Monday, January 14, 2013

Cuckolding Does Not Equal a Pre-arranged Marriage!

This post is for those men who are single and identify themselves as a cuckold man and single women who identify as a cuckoldress who are looking for each other.  I have a friend who I will call "L" who has been in a cuckold marriage before and longs for that again. It's been very interesting following his journey to find another partner.  Notice I said 'partner' not cuckoldress.  He recently sent me an email of yet another woman saying she wanted a cuckold relationship and listing her wants and needs.  I suppose for some this may be just find and dandy...but for anything to truly last there must be a relationship first.  A reason why you want to be together beside cuckolding!  I see this not just coming from women but also from men who seem consumed with what they see as the hottest trend and they desire to stick their toes in the water for a trial run!  Cuckolding does not equal a pre-arranged marriage!  Unless that's all you are after!

A good relationship is built first on the connection, chemistry and desire to be together as a couple.  As ANY other relationship would be.  Once that is established, if cuckolding is a natural fit and agreeable then you move on to that step...the timeline is based on the two of you.

This is not a road that is emotionally easy to travel upon! There must be a strong foundation and great communication between the two partners for this to reap any true benefits. And it's not a lifestyle to just dabble in!  It comes out of what you already have and have found it as a needed and desired part of how the two of you are wired.  It's an exciting and thrilling roller-coaster for those strong enough to maneuver it.

There are some great examples of cuckold couples on the web.  Here are a few:

Scott and Em at Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse 
Vanessa Chaland at Cuckold Letters
H.H. and Lo at My Sex Life with Lola

All of their links can be found on My Blog List.  :)

As you will see, even with these three, there is great variety in how they live their lives.  But they have one thing in common, their relationships were established first.  As was NB's and mine. We fell in love and the cuckolding came along as a natural dynamic as we evolved as a couple.

I know this is only my humble opinion and you may think I'm completely off base.  And that's your right.  Doesn't bother me a bit.  There are always as many exceptions as there are differences in tastes and styles.  But I'm a realist / romantic and believe in love.  I know what works for me.  I have seen the importance of the connection between two people that is needed before you add anything else 'outside the box' to the mix.  I'm all for building long term!

So for those of you who are single and out there looking...keep this in mind.  Look for a connection first!  Chemistry first!  Unless you love pre-arranged marriages!  :)

Mmmmmm...Connection, Chemistry...Passion.

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