Sunday, January 25, 2015

When Two Doms Play...Fuck Tender!

He had been in and out of my life for years. Each time I saw him in the past I swore it was to be my last. He was arrogant, refused to kiss me and his emotions were encased in a hard shell that revealed very little of who lived inside. Why in the hell did I ever agree to meet with him. Let alone fuck him! He was raw sexuality...that's why! And deep inside there were times when only his rough exterior would fill my need. 

Yes I needed him. He was the gladiator slave after a match in the arena, showered, muscles pulsing and skin oiled down for pleasure. When we met it was on equal ground. Two doms pulled toward each other through an intense sexual attraction. D/s was replaced by raw sexuality and surrender to each ones dark appetite. Nothing soft. Nothing romantic. No pretense that there was more between us than angry lust. Each time I became lost in him and each time I left saying never again. 

The calls and texts started. It had been almost a year since I last saw him and his memory had faded away. Personal issues had devoured his time and now he was back with a hungry, aching ass needing to be fucked. Pictures of his disciplined body and impressive cock started to flood my phone along with videos of him cuming hard. He knew me well and what I liked and was pulling out all he had to convinced me to see him again. At first I told him no. I argued that he was too cold and I wasn't interested. Find someone else. one else would do. Not for what we both sought from each other. After three weeks I said yes. 

I got to his house and found the back door unlocked just as he said it would be. I walked through the hall way and could hear the rich melodic music coming from his back bedroom. It was a sound reminiscent of Gregorian monk chants. I walked into the dimly lit bedroom and he was as I always found him. Standing, legs wide apart, naked, oiled and working his cock. Six feet of shaved, tanned, muscled sexuality ready to devour his prey. His intense, penetrating eyes revealed his appetite as he looked up from his preparation. There was no "Hello, How are you, Good to see you again." Only a surveying of who stood before him. Then he spoke, "Take off your clothes." The sound of his voice matching the strength in his gaze. I could feel my body, soul and spirit instantly bristle at his command. Then remembered why I was there. To get what we both needed from each other.

Silently I began to unbutton my coat, not looking away but keeping my eyes on his. I held back the smile that was inside being pleased with my decision on attire. I dropped my coat to the floor standing before him in only my heels. A deep growl left his lips. He walked behind me and pressed his hard cock against my ass cheeks. Grabbing a handful of hair he pulled my head to the left as his mouth attacked my neck and shoulder. I felt his teeth grazing along my skin and although I didn't want any visible marks, I longed to feel him piercing my flesh. He expertly bit into my shoulder and neck as one hand moved along my hips and up to grab and pull on my breasts, the other crashing deep inside my cunt. I was pinned against him and fell into his rhythm. I wanted to be washed away by the tide of his energy. He effortlessly lifted me and turned me towards him. My legs wrapped around him and I felt his dripping cock pressed between us. His mouth continued to explore my flesh, his breath and wet lips leaving a trail of evidence behind each assault. His hand grabbed my hair and pulled me into him, my mouth against his mouth. It wasn't a kiss, but a claiming of property. A branding to not be forgotten. 


  1. You are such a great writer. Thanks for sharing your talents. I think you mentioned working on a book in another post. Is that still happening?

    1. Yes. Two books actually. One will be a compiling of my posts here and the other is a book I started years ago that will be finished this year. About a voyeur. Thank you for following, your comment and compliment. ;)

      ~ Vista

  2. Wow..... Really awesome featured blog! Really well written Victoria. Well Done....


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