Saturday, September 6, 2014

Play for Me.

From my couch I watch as you move cautiously through my kitchen, searching in the drawer for the wine opener; reaching for two wine glasses in the cupboard above; muscles contracting along your naked back. Your balls and cock swing gently as you turn and walk back to the center counter where the bottle containing our favorite red wine waits for you. I see you quietly take a deep breath. I know you hope I don't notice as you try to put your best behavior before me.

Your head is bent slightly down as you walk toward me and hand me my glass. You remain standing, holding your own, waiting for my direction. I inhale the aroma of good wine as I tip the rim to my lips. You remain silent and your thighs start to twitch as you realize I'm studying your naked frame before me. My eyes creating paths of desire up and down your torso.

Your cock is semi hard, hanging over your balls...I want to see it hard. I reach toward you and run one finger from base to tip. It bounces up to reach my touch and hardens more.

"Touch it pup. I want to see you play. But don't put down your glass. Stay right here in front of me. I'm going to watch that beautiful hand of yours caress and stroke what belongs to me until I finish my wine and say you can come."

Already drops of precum are moistening your cock head.  Your hand starts there, sliding the wet drops along your shaft. You start to tilt your head back..... "No pup. Look directly at me. Your eyes on my eyes. Show me the hunger that drives you to my side."

You moan and force your gaze towards me. This opens you up more and the exposure and vulnerability increases your desire. The nakedness of your soul is far greater than the nakedness of your flesh. Your left hand holding your wine glass starts to tremble as your cock pulses and hardens more with each stroke.  I watch as your eyes widen, you pulling every once of strength within you to keep from coming.

I drink my wine slowly and with great pleasure.  I like to watch you play.

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