Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leaving You Wasted!

You please me with your willingness to be vulnerable and open in my sight.  I watch you closely as you slide the lubed vibrator up your canal, your eyes close for a slight second as it eases its way inside.  You adjust your position in the chair making sure the vibrator is securely in place. Then you look at me, waiting for my instruction.

"Turn it on pet."  My voice is warm, soothing, encouraging.  My eyes, steady on your movements. My mouth beginning to water as I hold back my desire to take your growing cock in my mouth and forget about your performance.

"Yes Mistress."  You quickly respond.

I can barely hear the motor, but know what vibrations it's sending through your sensitive canal. Your lubed hand starts to run along your shaft, caressing its head, then back again.  Massaging your balls and finding the rhythm that will compliment the vibrations.  You start out looking at me, your eyes roaming over me, remembering my touch, longing for that touch. Your momentum increases and builds.  Your cock stretching to its full length.

I see the look on your face, how your color now is changing; it has become flush and beads of sweat develop along your chest and between your legs.  I hear the increase of your breathing, your sounds...your your eyes look toward me, yet through me...seeing into my soul as my spirit reaches out to you and grabs your heart as you cum for me. Your seed explodes all over your hand and chest and drips along your stomach. You lean back against the chair, out of breath, your cock softening now in your hand.  But the plug is still vibrating in your canal. 

I walk over... It only takes me a few steps because I was really just a breath away from you.  I start to kiss your eye lids, your cheeks, moving down to your lips that are dry and I moisten them with my own. With one hand I smear your delicious seed over your tender cock and balls...with my other hand I lay it against the plug still vibrating in your ass...holding it in place and whisper in your ear, "You're so good to me, pet...Let's do that again."


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