Friday, January 11, 2013

No: Licking, Sucking, Kissing or Touching!

Zander waits in the room for me as instructed. Kneeling, back straight, head down, hands by his side...naked.  He's a tortured man.  Not one I would agree to spend time with.  But he's so beautiful and the torment that lies in his soul beckons to my own.  I try not to, but find myself answering every time his need calls out for me. We have a rule, his rule really because he belongs to another who refuses to meet his hunger. The rule is he is my object to use as I wish, to touch and tease and play as I wish, but he is not to lick, suck, kiss or touch me in anyway.  In his mind it somehow justifies him spending time with me to meet his driving hunger and in return his body belongs to me for that suspension of time to exercise and meet what ever hunger is lingering in my soul at the moment.

Tonight as I gaze at him through the two way mirror that separates my office and the play room I unconsciously run my hands over the sheer knit top that clings and runs the length of my torso, gently grazing across my nipples. The texture makes them stand erect as I feel the electricity run down my frame straight into the core of my clit.  I can feel the wetness start to pool in the slender crotch of my g-string and I reach down to calm my heat. 

I step away from the mirror and walked toward the door.  I can see a shiver run down his spine as I open the door and walk toward him.  His body reacts to each sound of my heels clicking across the hardwood floor.  I stand behind him and run a finger down his spine following the shiver and then lean my body against him and whisper in his ear, "Hello pet."

"Good evening Mistress." He softly replies, head still bowed down, body remaining in form. 

I run my hands between his legs and feel his balls start to respond to my warm touch. I move around him, standing very close to him where he can smell my excitement as it rises to meet his nostrils.  I love to press my body against him, press his face against my breasts and feel his body twitch as he fights the natural urge to reach out for me, touch me, slide his fingers into me where it is warm and inviting.  I love to see him fight against his own soul and need. 

I bind his balls, cock and frame in rope. I twist and pull and attach clamps to his sensitive nipples, and run my gloved fingers around his hole and invade his most intimate region.  His body shakes from the struggle to remain as still as possible and with the tiniest of his movement I strike his hands and remind him of his own rule. My excitement builds but I know that my hunger will be satisfied for my partner is watching from behind the two way mirror, building his own excitement that he will share with me once Zander has had his fill. This motivates me to take Zander to his limit.  Over and over I bring him to the edge, his beautiful cock dripping with pre-cum. 

With the rope that is attached to his cock I lead him to stand to his feet and walk him over to the bed and lie him on his back.  I tie his calves and thighs together and have him spread his legs wide for me as I slip one finger into his hole and grab his cock with my other hand.  

"Be a good boy and cum for me now, pet." I command softly.

"Yes Mistress." He moans and it only takes a few strokes and pressing against his prostate for him to explode all over his stomach and chest.  Nice thick streams of warm cum. 

I untie his legs and torso as my partner then enters the room with a warm wash cloth and towel and hands it to Zander.  My partner then reaches around my body and slips two of his fingers inside me drawing out my own moaning while devouring me with a deep and passionate kiss.  I reach for his cock and full balls and silently thank Zander for his torment.


  1. i would just like to say that i really enjoyed reading this. Poor, poor Zander - he is shackled by his own morality, and through that your persona delights in an added dimension of sadistic power.Is this story based on true events if i may ask? :)


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed Zander's torment. I'll leave it to your wonder if it's based on true facts. I will tell you this...I do have a very 'guilt' ridden pet in my life..... ;)

      ~ Vista


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