Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To Serve Her.

For some men they need more than a physical orgasm ... It's the blowing of their mind they yearn for. I believe this is something developed in men as they age. The beauty of a mature man is his capacity to surrender and flow with a trusted woman. He's gone through his hormone driven need to fuck every person who stirs his desires. His young menu was more like the Country Buffet. A little bit of this and a little bit of that until he was least for the next few hours. They're adorable those young little studs dripping at every opportunity. And they can go for hours, but the mature man has learned how to slow down and enjoy the journey.  He has found the pleasure in being explored, teased, aroused, denied again and again. 

In his search for more, this man has lowered the draw bridge protecting his emotions to let his sensitivities escape. He has learned that there are other areas on his body besides his cock that elicit great pleasure. He listens with intent to the woman who has captured his imagination and mind. He surrenders his body, mind and soul willingly to her pleasures...whatever they may be. In her care his mind has taken his senses and body to places before unknown.  

She has taken possession of him.  His pleasure is to serve her. 


  1. You have a great understanding of male psychology!

  2. Well said. I am listening intently. And straining at you lovely bonds

  3. Wow, once again you have brought to light, with beautiful words, the inner feelings and desires of a submissive. A woman can have Power over a man, by her beauty, her sexuality. But the Most powerful way, is by her willingness and desire, to reach inside him, and take hold of His Emotions. Its AT that point where she owns him, and all of his desire is her.

    1. "Its AT that point where she owns him, and all of his desire is her."

      Love this comment! Thank you and so glad you dropped by!

      ~ Vista


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