Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Eye Candy Bonus! ~ The Boy!

The boy came home and saw today's post about him and as I suspected...he has no problem with me showing him to the world!  ;) Except his face of course. So Ferns you can stop tapping your fingers on the table. :)

I present The Boy:

Probably the most modest image I have of him. 

When he sent me this, I had a strong urge to tie his hands behind his back, hook him to a leash and pull him behind me all day at work. 

Just look at that perfect ass!

Hand on cock.  He knows me well. 


  1. Thank you! So pretty! I'd have no problem waiting 2 weeks for a piece of that.

    I hope you hit it off fabulously on the 22nd. So excited for you!


    1. He's stimulating in many ways. The 20th can't come fast enough. ;)
      And thank you for your excitement for me. I'm keeping myself busy to not get caught up in the pain of waiting. Ha!

      ~ Vista

    2. Ugh.. 22nd! I'm already losing my concentration! ;)

  2. I can imagine him sending you those pictures and you getting wet looking at them and counting the days. You are a lucky girl.

  3. Lucky you! Get your camera ready for the 20th!!!


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