Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Naughty Nurse Setup!

He is a very lovely, sexy sub who has a fetish about nurses.  Naughty nurses that take advantage of his vulnerability while in their care.  He had spent much of his childhood in the hospital during his sexually awakening years. Being bathed, examined and eventually loosing his virginity to one over zealous young nurse who took the sponge bath she was administering to an exciting new level as she washed his young hardening cock and found she couldn't resist mounting it!  The sexual wiring was laid in his young mind.

He waited for me naked on the bed as I dwelt on his lifelong fetish and finished dressing in my new vinyl, black, red trimmed, low cut nurse uniform that barely covered my ass.  My long dark hair was pulled up in a pony tail and a nurse's cap was attached in front of it. I looked one more time in the mirror and knew his reaction would be well worth the trouble.  Naughty Nurse role play was about to commence.

"Mr Miller.  I have been given strict orders by your mistress to massage and oil you down.  Also to exam and inspect your anus to make sure it is ready for the plans she has for you later.  She has no desire to harm you and wants you to be open and available for her pleasure."  I stood, back straight, chest out and sternly delivered to him my orders.

My pet's cock immediately sprang to attention seeing his mistress standing before him, transformed and delivering one of his fantasies. His mouth formed a wide grin as he responded, "Yes nurse."

I walked to the bed, exam gloves, lube and lavender oil in hand, "Oh!  And Mr Miller.  I have also been instructed by your mistress that you are to keep your roaming hands and fingers to yourself. She has warned me of how naughty and disobedient you can be." I smirked.

"Yes nurse." He answered followed by his own smirk.

I went about my duty as nurse, having him first turn onto his stomach, massaging the lavender oil into his neck, shoulders, and back...making my way to his round cheeks. To get better leverage I positioned myself one at a time straddled across each thigh, moving from ass cheek, down the thigh, calf, ankle and foot.  My pet could feel the slick wetness of my bare shaved pussy preparing the way as I moved down his leg with more oil. His muscles tensing as he tried to remain still. By the time I finished his second leg he was moaning and moving his hips ever so slightly.

Then I moved to his arms. First the left then the right. This time I straddled his hands, my pussy just inches away from his fingers. His arm tensed and his fingers moved trying to get just a slight touch of the warmth he was feeling generating from my excited sex.

Slap! My hand finally went upon his arm. "You must behave Mr Miller or you'll get us both in trouble.  Now turn over!"

His body was warm with desire as he moved onto his back and I started along his neck again. This time straddling his hips.  Able now to look into his eyes and capture his exciting torment. It made my juices run all the more as he felt my pussy lubricate his cock with each of my movements. I made my way down his torso and repeated the drill over each thigh, once again straddling each leg. By now his hands were twitching, his fingers hungry to touch and reach inside me.

He finally lost it while I was straddling his right arm, his fingers only inches away from what he longed to touch and feel. I felt two of his fingers slide easily inside, my body grabbed his hold.

I allowed it for a moment of my pleasure then yelled out, "Mr Miller!" He kept his fingers where they were, reluctant to move. I lifted off his hand and moved quickly between his legs.

I slapped his balls and cock a few times.  "Mr Miller.  You do know I'll have to report your actions to your mistress.  I'll claim no responsibility and will blame you fully."

"But nurse!"  He began to protest. Perspiration already beading and pooling along his chest. His 6 ft toned frame full of hunger.

"Shh!  Mr Miller.  I need to finish one last task before your mistress arrives."

I slid on one exam glove on my right hand and reached for the bottle of lube. "This won't take long Mr Miller." I instructed as I began to stroke his still very hard cock.

I poured the lube along his cock and balls and began to cover all surrounding areas, including his anus.  "Knees bent, ass up Mr Miller!" I directed with pleasure.

My gloved fingers found their way along his crack as one finger easily slipped in and I prepared him for what was ahead as my left hand continued to stroke his cock.  I started to notice pre-cum dripping from his slit and knew it was time to change directions.

I pulled my hand back, removed the glove and instructed him to lower his legs. "You look very warm Mr Miller.  Let me check your forehead before I leave."

I straddled again his hips and slid my body along his frame until my breasts were resting against his mouth.  The zipper had come down a little on the uniform allowing one breasts to pop out. I felt his tongue lick the exposed nipple and quickly suck it into his mouth. I pressed my longing breast into his mouth and then jumped back.

"Mr Miller! One more violation!"

He smiled with a hungry, lustful look in his eyes as he watched me leave the room and enter the bathroom once again.

He waited, not moving from his position until I re-emerged wearing a black leather strapped bra, black lace thigh highs, heels and my strap-on. My dark hair now down and flowing over my shoulders. I walked within inches of the bed and stopped.  Stroking the cock jetting from my harness.

"Hello pet.  Have you been prepared for me?"  Already, of course knowing the answer.

"Yes Mistress."  He eagerly replied.

"And pet, did you follow all of my instructions?"  Still staring at him and stroking.

"Of course Mistress."  He answered after a brief pause.

I walked closer to him and knelt on the bed.  My right hand reached toward his cock that was starting to soften and gave it a stroke. "I'm going to ask you again pet.  Did you follow all of my instructions?" My hand now surrounding his cock at the base and tightening my grip.

"I was obedient Mistress...really."

"That's not what I was told by the nurse, pet."

"But I was!"

I slapped his cock back and forth three times and grabbed his balls hard. "Do you see the mirror hanging on the wall to your left?" He nodded with a confused look on his face. "It's a two-way mirror and I saw and heard everything.  Everything pet."

"Mistress, it was that naughty nurse you sent to me. She was rubbing herself all over me! " He exclaimed.

I reached up to his chest and started to pull on his nipples, which he hated. "No!" He yelled out.

"Are you going to tell me the truth?" Tugging on them more.

"Yes! God yes!"

"Alright. Roll over."  I applied more lube to his hole and some to my cock. "I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to tell me the truth."

"Yes Mistress."  I heard him mumble through his arms where his head rested.

I started to insert a finger into his hole.  He resisted, then loosen, giving me entry. "Tell me what she did."

"She rubbed her bare pussy all over me!  My chest, legs, arms and my cock, mistress."

"Did you like it, pet?"

"Oh, no mistress.  I belong to you."

My hand came down on his ass cheeks and balls.  "The truth pet!"

Softly he answered, "Yes, I did mistress."

"I saw you touch her, pet.  Tell me why you did.  Why you couldn't resist."

He was quiet for a moment then answered, "Because she smelled like you and I'm addicted to your smell, feel and taste Mistress."

Damn! I thought. He knew what that answer would do to me. "Turn over. I want to see your face."

He turned onto to his back and I scooted him close to the edge of the bed. "Legs up, knees bent and hold still."

I took the tip of my lubed cock and teased his hole until he relaxed and gave way.  Slowly I entered him until all of it was in. I stood still for a moment. Massaging his balls and slowly stroking his cock.

"Tell me again what I smell, taste and feel like." My own juice now running down my inner thighs as I start my own rhythm of penetration into his most sacred place.

"Mine."  I thought as I listen to his words, gasps and breathing.  "Mine."  As I took what belonged to me.


  1. Hi Vista,

    I can't begin to tell you how much I need for Em to peg me. It's been a while. I think she wants to string me out.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

    1. Hi Scott,

      Here's hoping it's very soon!!!!! ;)

      ~ Vista

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