Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stress Reliever – Lubed Fingers

You walk in the door unsure of what awaits you.  Your only clue is that I said to ‘clear your mind’ before you opened the door to the playroom. You take a deep breath, shake your head and feel the troubles of the day roll off your shoulders and down your back.
You walk into the room, the lights are low and Enya is playing lightly in the background setting the atmosphere. You take this as a good sign, because you know it calms me and gets me into a wonderful erotic mood.
You see I have placed the upholstered bench of heavy wood, about three feet in length, equipped with a variety of restraining straps in the middle of the room.  The bench is long enough to accommodate the length of your torso from the top of your head to your pelvis. A shudder runs down your spine as you reach for the note I have left on the bench for you.
“I’m watching you.” You stop reading and look around the room trying to locate me. Then stop yourself, knowing that will cause trouble and go back to reading the note.
“You know better than to look around, pet.” You can feel the flush of heat wash over your body.
“With your head lowered, you are to slowly remove your shirt, then jeans, etc, place them in the corner of the room, grab your nipple chain and the cock harness on the corner table and put them on. Once on, you are to move to the middle of the room by the bench, kneel, hands clasped behind your back, head lowered and wait for me.”
I watch you from the adjacent room through the two way mirror I had installed during your last trip. I watch with admiration at your ability to follow my directions and your willingness to serve.  I watch your breathing;  your chest moving at first at a normal pace, then quickens as I allow 5, then 10 minutes to pass until I start to see a sheen of perspiration form on your forehead and along the middle of your chest. I know you need this. Your work load has been brutal and you need release.

My heart is also picking up its pace as I anticipate what the evening will bring. I move away from the mirror and walk through the doorway into the main playroom. You hear the click of my heels but don’t look up. You smell the faint freshness of my perfume and take a deep breath that I have arrived.
“Look at me.”
As you raise your head, your eyes travel up my legs dressed in black sheer thigh highs. Then up to my hips and torso barely covered in a black leather body harness; my cunt and breasts exposed through the leather straps. My hands are holding a chain in one hand and a crop in the other. My dark wavy hair falling loosely down my back and across my shoulders. My blue eyes piercing now into yours with deep passion and excitement. I say nothing more to you.
I lean my body into your chest, my bare warm breasts pressing into your face. You keep your hands behind your back as you move your face and take my right nipple into your mouth and gently flick it with your tongue, then draw the surrounding areola into your mouth.  I move the chain to the hand holding the crop and grab a handful of hair at the back of your head and move you to the left breast for equal attention. As I start to feel the wet stream of juice drip from my pussy along my thigh I push you back.  I don’t want to.  I’d rather keep you there for hours, but I have other things planned for the night.
I loop the crop into my harness and take the chain I’ve been holding and attach it to your nipple chain and then down to your cock harness.  I tug a little to make sure there is room for movement, but also tight enough for some strain. Your mind is already getting foggy as the smell from my pussy rises up into your nostrils.  You start to salivate and your tongue runs along your lips longing to taste my familiar juices. I reach down and with one finger swipe a trickle of juice running down my inner thigh.  You sigh as I start to move toward my mouth, but then bring my wet finger and run it across your lips. You hungrily take it into your mouth and lick the finger dry.
“Stand up pet. You’ve been struggling with some things deep in your soul and you need release. I know you and how to take you to that place. Will you follow me?”
Your brow at first shows concern.  There has been an internal battle that you thought you were dealing with. But obvious it has caused concern and is starting to build a wall between you and your Mistress. You concede to her.  You take another deep breath.
“Yes Mistress. I’ll follow you.”
“Lie down on the bench and be still.” I order and I buckle a strap around your waist. I then move to the front of the bench and utilized the ones provided on the front legs of the bench to hold your wrists, effectively binding you there. Your knees are on the floor, and I move around to the back grabbing a folded fleece blanket and slide it beneath them, ensuring your comfort, and then strap your ankles down to the floor bolts provided for that purpose. Totally exposed, ankles wide.  I run my hand slowly over your ass cheeks and warm them with my hand. Then I run my hands along your balls and shaft as they hang along the back of the bench; still attached to the nipple chain. I give the chain a slight tug and hear you wince.  

I rise and move to the front of the bench and stand, where your face is turned toward me, your mouth inches from my thighs.  I reach down and run my fingers through your hair, pulling you closer to where my pussy is just out reach from your mouth. You can smell the heat and wetness already generating from there.
“Are you hungry pet?” I ask softly.
“Yes Mistress, very hungry.” Your voice is low. 
“But not hungry enough pet. Let’s see if I can fix that.”
I remove my crop from my harness and strike the top of your ass cheeks. I move along the side of the bench running my hand along your spine and once in position I strike your cheeks again. Alternating between the left and then the right; smoothing your back and then your warming cheeks in between strikes.
Once they are nice and flushed, I reach for the lube on the table behind me, drop the crop and pour the lavender smelling liquid into the palms of my hands.  I rub them together as I admire your colored cheeks. I move up behind you, in between your spread legs and start to apply the lube along your cheeks, and then dribble it along your ass crack. I let the lube fall onto your balls and dribble down your hardened shaft.  I hear your moans each time you move. The nipple chain pulling mercilessly on your nipples as your cock moves and throbs.
I admire the cock harness enclosing your balls on all sides at the end of the bench. I see your balls tighten as I start to move my lubed fingers and rub along your anus. You tighten your opening at my first touch.
“Pet….follow me…relax….” I tell you in a soothing voice.

You relax your opening and let my one, then two fingers find their way inside your heated canal. I continue to rub your cheeks and then move my hand along your tighten balls.  I loosen the harness at the base of your cock a notch, enough to let it move more freely. Your hips start to buck and rock as I begin to ruthlessly fuck your ass with my fingers and run my other lubed hand along your cock.
“Please Mistress,” Your voice is staggered, “I long to feel you, be inside you…”
“Not at this moment, pet.” 
I find the rhythm that I know you love as my fingers move across your prostate and your pre-cum is already staining the blanket beneath us. The sweat is beading down your spine as your hips buck up again, each time pulling on the nipple chain until you can’t hold out any longer and with one last buck you cum and cum and cum all over the blanket and my heels.

I slowly remove my fingers and reach for the wipes that are on the table next to me and clean your ass and my fingers.
“Naughty pet!” I admonish you as I walk to the front of the bench.  “Look at my heels!”
Your face is still flushed as you try to refocus your eyes and look down at my feet.
“You’ll clean those.  But first you must take care of me.”
I reach for your face and bring you and my pussy together. You can see that I have soaked the leather straps of my harness and my pussy and thighs are glistening with my juices. My fingers wrap in your hair and guide you as your tongue reaches out for that first taste. My head falls back at the warmth of your touch.  I’m hungry too.

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  1. such amazingly erotic passages... u really have a gift with this sort of thing



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