Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vanilla Pets and 50 Shades

Since NB has come back into my life I've had to re-evaluate some of my pets and see who will fit with our cuckold dynamic and who needs go their own way.  One of my pets that I haven't talked much about is Cub.  Cub is an adorable young man (hence the name Cub) that I met about 5 months ago and have had a few intimate lovely times with over those five months.  As adorable as Cub is, he's very vanilla.  The most Taboo thing he has ever done is to be with an older woman - me. He prefers older women and there were a few before me, but he had no idea what he was walking into that first time we met for coffee and his lovely cock was telling him already he needed me.

After many months of talking, I finally agreed to come to his place and it was very exciting.  He was filled with anxiousness, anticipation and a bit intimidated that this woman who was coming over knew what she wanted and how to go about getting it.  He had always been the one in the lead and I intrigued every little horny part in this young man.  After his nerves calmed down with his first orgasm...he settled into the role of a gracious lover and all was well by the time I left.

The second time we met I tried to introduce him into some very light bondage.  Now I love bondage, and wrapping rope around a very athletic, manly frame.  All along I had been talking with him, slowly easing him into more alternative ways of looking at sexual intimacy and his curiosity was there.  I went slowly to not set off his fight or flight mode and overload his vanilla cortex.  I was willing to put in some time to bring him along, hoping he would eventually find those triggers that make BDSM real, authentic and so satisfying!  Well although he looked wonderful in the body harness I had him wrapped in...I could tell it was doing nothing for him, which in turn does absolutely nothing for me!!!!  Ugggggg!!!!   I left that time already mentally crossing him off my 'pet' list feeling that it just was not in his wiring to step beyond his comfort level.

Then NB came back into my life and suggested I needed to give Cub one more chance and see how he would respond to the cuckold dynamic.  Ha!  I laughed!  "He'd run to the hills!"  But that same day Cub sends me a text...horny, hungry and wanting.  Hmmmmm.....

So last night I grabbed some paracord, massage oil, apricot lube and a butt plug just in case this cub was feeling adventurous and off I went to his place.  Now we had been discussing all day about anal play, which he had no experience in.  Another disappointment to me and my lovely strap-on!  But if I could relax him enough I wanted to be prepared with the plug.  ;)  Also I was going to tell him about NB and how things were going to be now and gage his reaction for possible future play.

The evening was all about getting him into a very submissive state, which didn't take long. I love having him strip before me while I'm still dressed, then walk around him and examine how well he has been treating himself.  After some bites and strong slaps on those round hard ass cheeks he has, and running my hands along his sides, down his chest and inner thighs I led him, cock in my hand, to his bed.   After binding his cock and balls with my paracord, oiling up his young frame and much torturous teasing and edging and finally bringing him to a place of climax it was time to talk about what laid ahead.

This is where 50 Shades of Grey comes in!  A great opening into the direction I wanted to lead him.  I asked him if he had heard of it.  Yes he had, but not read it.  I told him my take on it and how ridiculous of a book it was.  He said he wasn't surprised I felt that way, since he knew I was in the lifestyle but every other girl he knew swooned over it!  Ha! They all want to be bedded by Christian Grey!  My god... wait until the movie comes out!  What a mess! was a great lead for me to explain to him more of my life and introduce the topic of NB, me and cuckolds.  I wish you could have seen his eyes and the expressions on his face.  I know his head was swimming as I lightly explained how the cuckold dynamic works for us. NB is faithful to me whereas I can have whomever I want, when I want. etc......  He smiled at that and I could see he was pondering how this could really be.

Well....after more discussion and leaving Cub with much to think about, I know it's just not in him to flow in the direction my life is taking now. Will I see him again?  I know I can, but I have no desire to.  It ran it's course.  Vanilla and kink can't walk together for very long unless one moves toward the other.  And for me vanilla was never and will never fill the need inside this Domme.

On the bright side my other pet who has been overseas (he was one of the Saturday Eye Candy shots! 8-25-12), will be home next month!  He knows about NB and is excited for the three of us to get together!  Oh he makes my heart beat so fast!  He is crazy, kinky, open and completely surrendered and willing to fill whatever place I have in my life for him. Pure music to this Domme's ears!

I leave you with this image below that reminds me of Cub's surrender last night.  He was delightful and maybe someday will come over to this side since he's had that first taste!

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