Thursday, May 7, 2015

Looking for a Few Good Men!

And when I say a few good men, it would be nice to have a few to choose from! My definition of a man is a male over 40! Until then they are 'boys' in training. There are always exceptions to that definition. I've met a few that stray far from it. Mature beyond their years. Others I've known never break through training camp! Being that 'older' women have been the rage for a while I've had my moments of enjoying the attention of a younger man. I do enjoy looking at them and when I find one I like, playing with them...but the attraction wanes quickly for I yearn for the maturity of a man.

A man who understands his own sexuality. Comfortable in his skin. Full of wonder, awe and adventure. Understands that 'cock into pussy' is not the ultimate goal! That there are many mile stones of pleasure along the way. A man who has learned the road map of a woman's body and especially the woman he now desires. A man that is open and responsive to my definition of pleasure.

Newbies in D/s and younger men have become my 'Kryptonite'. They drain me with their inability to commit to a decision. To follow through with their words and think thoroughly through promises before speaking them. Their excitement and enthusiasm can be contagious as adrenalin pumps through their brain and cock. I take the risk, because hell why not...look at them! But the disappointment in their inability to pull the trigger on their own wants and desires has left a bad taste in my mouth.

So in the effort to keep my heart from becoming jaded I'm swearing off men under 40! To clarify: Those who I have a personal face to face, R/L connection with. In wisdom I should probably cut it off at 50...but men are just starting to come into their own in their 40's! I'm not turning my back on that. But I am swearing off newbies of ALL ages! Just no patience for them! Damn! A woman just wants to have what she wants without the damn drama! I don't want to 'break' someone in; explain about my kinks and help them discover theirs.

I want men that are well versed in their dark ways and have a desire to discover how their demons play well with mine.

So where are the healthy, intelligent, adventurous, handsome, physically fit, mature dark souls that won't run from but to my dark playhouse?

Looking for a Few Good Men.

Yes!  Put the young ones behind glass to enjoy until they reach 40! 


  1. I would do just about anything to be a candidate to serve you Victoria. I have been reading your blog here for quite some time and have found you and your writings beautiful, inspiring, and very meaningful. You are truly one of the one the most sophisticated and tasteful women Ive ever had the pleasure of learning about.
    However I do respectfully urge you to reconsider your 40+ criteria. I can understand why you would want someone older and maturity often does come with age but perhaps there are some exceptions to this rule? I don't know but I can only hope I may be one of these exceptions? Yes I am younger than 40 but I know exactly what I desire and one of those things is to completely surrender myself to the "right woman". Someone whom not only seeks a passionate, honest and open relationship but also feels compelled to take full advantage of my service and submissive nature. I am by no means a newbie to D/s having spent over 2 years as a live-in slave to a woman many years older than me which was full time intense service, strict discipline and frequent severe punishments. Punishments that were given not only for errors in service but simply for the pleasure of my owner. An experience I am most grateful for that has taught me a lot but I hope is just the beginning of my journey. So i suppose this is my pitch Ms. Vista. Or partial pitch if you chose to entertain further discussion. Thank you for time and consideration.

    1. Dear Mario, Thank you for your response to my post. ;) I love hearing from my followers and especially those who have been following me for some time. If you look carefully throughout this blog I don't believe anywhere I make a comment in being interested in service sub/slaves. Sexual slaves.. yes.. but nothing more. As much as I enjoy Impact Play I'm not into punishment. Does nothing for me.

      Not a good match for us beside your age and the fact that you are probably many miles away from me!

      But I appreciate your offer. Please stay reading... Love knowing you are there. xxxoo

      ~ Vista

  2. I love you declaration. It makes sense. And I will say the same for the women I desire: 40+ because by that time we all understand what we want and who we are. I too would love to be able to offer myself to you. But alas, .....
    I love you and your approach.

    1. Hmmmm...Yes, let's see... You live so very far away from me and are otherwise attached. Nah... just doesn't work. ;)

    2. Fair enough Victoria and thank you for the response. I agree very much with what you've said and in fact there was a great deal of hesitancy in writing because I've no doubt gotten the impression your interests are more in line with that of sex and submissive roleplay with a male or boyfriend. Nothing wrong with that of course but no interest on this end for that either. Perhaps I was "wanting to believe" what I described would entice you to consider a more extreme scenario of slavery and service. ;) As crazy as it sounds I am seeking a more degrading and humiliating situation similar to my prior experience in which I was used, abused, punished, tortured and trained to be a workhorse slave to mistress, not only sexually but in every way imaginable.
      But again thank for the reply and I look forward to reading more here as it is really excellent. Cheers.


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