Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Raw Tears and Breaking Points

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Dearest pet.  Sometimes I want to stare at you; ready for me; surrendered to me; waiting and wondering what is going through my mind.  I walk around you as you're bound, lightly running my hands over your skin, listening to the gentle sounds you make with each stroke. I run my fingers through your hair and down along the shape of your face.  I place my mouth close to your ear, breathing softly and feeling the shivers running over your frame. "I want ALL of you."  I whisper in your ear.  You softly respond, "Yes Mistress."

I stroke your bare exposed ass and slip my fingers along your crease, moving down to your balls and cock that will soon feel the sting of my crop and flogger. My touch builds with intensity as I remember all you have shared of pent up emotions, buried struggles and the bare human ability to deal with harsh realities that you've had to deny in order to serve and protect those you've been given charge over.  Realities that haunt and fill your dreams. Numbness has brought you to the place of feeling mechanical. A machine, instead of flesh and blood.

"Would you like me to cry for you, Mistress?" You had asked in one of your vulnerable moments. "I never have and I really would like to be that vulnerable and openly raw and cry for you...I need to cry for you. Would you coax that out of me?  I know it's there...somewhere."

You have no idea how that broke me inside. The trembling truth and craving need I heard in your words. So I stare at you knowing what is coming.  Knowing I will bring you to that breaking point that will finally release the pain and anguish over the last few years.  Raw tears that will bring healing to your soul and allow you to feel again.  Breathe again.  Sleep again.

I put aside my own tears for you to find yours.

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  1. Wow.... Wow. Powerful.
    I'm grateful, Mistress. Honored that my words appear here alongside your thoughts.
    I look forward to the special way you might draw things out of me. EVERYthing out of me....


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