Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boys that Become Bridges

I adore this little boy!!!!!  The pic came across my Tumbr dashboard yesterday and I knew I had to post it here.  Just look at him!  The little girl does make the effort to try and get across in her pretty little white coat. He reaches out his arms to her to help her and sees the uncertainty in her eyes. He quickly assess the situation and his immediate response is to lay his body down and create a bridge over what is causing her fear.  I love it!  Whether this young man grows up to be submissive or dominate is not the issue.  Whether the young lady grows to be either is not the issue.  It's the two of them following their basic, instinctive nature and that precious little man wanting to make her way safer.  I'm a dominate woman, but I still look for this kind of strength and instinctive, protective nature in my man.

When little boys grow to this age.....

And eventually this age.....

May that instinctive, protective nature always be there.  ;)

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