Sunday, September 14, 2014

Waking up Sleepy

Sometimes the lack of sleep can be a joyful occurrence when the reason for it is your partner has been fondling you all night. Groping whether he's awake or half a sleep; reaching for your body to touch and feel your warmth pulled against him. His hands making paths along your waist, outer thighs, then slipping in between them to fondle the warm lips that are waiting between your legs. It's a comfort for him to know you are there, still hungry for him even in your sleep. To know that when he turns your body to meet his it awakens your need to feel his skin against yours.  To reach inside you and know that he can still arouse your desire even when you slumber. You stir and move closer and press into his touch. Automatically your juices start to flow in preparation for more of him. His mouth nestles into your neck, his breath tickling your nerve endings, his voice whispering in your ear, "...more please....".

I love waking up sleepy.

More Please......


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