Thursday, June 12, 2014

When His Thoughts are to be Your Offering.

A Warm, Sensuous Offering.

Objectification of the male.  It's never right to generalize anything, or any one gender.  But I will say this....I am surprisingly finding more males than I had ever thought, desiring the sensation of being objectified by a woman.  A strong, lovely, sexual woman that makes them hard and dripping at the very thought of her.  I thought more about this last night after sharing emails with one of my followers about this subject.

Speaking from my own experience I have found men, whether straight, vanilla men; some dom types that have only played that role because all they met were submissive women or bi men, which I find more open and love to be objectified, at some point love having the attention on them and someone else in charge.  The sensual energy that builds as they wait for words of direction. The nervousness that makes their heart pump to extra beats and washes their skin with a hot blush.  The power received as they let go of their own and surrender their body to your touch and observation.

At some point, if the willingness is there, they find a freedom, acceptance and celebration for who they are. For some it may feed their tender egos, for most I have found it calms and centers them in their own being. The beauty of a centered submissive man is that he understands his strength and the offering he is delivering to the one he desires.

The beauty of KP is he understands who he is and desires to reveal that to one who understands in return.

Making Himself Ready.


  1. Very well put.The more males wanting to be objectified, the better. I am happy to oblige them. ;-) I love this subject, and hope you have more to write about it in the future.


  2. Very nicely said. That was an excellent post. I can tell you that for me, being objectified is one of the anchor point of desire in my submission to my Mistress Wife.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic post - I really enjoyed reading this. Hot!

    1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! And thank you for the follow on Twitter.
      ~ Vista


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