Friday, October 5, 2012

Squirting in Vegas!

It was a 4 hour flight and I was tired from getting up so early and not sleeping much the night before. NB was at a trade show at the convention center across the street from our hotel. I texted him that I had arrived in our room and was going to freshen up. He texted back that he'd be there in 10 min. I had many different scenes playing in my head on how our first meeting after so many months apart would be, but me just stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel was not what I had in mind when I heard him enter the room with a warm and excited greeting.  He walked past the bathroom and settled in the chair next to the desk and his lap top. I took a deep breath and collected as much of my Domme demeanor as I could. Not wanting to just rush into his arms, I wrapped the towel loosely around my body and still wet, walked into the main room.

"That was fast.", was my greeting.  Smiling, I calmly walked toward him, heart beating rapidly as I gazed upon this man, dressed smartly in a blue suit, white, crisp shirt and yellow gold tie. Fighting the urge to make him stand and strip right there before me, I leaned over, barely covering the lush breasts that I know he dreams of and kissed his smiling lips.

He'd only left the convention center to take me to lunch.  Lunch was set aside for the next 45 minutes as his clothes found the floor and our bodies reclaimed their long lost territories. It was a wonderful 3 1/2 days of remembering what had drawn us together before and we found the passion and chemistry as if it had been waiting for us to return.

Our last night in Vegas, NB planned a special treat.  Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel and after dinner, tickets (3rd row seats!) for The Jersey Boys show!  I felt loved, adored, pampered and above all relaxed.

What does all of this have to do with Squirting in Vegas?  Everything!  I'm normally not a squirter. And the only man who had been able to get me to achieve that in the past had been NB.  That last night as he held me, kissed me and began to run his velvet smooth hands over my body, we seemed to find that place where we had left so long ago.  That familiar place where two lovers know each other's bodies so well.  Every crevice, flaw, crease and wrinkle and could never get enough. You know that place where you no longer have to show what you like, but they know and now have built on that knowledge. 

That's how I felt that last night.  Lost in his velvet touch.  Feeling that nothing else in the world mattered to him but pleasing me in the most passionate and erotic ways. Hearing him tell me how he loves the feeling of the soft folds inside my cunt and how I slowly open to him with excitement and hunger for more. Suckling my breasts as his fingers explore my sex knowing how the circuit between the two are so connected and feed off each other. Building my arousal and making me get lost in the present reality and floating to a place that all that mattered was climbing that beautiful mountain of orgasm that was waiting at its top.

Then I felt it! That first splash hitting my stomach. Then my thighs, soaking all around my ass and him softly saying..."Yes, yes, yes......" I felt like I was laying in a child's wadding pool with my release and his satisfaction all around me.

Yes. It was a good 3 1/2 days of finding each other again, sharing, remembering and lightly talking of future plans. We are in no rush.  A cuckold relationship must have a strong foundation to sustain its dynamic.  It's worth building.  The communication, honesty, trust and yes integrity must be found there.  I know for many its a lifestyle they can't wrapped their minds around and some harshly judge. And there are, as in any lifestyle, those that treat it badly.  But for NB and I it works because its only part of the dynamic of who we are together.

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  1. Point Counter Point
    Bravo for the discovery that spashdowns aren't only reserved for NASA. And thank YOU Mistress for four glorious days and nights from San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter to the RED SQUARE BAR at Mandalay Bay and the Voodoo Lounge at Rio. We didn't do it all but we did a lot, didn't we? Speaking of squirting, you did help me squirt but not a little also, probably my screaming orgasm on Saturday night shook the neighbors on the 6th floor and I felt as though a flood was shooting from my cock for infinity. Oh we are so good at wetting the bed in a tasteful and deliberate manner. Yes the elegant dinner set at a table for two facing the Bellagio fountains may have stirred your little pot a bit, and the wine and the music and passion of Jersey Boys in our laps, me thinking of you taking on the fab four with me as your servant host. I do love giving you pleasure in every way..........and lest anyone think you are a paper Domme or penpal passion princess let me say you are the high priced spread. You deliver in every way. I love that you lose yourself so entirely in lust and even though I am not allowed to use my favorite coined phrase "Nympho Slut Whore"........Mistress knows that I delight your assignments, deliberations and well planned adventures. Certainly there is heaven on earth when a woman of your power compels a man such as me to do your bidding, as I do, and desire. With all my love NB. PS: As you know we will be sleepless in Seattle soon as my travels bring me home to my Goddess' tower of servitude.

    1. My dearest NB.

      And now the world knows why I love you. As charming as ever and very deliberate at wooing your Mistress! I look forward to more wet and sleepless nights. Prepare yourself for the great adventures that are ahead when you get here. My precious, hungry, Naughty Boy!

      Your Mistress.

    2. Dear mommie, How does one prepare oneself? could I ask a chicken Kiev to prepare itself?

    3. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Something neither a dead or alive chicken can do. ;).

      But you will be well used and savored!


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