Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heart Reflections - Endings and Beginnings

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Sometimes, and come to think about it, many times, life and relationships do not go the way you thought they would in the beginning. Whether Vanilla or Kinky, we are still people with flesh and blood, hearts and souls, desires, needs and wants.  And the older we get, sometimes lots of baggage that can't seem to get unpacked! I've been taught and hold true to this life fact: To look closely at the people that cross my path in life and cherish and hold dear whatever lessons they come with. Some are meant to be friends, some lovers, some mentors and all teachers of something.
I find letting friends come and go in and out of my life is a natural flow that I easily accept and sometimes can anticipate our closeness coming to an end.  With lovers it all depends on the dynamic and truth that lies in the relationship. If it's filled with open communication, then there is a flow and signs that things are not going in the way you thought they would.  Those relationships seem to end with closure for both parties and hearts that heal and rebound faster...willing and able to love again.
Then there are some that come into your life, and you see early signs that communication will be lean. But you're a risk taker in life and you shrug off the warnings and swim in the heady, erotic pleasures that are found in the relationship. When this one ends, because the communication is lean, the closure is erratic and questions go unanswered. No amount of "I wonder, should have, or what if" is going to change what transpired. The few times I've found myself without closure, it has taken me months for my heart to take the memories that so easily flood my mind day after day and finally reconcile that it is over.  But I hang on knowing that the time will come and the memories will be cherished and lessons will be understood. I'll take the gems that were forged out of the fire of disappointment and adorn my future with their wisdom.
Below is a wonderful saying and truth that makes me smile! Use it in your own life for those times when you wonder, "What happened?"  And you have no answers.  "The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way!" 
Yes!  I truly believe that! 
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  1. This blogpost was so genuine and beautiful :) I can relate to it very much.. especially the part about it being easier to part when the communication has been open... When communication has been lean or when there's you have a millions what ifs in your head.. and i think natural reaction is to try and puzzle everything together making it easier to let go... So the process takes longer..but it's so true what you wrote..Memories will be cherised and lessons understood after some time :) I love the saying at the end of your post.. And i think it's very true....just one thing i ponder...what if both persons think like that?...! Thank you very much for this post and your wonderful blog. :)

    1. Dear lilsub ~

      Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes... I struggle with those relationships that never do get full closure as I know is hard for many. Communication is so vital in relationships and I wish at times I could get in the head of those who seem to move on easier without the closure. But then, maybe I'd lose some of my own sensitivity. Which I don't want to happen. :)

      Thank you again. I hope you continue to find my blog enjoyable and at times helpful.

      ~ Vista


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