural breasts...Damn... Makes me wet already!

4.  How would you seduce someone?      
Answer: Light touches, pressing my body against theirs innocently, then running my hands down the top of the inner thigh hoping I find evidence of their arousal. :)

5.  What’s your naughtiest fantasy (or one you care to share)?
Answer:  Oh, we have so many!  We make many trips to Las Vegas, so one fantasy is visiting the Red Rooster and making a night of it!  (Probably more NB's fantasy but one I'm quickly warming up to! ) Another is getting to know other cuckold couples once we are living together and have parties at our house with our cuckold's and lovers all being there.

6.  Other than your goods below, what’s your next favorite body part to be touched?
Answer:  My breasts!  They are very sensitive.  I could have NB suckling at my breasts for hours and sometimes wake him up in the middle of the night to do just that and have him fall back to sleep that way!

7.  What’s a food/dish that you consider sensual?  
Answer: Klondike Bars!  We both love them!  They make us feel innocent and young! Then we lick the melted ice cream off each other!

I choose to use these same questions for all the Sensual Bloggers below.

The rules of the Very Inspiring Blogger award are:

1. Tell 7 facts about yourself.  Done...above.
2. Nominate 15 Bloggers and inform them of their nomination. God, I hope 8 will do!

Here are eight bloggers to whom I'd like to pass on both awards above:

1. Mick Collins - Under Contract To My Wife  Humorous tales of a married Mistress/slave cuckold couple and their mass media empire. ;)

2. Paltego - Femdom Resource This site is jam packed with links and resources dedicated to the beauty of dominant women.

3. Ferns - Domme Chronicles A lovely, sensuous domme from down under sharing her thoughts, wisdom and humor on life in search of a lovely, yummy submissive man.

4. D - Dumb Domme Down to earth, witty blog about finding yourself in this domme world. ;)

5. Guy - Quickies in New York Guy is a fantastic erotic writer and his blog is full of hot delights and naughty pics.

6. EA - Easily Aroused Erotic fiction by an equally erotic, seductive Englishman! Another favorite!

7. Dick & Jane - Dick-n-Jane A very horny, loving couple who enjoy sharing stories, reviews, pics and advice to all who will listen!

8. H.H. & Lo - My Sex LIfe With Lola Even though they already have this could I pass them by when they are so damn hot!!!! ;)

Congratulations, you've been awarded the "Sensual Blogging Award" and the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award." !


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