Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let Your Passion Ignite When You Cum!

Let Your Passion Ignite When You Cum!  I want to HEAR YOU!!!!

Men!  Speaking only for myself and not understandably for ALL women; if you are with me, I really want you to let go and lose yourself vocally, bodily and with every fiber of your being when you cum!  The degree in which you lose yourself in that passion and rush of chemicals, hormones and pure ecstasy tells me a lot about your own personal freedom, comfort with yourself and degree of being uninhibited!

I can compare it to when a person laughs.  No.... seriously!!!!   I pay close attention to how a man laughs, especially when I am first getting to know him.  Does he stifle the laugh? Is it controlled?  Or does it easily flow out from the depth of his belly without him even noticing?  Does he even 'snort' at times when the laugh is coming from so deep inside?  I know I have been known to do that!  Embarrassing?  Sure... but also funny!  I'm not ashamed of my passion in any area of my life.  I desire to be free to express what I am feeling and I look for those who are in my life to be just as free.  If they aren't... then at least they want to be free!

The same is true when a man cums.  It tells me a LOT about his own comfort and freedom with his body and passion.  Does he let go of what he looks like, sounds like and does he just get lost in the rush that is moving throughout his body?  I want to see that!  I want to hear what you are going through.  And if we are coming together...I want us to blow the roof off!!  Damn it's nice!!!!

One thing I'm really excited about in meeting up with NB in just a few days is that that man knows how to cum!!!!!!  OMG!!!!  There is no mistaking what he is going through.  He feels it from his toes all the way up through his eye balls!!!! His body almost goes into convulsions!  He sweats, swears, makes sounds, shakes and takes me on the journey with him!  I get all crazy wet just thinking about it!  It tells me he's mine, he's free and wants to share all of himself with me.  It speaks volumes!!!

So men... If your woman is anything like me...let her hear you!!!!! 

In the pic below... I love the strain on his face!!!!  Yes!  I know he's gagged...but his body is still speaking!

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