Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Lovely Mr. Snow

Hello Mr Snow!

"I'm telling you that when I put my hand against his upper thigh I could feel his hard cock flowing down his jeans! I could hardly wait to see first hand what he was bringing to me!"

I was talking to NB on the phone while he was once again out of town, late at night, in a hotel room, naked in bed, stroking his cock and wanting to hear who I finally decided on as a replacement for RT.

"OMG! Tell me more!"  As I could hear his hand gliding along his cock faster. He knows how I am so triggered by a man going commando in jeans.  Just as much as he loves it when I wear no panties with a skirt.  ;)

"Then I undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and his hard cock bounced out from it's restrictive bondage.  His thighs are strong and he grabbed my ass and pulled me into him as we were still standing by the doorway inside. I could feel all his strength pressing against me."

NB continued to question, moan and eventually cum as I answered and painted him a picture of my first encounter with the lovely, very well endowed Mr Snow.

It wasn't easy finding a replacement.  I'm extremely picky and you run across all kinds when looking for just the right lover for passion, lust but still causal.  Some men don't get it. Some men think they are god's gift and that I really don't know how a woman can be fucked until you're fucked by them!  LOL  They have no idea who I am and that I already have the best lover.  NB rocks!  Plus there is no way they can even come close to his kinky, sexual ways.  He makes me melt.  I'm just needing some one to keep me in shape and happy until NB is in town.  The chemistry NB and I have together is unique and deep. And most men don't understand how NB can be 'ok' and even triggered sexually with me having others, not realizing that the openness, honesty and trust binds us together even deeper.  If I was going behind his back that would be very different!  The fact that I share everything with him, brings him into every intimate detail of my life and makes him feel as if he is still with me.

So... Hello Mr Snow.  You are lovely and so is your beautiful cock, heat and passion. They are welcomed to my world.  I hope you can stay for a while... I hate starting over!

Nothing sexier than commando......


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