Thursday, January 3, 2013

Words and Actions that Show Worth.

I always like to take the first week in January to look back over the last year, see mistakes made and where I can do better. Then get a fresh vision for the new year...goals made, but not set in stone.  I have learned over the many years that life has it's own plan and sometimes one runs against the other.  Life seems to win every time. :)  

Something I learned a long time ago and have not been very diligent about is the art of Living in the Present. It really does take a conscious effort. We may find ourselves at times either pulled back to the past or living so far in the future that we lose sight of what is in front of us today.  Especially the people that are in our This is especially true if we are going through a struggle, emotional turmoil or have suffered a loss.  Learning from the past is necessary, as long as we understand we can't change anything about it, but let it help us in walking now-today.

So with that in mind, my resolution for the year is to be more mindful of the people that are in my life on a daily basis as they cross my path.  Especially family, friends and loved ones.  To not forget that none of us is promised tomorrow and to show each one in some way their incredible worth. 

And for that special man in my find new ways to say "You are incredible, appreciated and loved."   Whether in words or actions. To not leave it to the chance that he just 'knows' that already.  

Don't say, 'you'll do tomorrow' what may need to be done or said today. :)

Tell Him....

Show Him.....

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