Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cuckold Reunion ~ A Passion Returned

On October 1st I'll be reunited with my cuckold whom I'll call here on my blog 'NB'.  The 'NB' standing for Naughty Boy!  NB and I had a beautiful and full relationship, but unexpectedly he had to leave and what we hoped would only be a few months turned into many.  (Too long and complicated of a story to go into!)  We tried to hold things together but after many months we let go and I went my own way without him.  Not necessarily looking for another cuckold, yet finding many flocking to my side. But a cuckold relationship is not something you lightly walk into and my heart went out to those men I met along the way who had at one time lived and enjoyed that lifestyle and for many reasons found themselves alone.  It's hard enough looking for a compatible lover in the world as a whole.  But for a cuckold man who is deeply wired for that lifestyle and has experienced the highs and lows of it, it is very difficult to find it again.

I've had the pleasure of select lovers and pets as I've been on my own. And looking back realize that in each of them I was looking for parts of NB. With nothing now standing in our way, NB and I started talking a few weeks back about seeing each other again, if only to bring closure if we found there was no longer a connection.  After only a few days of communication we found ourselves settling back into the flow we had before, only this time much stronger.  One thing that has changed is me. Being on my own gave me a chance to find my way and own identity apart from the strength of what we had together.  NB had been a Dom and part of the BDSM world most of his adult life.  When he met me he found someone he trusted with his submissive side.  A side he had kept hidden.

A cuckold relationship was never anything I went out to find.  It found me through NB. I love men! And especially strong, complicated, interesting, intelligent men that find themselves lost in my presence!  I love to flirt, tease and control.  But I also need the love and security of a good man. A man that thrills me and 'gets' that he may not be enough for me. A beautiful, surrendered man that gets hard and crazed at the idea of me being with another. A man that gets lost in the cocktail of emotions that only a cuckold man would understand when he thinks of another man desiring and lusting for the woman he loves.  A man who knows that although the other man may have my attention for a short period of time, my cuckold knows my heart ultimately belongs to him. And yet I know his heart beats at a rapid rate awaiting my return to him.

So October 1st we will meet again, face to face and spend 3-4 days enjoying the crazy scene of Las Vegas.  A perfect reunion spot!  And if our conversations are a clue to how things will be when we are together again, then my life will be very fulfilling!  My muse and sustaining passion will have returned and I still have the key to the candy shop!!!!!

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  1. Hi VV,

    Em and I had a wonderful time in Vegas early last month and she cucked me mercilessly. It was one of the most erotic weeks in memory.

    Good luck to you both. Don't miss the margaritas at Wabo Cabo!


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

    1. Hi Scott,

      I did read about your adventures at the Red Rooster on your blog! :) NB has been there several times and we've talked in the past about going there together. I've never been. So I was very interested to read about your visit there. I'm sure there will be a trip there for us in the future if all goes well during this reunion.

      Vegas is a lovely place to play and bring him torment. :)

      ~ Vista


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